Vince Carter # - F/G


  • Age: 37
  • DOB: 1977/01/26
  • POB: Daytona Beach, FL
  • Height: 6-6 Weight: 220lbs
  • NBA Seasons: 16
  • Drafted by Golden State in 1998 (1/5).
  • Current Status: Off season
Year to date81024.440.7%39.4%82.1%

Career Stats

2010-11Total Orl/PhxNBA736328.143.7%36.1%74%
2008-09New JerseyNBA808036.843.7%38.5%81.7%
2007-08New JerseyNBA767238.945.6%35.9%81.6%
2006-07New JerseyNBA828238.145.4%35.7%80.2%
2005-06New JerseyNBA797936.843%34.1%79.9%
2004-05New JerseyNBA575638.946.2%42.5%81.7%
2004-05Total Tor/NJNBA777636.745.2%40.6%79.8%
1997-98North CarolinaNCAA383231.259.1%41.1%68%
1996-97North CarolinaNCAA343127.652.5%33.6%75%
1995-96North CarolinaNCAA311917.949.2%34.5%68.9%

Career Playoff Stats

2008-09New JerseyNBA--------------
2007-08New JerseyNBA--------------
2006-07New JerseyNBA121240.639.6%38.9%69.3%
2005-06New JerseyNBA111140.946.3%24.1%79.6%
2004-05New JerseyNBA4444.836.5%31.6%86.1%

Scouting Report

AssetsArguably the most explosive leaper in basketball history. A gifted scorer who's also an above-average passer (when in distributor mode). A truly rare athlete who's blessed with long arms that help him defend, rebound, and shoot over defenders well. Can still pull off the big dunk.
FlawsIncreasingly streaky and injury-prone with age; drives the lane less and less, and hasn't developed a good mid-range game (instead settling for too many ill-advised 3-point attempts). Has been criticized for being a 'me-first' player; not known for gritty or clutch play.
Career potentialFading star swingman.

Honours and Awards

2006-07NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2005-06NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2004-05NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2003-04NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2002-03NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2001-02NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2000-01NBA - All-NBA Second Team
2000-01NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2000Olympics - Member of the gold-winning U.S. Olympic Team
1999-00NBA - All-NBA Third Team
1999-00NBA - Slam Dunk Championship Winner
1999-00NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
1998-99NBA - Eddie Gottlieb Trophy (Rookie of the Year)
1998-99NBA - Sportsmanship Award (Central Division)
1998-99NBA - All-Rookie First Team
1997-98NCAA - The Sporting News All-America Second Team

Transactions / Injuries / Suspensions

2014/07/11Signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Memphis Grizzlies to a three-year contract.
2013/11/09Missed 1 game (suspended by nba).
2013/11/08Suspended by the NBA for 1 game.
2013/02/06Missed 1 game (illness).
2013/02/04Illness, day-to-day.
2012/06/30Dallas Mavericks exercised their contract option for the 2012-13 season.
2012/01/27Missed 5 games (sprained left foot).
2012/01/18Sprained left foot, sidelined indefinitely.
2011/12/12Signed as a free agent by the Dallas Mavericks to a three-year contract.
2011/12/09Waived by the Phoenix Suns.
2011/04/13Missed 1 game (knee injury).
2011/04/11Knee injury, day-to-day.
2011/03/06Missed 1 game (head injury).
2011/03/04Head injury, day-to-day.
2010/12/29Missed 4 games (sore left knee).
2010/12/23Sore left knee, day-to-day.
2010/12/18Acquired from the Orlando Magic.
2010/11/30Missed 3 games (sprained left knee).
2010/11/24Sprained left knee, day-to-day.
2010/01/15Missed 3 games (sprained left shoulder).
2010/01/09Sprained left shoulder, day-to-day.
2009/11/10Missed 3 games (sprained left ankle).
2009/11/04Sprained left ankle, day-to-day.
2009/11/03Missed 1 game (sprained left ankle).
2009/11/01Sprained left ankle, day-to-day.
2009/06/25Acquired from the New Jersey Nets.
2009/02/10Missed 1 game (hyperextended elbow).
2009/02/08Hyperextended elbow, day-to-day.
2008/04/05Missed 1 game (ankle injury).
2008/04/04Ankle injury, day-to-day.
2007/11/21Missed 5 games (sprained right ankle).
2007/11/12Sprained right ankle, sidelined indefinitely.
2007/07/13Re-signed as an unrestricted free agent by the New Jersey Nets to a four-year contract.
2007/06/30Declined to exercise his contract option for the 2007-08 season with the New Jersey Nets.
2006/04/23Missed the last game of the regular season (rest).
2006/04/19Rest, day-to-day.
2006/01/28Missed 1 game (back injury).
2006/01/27Back injury, day-to-day.
2005/11/25Missed 1 game (back injury).
2005/11/23Back injury, day-to-day.
2004/12/27Missed 7 games (Achilles tendon).
2004/12/17Acquired from the Toronto Raptors.
2004/12/10Achilles tendon, injured list.
2004/12/06Missed 1 game (food poisoning).
2004/12/04Food poisoning, day-to-day.
2004/03/02Missed 6 games (left ankle injury).
2004/02/20Left ankle injury, injured list.
2004/02/19Ankle injury, day-to-day.
2004/01/23Missed 3 games (strained right quad).
2004/01/17Strained right quad, day-to-day.
2003/04/17Missed the last 6 games of the regular season (left ankle injury).
2003/04/07Left ankle injury, remainder of the regular season.
2003/01/26Missed 22 games (knee injury).
2003/01/14Knee injury, early February.
2002/12/11Knee injury, late December.
2002/11/27Missed 10 games (strained quadricep).
2002/11/02Strained quadricep, day-to-day.
2002/04/20Did not make playoff roster.
2002/03/22Knee injury, remainder of the regular season.
2002/02/24Missed 7 games (strained left quadriceps).
2002/02/12Strained left quadriceps, injured list.
2002/01/02Missed 1 game (left shoulder injury).
2001/12/29Left shoulder injury, day-to-day.
2001/08/01Re-signed by the Toronto Raptors.


2014/07/11Signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Memphis Grizzlies.
2011/12/12Signed as a free agent by the Dallas Mavericks.
2010/12/18Phoenix Suns traded Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu and Earl Clark to the Orlando Magic for Vince Carter, Mickael Pietrus, Marcin Gortat, a 2011 first-round draft pick and cash.
2009/06/25New Jersey Nets traded Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson to the Orlando Magic for Rafer Alston, Courtney Lee and Tony Battie.
2004/12/17Toronto Raptors traded Vince Carter to the New Jersey Nets for Alonzo Mourning, Aaron Williams, Eric Williams and two first-round draft picks.
1998/06/24Drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the 1st round (5th overall) in 1998....Golden State Warriors traded the rights to Vince Carter and cash to the Toronto Raptors for the rights to Antawn Jamison.


GP - games played
GS - games started
MIN - minutes played
FG% - field goal percentage
3P% - three point percentage
FT% - free throw percentage
OREB - offensive rebounds
REB - rebounds
AST - assists
STL - steals
BLK - blocks
TO - turnovers
Foul - fouls
PTS - points

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