Sunday, September 13, 2015

RomaatFrosinone9:00 AM
TorinoatVerona9:00 AM
UdineseatLazio9:00 AM
NapoliatEmpoli9:00 AM
GenoaatFiorentina9:00 AM
AC MilanatInter Milan9:00 AM
ChievoatJuventus9:00 AM
CarpiatPalermo9:00 AM
BolognaatSampdoria9:00 AM
AtalantaatSassuolo9:00 AM

Sunday, September 20, 2015

JuventusatGenoa9:00 AM
PalermoatAC Milan9:00 AM
LazioatNapoli9:00 AM
SassuoloatRoma9:00 AM
SampdoriaatTorino9:00 AM
EmpoliatUdinese9:00 AM
FiorentinaatCarpi9:00 AM
Inter MilanatChievo9:00 AM
VeronaatAtalanta9:00 AM
FrosinoneatBologna9:00 AM

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NapoliatCarpi9:00 AM
TorinoatChievo9:00 AM
AtalantaatEmpoli9:00 AM
BolognaatFiorentina9:00 AM
VeronaatInter Milan9:00 AM
FrosinoneatJuventus9:00 AM
GenoaatLazio9:00 AM
SassuoloatPalermo9:00 AM
RomaatSampdoria9:00 AM
AC MilanatUdinese9:00 AM

Sunday, September 27, 2015

SampdoriaatAtalanta9:00 AM
UdineseatBologna9:00 AM
EmpoliatFrosinone9:00 AM
AC MilanatGenoa9:00 AM
LazioatVerona9:00 AM
FiorentinaatInter Milan9:00 AM
JuventusatNapoli9:00 AM
CarpiatRoma9:00 AM
ChievoatSassuolo9:00 AM
PalermoatTorino9:00 AM

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