Saturday, August 27, 2016

JuventusatLazio12:00 PM
AC MilanatNapoli2:45 PM

Sunday, August 28, 2016

PalermoatInter Milan12:00 PM
AtalantaatSampdoria2:45 PM
PescaraatSassuolo2:45 PM
RomaatCagliari2:45 PM
GenoaatCrotone2:45 PM
ChievoatFiorentina2:45 PM
BolognaatTorino2:45 PM
EmpoliatUdinese2:45 PM

Sunday, September 11, 2016

TorinoatAtalanta9:00 AM
CagliariatBologna9:00 AM
LazioatChievo9:00 AM
CrotoneatEmpoli9:00 AM
FiorentinaatGenoa9:00 AM
SassuoloatJuventus9:00 AM
UdineseatAC Milan9:00 AM
NapoliatPalermo9:00 AM
Inter MilanatPescara9:00 AM
SampdoriaatRoma9:00 AM

Sunday, September 18, 2016

AtalantaatCagliari9:00 AM
PalermoatCrotone9:00 AM
RomaatFiorentina9:00 AM
JuventusatInter Milan9:00 AM
PescaraatLazio9:00 AM
BolognaatNapoli9:00 AM
AC MilanatSampdoria9:00 AM
GenoaatSassuolo9:00 AM
EmpoliatTorino9:00 AM
ChievoatUdinese9:00 AM

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NapoliatGenoa2:45 PM
CagliariatJuventus2:45 PM
LazioatAC Milan2:45 PM
TorinoatPescara2:45 PM
CrotoneatRoma2:45 PM
FiorentinaatUdinese2:45 PM
PalermoatAtalanta2:45 PM
SampdoriaatBologna2:45 PM
SassuoloatChievo2:45 PM
Inter MilanatEmpoli2:45 PM

Sunday, September 25, 2016

RomaatTorino9:00 AM
UdineseatSassuolo9:00 AM
JuventusatPalermo9:00 AM
EmpoliatLazio9:00 AM
ChievoatNapoli9:00 AM
PescaraatGenoa9:00 AM
BolognaatInter Milan9:00 AM
AC MilanatFiorentina9:00 AM
SampdoriaatCagliari9:00 AM
AtalantaatCrotone9:00 AM

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