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16thJake Dowell Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
11thMike Rupp Suspended four-games by (NHL)
2ndJohn Curry Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
2ndJake Dowell Recalled from Iowa (AHL)


31stChristian Folin Signed to a two-year, entry-level contract
31stRob Laurie Signed
24thGustav Olofsson Signed to a three-year, entry-level contract starting with the 2014-15 season
23rdStephane Veilleux Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
23rdJonathon Blum Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
5thTorrey Mitchell Traded to Buffalo
5thCody McCormick Acquired from Buffalo
5thMatt Moulson Acquired from Buffalo
4thIlya Bryzgalov Acquired from Edmonton
4thZack Mitchell Signed to an entry-level contract
4thJake Dowell Waived
4thStephane Veilleux Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
3rdJohn Curry Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
3rdSteven Kampfer Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
3rdMikko Koivu Activated from injured reserve
3rdMarco Scandella Activated from injured reserve
3rdKurtis Gabriel Signed to a three-year, entry-level contract


26thBrad Winchester Acquired from Chicago
26thBrian Connelly Traded to Chicago
26thStephane Veilleux Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
26thJohn Curry Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
26thMarco Scandella Placed on injured reserve
25thJason Zucker Placed on injured reserve
24thErik Haula Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
24thSteven Kampfer Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
21stJake Dowell Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
21stJonathon Blum Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
19thJake Dowell Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
19thJonathon Blum Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
19thJohn Curry Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
17thJohn Curry Signed to a two-way contract
7thJohan Gustafsson Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
7thErik Haula Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
6thJohan Gustafsson Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
6thStephane Veilleux Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
5thChad Rau Traded to San Jose
5thCurt Gogol Acquired from San Jose
5thStephane Veilleux Waived
4thJared Spurgeon Activated from injured reserve


23rdJonathon Blum Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
23rdZach Parise Activated from injured reserve
22ndJohan Gustafsson Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
20thJonathon Blum Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
20thJohan Gustafsson Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
7thMathew Dumba Assigned to Portland (WHL)
6thErik Haula Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
6thJonathon Blum Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
6thMikko Koivu Placed on injured reserve
6thJosh Harding Placed on injured reserve
5thBrett Bulmer Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
4thBrett Bulmer Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
4thJared Spurgeon Placed on injured reserve
2ndClayton Stoner Activated from injured reserve
2ndZenon Konopka Waived
2ndDarcy Kuemper Recalled from Iowa (AHL) on an emergency basis
1stJonathon Blum Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
1stJason Zucker Recalled from Iowa (AHL)


30thJonathon Blum Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
28thJohan Gustafsson Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
28thZach Parise Placed on injured reserve
27thStephane Veilleux Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
27thClayton Stoner Placed on injured reserve
27thJosh Harding Activated from injured reserve
24thStephane Veilleux Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
23rdStephane Veilleux Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
23rdErik Haula Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
20thBrett Bulmer Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
18thJohan Gustafsson Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
18thJosh Harding Placed on injured reserve
13thErik Haula Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
13thJason Zucker Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
12thBrett Bulmer Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
11thMathew Dumba Loaned to Team Canada for the 2014 World Junior Hockey Championship
9thJason Zucker Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
9thErik Haula Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
1stJason Zucker Assigned to Iowa (AHL)


28thJason Zucker Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
28thMikael Granlund Placed on injured reserve
27thJason Zucker Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
27thKeith Ballard Activated from injured reserve
24thMike Rupp Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
23rdDarcy Kuemper Recalled from Iowa (AHL) on an emergency basis
23rdNiklas Backstrom Activated from injured reserve
22ndDarcy Kuemper Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
20thJason Zucker Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
18thNiklas Backstrom Placed on injured reserve
18thDarcy Kuemper Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
18thJohan Gustafsson Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
15thJohan Gustafsson Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
11thMike Rupp Assigned to Iowa (AHL) for conditioning
6thCarson McMillan Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
3rdCarson McMillan Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
2ndCharlie Coyle Activated from injured reserve


31stStephane Veilleux Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
30thStephane Veilleux Waived
25thJohan Gustafsson Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
17thDarcy Kuemper Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
14thDarcy Kuemper Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
13thDarcy Kuemper Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
10thDarcy Kuemper Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
9thStephane Veilleux Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
9thJason Zucker Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
9thCarson McMillan Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
8thCarson McMillan Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
6thJason Zucker Recalled from Iowa (AHL)
3rdJason Pominville Signed to a five-year contract extension


29thJason Zucker Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
29thJake Dowell Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
29thBrett Bulmer Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
24thJohan Gustafsson Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
24thKyle Medvec Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
24thColton Jobke Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
24thZack Phillips Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
24thErik Haula Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
24thTyler Graovac Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
24thKristopher Foucault Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
24thJosh Caron Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
24thRaphael Bussieres Assigned to Iowa (AHL)
24thKurtis Gabriel Assigned to Owen Sound (OHL)
24thDarcy Kuemper Assigned to Iowa (AHL)


30thTyler Cuma Re-signed to a one-year contract
18thCarson McMillan Re-signed to a one-year, two-way contract
17thJustin Fontaine Signed to a one-year, two-way contract
12thJon Landry Signed to a one-year, two-way contract
5thDevin Setoguchi Traded to Winnipeg for a 2014 second round draft pick
5thJared Spurgeon Re-signed to a three-year contract
4thKeith Ballard Signed to a two-year contract


30thCal Clutterbuck Traded to the NY Islanders
30thNino Niederreiter Acquired from the NY Islanders
30thJustin Falk Traded to the NY Rangers
30thBenn Ferriero Acquired from the NY Rangers
28thSteven Kampfer Signed to a one-year, two-way contract
24thNiklas Backstrom Signed to a three-year contract
17thMarco Scandella Re-signed to a two-year contract
12thStephane Veilleux Signed to a two-year, two-way contract


9thRaphael Bussieres Signed to an entry-level contract
7thJeff Deslauriers Recalled from Houston (AHL)
7thKyle Medvec Recalled from Houston (AHL)
7thChad Rau Recalled from Houston (AHL)
7thBrett Bulmer Recalled from Houston (AHL)
7thJustin Fontaine Recalled from Houston (AHL)
7thZack Phillips Recalled from Houston (AHL)
6thMathew Dumba Recalled from Houston (AHL)
6thCarson McMillan Recalled from Houston (AHL)
1stDarcy Kuemper Recalled from Houston (AHL)


29thStephane Veilleux Assigned to Houston (AHL)
29thMarco Scandella Recalled from Houston (AHL)
28thJason Zucker Recalled from Houston (AHL)
26thCarson McMillan Recalled from Houston (AHL)
24thStephane Veilleux Assigned to Houston (AHL)
22ndDarcy Kuemper Assigned to Houston (AHL)
22ndStephane Veilleux Recalled from Houston (AHL)
22ndJason Zucker Assigned to Houston (AHL)
22ndJake Dowell Recalled from Houston (AHL)
22ndMikael Granlund Assigned to Houston (AHL)
22ndJosh Harding Activated from injured reserve

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