September 2014

20thDE Lavar Edwards - cut
20thLB Keith Smith - Activated from the Practice Squad
17thCB Orlando Scandrick - suspension lifted
17thRB Nikita Whitlock - practice squad addition
17thT Darrion Weems - Placed on IR shoulder
16thCB Jemea Thomas - practice squad deletion
11thLB Orie Lemon - Taken off IR undisclosed
11thLB Orie Lemon - cut
10thWR Reggie Dunn - practice squad addition
10thRB Nikita Whitlock - practice squad deletion
3rdS Matt Johnson - Taken off IR hamstring
3rdDE Michael Sam - practice squad addition
3rdLB Will Smith - practice squad deletion
3rdS Matt Johnson - cut
2ndNT Josh Brent - suspended 10 games (NFL Personal Conduct Policy)
2ndG Brian Waters - retired
2ndDE Jack Crawford - signed
2ndT John Wetzel - practice squad addition
2ndCB Jemea Thomas - practice squad addition
1stWR Tim Benford - practice squad addition
1stDE Kenneth Boatright - practice squad addition
1stG Ronald Patrick - practice squad addition
1stS Micah Pellerin - practice squad addition
1stLB Keith Smith - practice squad addition
1stLB Will Smith - practice squad addition
1stRB Ryan Williams - practice squad addition
1stCB Justin Green - cut
1stDT Zach Minter - cut
1stS Johnny Thomas - cut
1stS Johnny Thomas - Taken off IR undisclosed
1stCB Justin Green - Taken off IR shoulder
1stRB Nikita Whitlock - practice squad addition
1stS Ahmad Dixon - cut
1stS C.J. Spillman - signed
1stCB Jemea Thomas - cut
1stLB Korey Toomer - signed
1stDT Zach Minter - Taken off IR undisclosed

August 2014

31stLB Orie Lemon - Placed on IR undisclosed
31stDT Zach Minter - Placed on IR undisclosed
31stG Donald Hawkins - acquired from waivers
31stT John Wetzel - cut
30thRB D.J. Adams - cut
30thWR Dezmon Briscoe - cut
30thG Uche Nwaneri - cut
30thT Josh Aladenoye - cut
30thDE Kenneth Boatright - cut
30thDT Dartwan Bush - cut
30thWR LaRon Byrd - cut
30thG Stephen Goodin - cut
30thCB Terrance Mitchell - cut
30thWR Jamar Newsome - cut
30thG Ronald Patrick - cut
30thDE Caesar Rayford - cut
30thLB Dontavis Sapp - cut
30thLB Keith Smith - cut
30thS Ryan Smith - cut
30thLB Will Smith - cut
30thRB Phillip Tanner - cut
30thTE Asa Watson - cut
30thRB Ryan Williams - cut
30thDE Lavar Edwards - traded for an undisclosed 2015 Draft pick
28thRB Phillip Tanner - signed
28thCB B.W. Webb - cut
28thS Jakar Hamilton - suspended 4 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
28thCB Dashaun Phillips - cut
28thCB Dashaun Phillips - Taken off IR undisclosed
27thLB DeVonte Holloman - Placed on IR neck
27thCB Justin Green - Placed on IR shoulder
27thS Matt Johnson - Placed on IR hamstring
27thTE Jordan Najvar - Placed on IR Achilles
27thS Johnny Thomas - Placed on IR undisclosed
27thWR Tim Benford - cut
27thCB Jemea Thomas - acquired from waivers
26thWR Chris Boyd - cut
26thP Tom Hornsey - cut
26thC Casey Kreiter - cut
26thDE Adewale Ojomo - cut
26thG Wayne Tribue - cut
26thQB Caleb Hanie - cut
26thDT Amobi Okoye - reserve/non-football-injury autoimmune syndrome
26thDE Ben Gardner - Placed on IR shoulder
25thDE Martez Wilson - cut
25thRB J.C. Copeland - cut
18thCB Korey Lindsey - Taken off IR undisclosed
18thCB Korey Lindsey - cut
15thCB Korey Lindsey - Placed on IR undisclosed
14thRB Ben Malena - Taken off IR quadriceps
14thDT Zach Minter - signed
14thTE Dallas Walker - cut
14thTE Asa Watson - signed
14thRB Ben Malena - cut
13thCB Justin Green - traded for DE Ben Bass
12thCB Orlando Scandrick - suspended 2 games (NFL Policy on PEDs)
12thG Andre Cureton - cut
12thG Stephen Goodin - signed
12thP Tom Hornsey - signed
11thRB Ben Malena - Placed on IR quadriceps
9thP Cody Mandell - cut
9thRB D.J. Adams - signed
8thT Darius Morris - Taken off IR undisclosed
8thT Darius Morris - cut
7thCB Dashaun Phillips - Placed on IR undisclosed
6thLB Joe Windsor - cut
6thCB Korey Lindsey - signed
6thS Johnny Thomas - signed
5thG Brian Clarke - Placed on IR undisclosed
4thG Wayne Tribue - signed
3rdT Darius Morris - Placed on IR undisclosed
2ndWR L'Damian Washington - cut
2ndDE Kenneth Boatright - signed
2ndDE Adewale Ojomo - signed

July 2014

30thT Tyron Smith - re-signed Eight-year extension (through 2023)
24thG Tyronne Green - Taken off IR undisclosed
24thG Tyronne Green - cut
23rdG Jarrod Pughsley - cut
23rdDT Chris Whaley - reserve/non-football-injury knee
23rdG Jarrod Pughsley - Taken off IR biceps
21stWR Dezmon Briscoe - signed/unrestricted free agent
18thTE Dallas Walker - signed
16thQB Kyle Orton - cut
1stLB Rolando McClain - traded with 7th round pick for 6th round pick
1stLB Rolando McClain - reinstated
1stLB Sean Lee - Placed on IR torn left ACL

June 2014

27thG Uche Nwaneri - signed
27thG Tyronne Green - Placed on IR undisclosed
18thTE Evan Wilson - cut
18thDE Demarcus Lawrence - signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
18thTE Evan Wilson - Taken off IR undisclosed
16thG Zack Martin - signed/draft choice Four-year contract (fifth-year option)
13thS Jocquel Skinner - Taken off IR knee
13thS Jocquel Skinner - cut
12thS Jocquel Skinner - Placed on IR knee
11thS Marvin Robinson - cut
11thS Marvin Robinson - Taken off IR undisclosed
10thDT Dartwan Bush - signed
2ndLB Anthony Hitchens - signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)

May 2014

28thTE Evan Wilson - Placed on IR undisclosed
28thG Jarrod Pughsley - Placed on IR biceps
27thG Tyronne Green - signed
27thT Darius Morris - signed
23rdWR Devin Street - signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
22ndS Marvin Robinson - Placed on IR undisclosed
21stCB Tyler Patmon - signed
20thDT Ken Bishop - signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
19thRB Glasco Martin - cut
19thRB Ryan Williams - signed
16thS Ahmad Dixon - signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
16thLB Jonathan Stewart - cut
16thDT Amobi Okoye - signed/unrestricted free agent
15thCB Terrance Mitchell - signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
15thDE Ben Gardner - signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
15thLB Will Smith - signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
13thS Ryan Smith - signed
12thG Ronald Patrick - signed
12thCB Dashaun Phillips - signed
12thG Jarrod Pughsley - signed
12thS Marvin Robinson - signed
12thLB Dontavis Sapp - signed
12thS Jocquel Skinner - signed
12thLB Keith Smith - signed
12thQB Dustin Vaughan - signed
12thWR L'Damian Washington - signed
12thDT Chris Whaley - signed
12thLB Joe Windsor - signed
12thTE Evan Wilson - signed
12thDT Frank Kearse - cut
12thWR Lance Lewis - cut
12thDE Tristan Okpalaugo - cut
12thLB Quinton Spears - cut
12thLB Jabara Williams - cut
12thG Chris DeGeare - cut
12thT Josh Aladenoye - signed
12thWR Chris Boyd - signed
12thG Brian Clarke - signed
12thDT Davon Coleman - signed
12thRB J.C. Copeland - signed
12thG Andre Cureton - signed
12thC Casey Kreiter - signed
12thRB Ben Malena - signed
12thP Cody Mandell - signed
12thRB Glasco Martin - signed
12thTE Jordan Najvar - signed
6thLB Bradie James - signed One-day contract
6thLB Bradie James - retired
1stWR LaRon Byrd - signed
1stT Tyron Smith - team exercises option Fifth-year option on rookie contract

April 2014

26thDE Anthony Spencer - re-signed/unrestricted free agent One-year contract (through 2014)
24thQB Caleb Hanie - signed

March 2014

19thDT Henry Melton - signed/unrestricted free agent One-year contract (three option years)
17thQB Brandon Weeden - signed Two-year contract (through 2015)
12thWR Miles Austin - cut
12thDE Jeremy Mincey - signed/unrestricted free agent Two-year contract (through 2015)
12thDT Terrell McClain - signed/unrestricted free agent Three-year contract (through 2016)
11thC Ryan Cook - declared free agent
11thDE Jason Hatcher - declared free agent
11thLB Edgar Jones - declared free agent
11thQB Jon Kitna - declared free agent
11thS Danny McCray - declared free agent
11thLB Ernie Sims - declared free agent
11thDE Anthony Spencer - declared free agent
11thG Brian Waters - declared free agent
11thDE Jarius Wynn - declared free agent
11thRB Phillip Tanner - declared free agent
11thDE DeMarcus Ware - cut
7thC Phil Costa - cut

February 2014

28thG Ray Dominguez - cut
28thLB Everette Brown - cut
28thDT Corvey Irvin - cut
28thT Jeff Olson - cut

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