2ndZac Rinaldo Signed to a two-year contract extension


27thBrandon Manning Re-signed to a one-year contract


14thJesper Pettersson Signed to an entry-level contract
2ndTye McGinn Traded to San Jose
2ndZack Stortini Signed to a one-year, two-way contract
2ndAndrew Gordon Signed to a one-year, two-way contract
2ndNick Schultz Signed to a one-year contract
2ndJason Akeson Signed to a one-year, two-way contract
1stRob Zepp Signed to a one-year, two-way contract
1stRay Emery Signed to a one-year contract
1stBlair Jones Signed


23rdR.J. Umberger Acquired from Columbus
23rdScott Hartnell Traded to Columbus for R.J. Umberger and a fourth-round 2015 NHL draft pick
13thKimmo Timonen Signed to a one-year contract extension
11thPierre-Edouard Bellemare Signed


24thScott Laughton Recalled from Oshawa (OHL)
23rdBrandon Alderson Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
23rdYann Danis Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
23rdBrandon Manning Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
23rdOliver Lauridsen Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
23rdMark Alt Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
23rdPetr Straka Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
23rdBen Holmstrom Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
23rdNick Cousins Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
15thAndrew MacDonald Signed to a six-year contract extension
15thShayne Gostisbehere Signed to an entry-level contract
14thScott Hartnell Fined $5,000 for spearing during April 13th game versus Carolina
14thZac Rinaldo Suspension over
13thJason Akeson Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
13thCal Heeter Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
7thZac Rinaldo Suspended four-games by (NHL)


26thKevin Goumas Agreed to terms
24thTye McGinn Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
22ndMichael Raffl Signed to a two-year contract extension
21stRobert Hagg Signed
13thChris VandeVelde Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
13thCal Heeter Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
12thYann Danis Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
11thChris VandeVelde Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
5thMichael Raffl Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
5thAndrej Meszaros Traded to Boston
4thMichael Raffl Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
4thCal Heeter Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
4thMatt Mangene Traded to NY Islanders
4thAndrew MacDonald Acquired from NY Islanders


18thTye McGinn Suspended one-game by (AHL)
18thBen Holmstrom Suspended one-game by (AHL)
18thZack FitzGerald Suspended two-games by (AHL)
18thCal Heeter Suspended three-games by (AHL)
18thKris Newbury Suspended four-games by (AHL)


29thChris VandeVelde Waived
18thSteve Mason Signed to a multi-year contract extension
14thMatt Read Activated from injured reserve
13thTye McGinn Loaned to Adirondack (AHL)
10thTye McGinn Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
10thZac Rinaldo Placed on injured reserve


28thSteve Downie Activated from injured reserve
21stVincent Lecavalier Activated from injured reserve
21stSteve Downie Placed on injured reserve
12thTye McGinn Loaned to Adirondack (AHL)
12thChris VandeVelde Signed to a one-year contract
9thTye McGinn Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
9thVincent Lecavalier Placed on injured reserve


12thSteve Downie Activated from injured reserve
6thTye McGinn Loaned to Adirondack (AHL)
6thKris Newbury Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
2ndTye McGinn Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)


31stMaxime Talbot Traded to Colorado
31stSteve Downie Acquired from Colorado
25thScott Hartnell Activated from injured reserve
25thTye McGinn Loaned to Adirondack (AHL)
24thVincent Lecavalier Activated from injured reserve
23rdKris Newbury Loaned to Adirondack (AHL)
12thMichael Raffl Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
12thTye McGinn Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
3rdKris Newbury Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)
3rdScott Laughton Loaned to Oshawa (OHL)
1stHal Gill Signed to a one-year contract
1stAdam Hall Recalled from Adirondack (AHL)


30thChris Pronger Placed on injured reserve
30thBruno Gervais Loaned to Adirondack (AHL)
30thAdam Hall Loaned to Adirondack (AHL)
27thOliver Lauridsen Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
27thMichael Raffl Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
22ndYann Danis Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
22ndBen Holmstrom Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
22ndKris Newbury Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thMaxim Lamarche Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thMatt Konan Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thAndrew Johnston Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thTyler Hostetter Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thCal Heeter Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thKyle Flanagan Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thCullen Eddy Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thSteven Delisle Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thNick Cousins Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thTyler Brown Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thRob Bordson Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thMark Alt Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thJason Akeson Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thBrandon Alderson Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thSamuel Morin Returned to Rimouski (QMJHL)
18thTaylor Leier Assigned to Portland (WHL)
18thZack Fitzgerald Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thPetr Straka Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thMarcel Noebels Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thTye McGinn Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thDerek Mathers Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thBrandon Manning Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
18thMatt Mangene Assigned to Adirondack (AHL)
17thSamuel Morin Signed to a three-year, entry-level contract

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