Kobe Bryant #24 - G/F

LA Lakers

  • Age: 36
  • DOB: 1978/08/23
  • POB: Philadelphia, PA
  • Height: 6-6 Weight: 205lbs
  • NBA Seasons: 18
  • Drafted by Charlotte in 1996 (1/13).
  • Current Status: Off season
Year to date6629.542.5%18.8%85.7%

Career Stats

2013-14LA LakersNBA6629.542.5%18.8%85.7%
2012-13LA LakersNBA787838.646.3%32.4%83.9%
2011-12LA LakersNBA585838.543%30.3%84.5%
2010-11LA LakersNBA828233.945.1%32.3%82.8%
2009-10LA LakersNBA737338.845.6%32.9%81.1%
2008-09LA LakersNBA828236.146.7%35.1%85.6%
2007-08LA LakersNBA828238.945.9%36.1%84%
2006-07LA LakersNBA777740.846.3%34.4%86.8%
2005-06LA LakersNBA808041.045%34.7%85%
2004-05LA LakersNBA666640.743.3%33.9%81.6%
2003-04LA LakersNBA656437.643.8%32.7%85.2%
2002-03LA LakersNBA828241.545.1%38.3%84.3%
2001-02LA LakersNBA808038.346.9%25%82.9%
2000-01LA LakersNBA686840.946.4%30.5%85.3%
1999-00LA LakersNBA666238.246.8%31.9%82.1%
1998-99LA LakersNBA505037.946.5%26.7%83.9%
1997-98LA LakersNBA79126.042.8%34.1%79.4%
1996-97LA LakersNBA71615.541.7%37.5%81.9%

Career Playoff Stats

2012-13LA LakersNBA--------------
2011-12LA LakersNBA121239.743.9%28.3%83.2%
2010-11LA LakersNBA101035.444.6%29.3%82%
2009-10LA LakersNBA232340.145.8%37.4%84.2%
2008-09LA LakersNBA232340.945.7%34.9%88.3%
2007-08LA LakersNBA212141.147.9%30.2%80.9%
2006-07LA LakersNBA5543.046.2%35.7%91.9%
2005-06LA LakersNBA7744.949.7%40%77.1%
2004-05LA LakersNBA--------------
2003-04LA LakersNBA222244.241.3%24.7%81.3%
2002-03LA LakersNBA121244.243.2%40.3%82.7%
2001-02LA LakersNBA191943.843.4%37.9%75.9%
2000-01LA LakersNBA161643.446.9%32.4%82.1%
1999-00LA LakersNBA222239.044.2%34.4%75.4%
1998-99LA LakersNBA8839.443%34.8%80%
1997-98LA LakersNBA11020.040.8%21.4%68.9%
1996-97LA LakersNBA9014.838.2%26.1%86.7%

Scouting Report

AssetsOne of the greatest pure scorers in NBA history. A premier athlete and leaper. Has the rare focus and form to hit consistently from outside. Capable of beating anyone one-on-one and carrying a team. Underrated as a defender, passer, and rebounder. A superstar.
FlawsIn past his ego created problems with teammates and coaches (but he seems to have matured past that). Has suffered off-the-court issues in the past. Turnovers have always been an issue.
Career potentialSuperstar, perennial MVP candidate, & future Hall of Famer.

Honours and Awards

2013-14NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2012-13NBA - All-NBA First Team
2012-13NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2012Olympics - Member of the gold-winning U.S. Olympic Team
2011-12NBA - All-NBA First Team
2011-12NBA - All-Defensive Second Team
2011-12NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2010-11NBA - All-NBA First Team
2010-11NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2010-11NBA - All-Star Game Most Valuable Player
2010-11NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2009-10NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2009-10NBA - All-NBA First Team
2009-10NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2009-10NBA - Finals Most Valuable Player
2009-10NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2008-09NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2008-09NBA - All-NBA First Team
2008-09NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2008-09NBA - Finals Most Valuable Player
2008-09NBA - All-Star Game Most Valuable Player
2008-09NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2008Olympics - Member of the gold-winning U.S. Olympic Team
2007-08NBA - Maurice Podoloff Trophy (Most Valuable Player)
2007-08NBA - All-NBA First Team
2007-08NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2007-08NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2006-07NBA - All-NBA First Team
2006-07NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2006-07NBA - All-Star Game Most Valuable Player
2006-07NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2005-06NBA - All-NBA First Team
2005-06NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2005-06NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2004-05NBA - All-NBA Third Team
2004-05NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2003-04NBA - All-NBA First Team
2003-04NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2003-04NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2002-03NBA - All-NBA First Team
2002-03NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2002-03NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2001-02NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2001-02NBA - All-NBA First Team
2001-02NBA - All-Defensive Second Team
2001-02NBA - All-Star Game Most Valuable Player
2001-02NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2000-01NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2000-01NBA - All-NBA Second Team
2000-01NBA - All-Defensive Second Team
2000-01NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
1999-00NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
1999-00NBA - All-NBA Second Team
1999-00NBA - All-Defensive First Team
1999-00NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
1998-99NBA - All-NBA Third Team
1997-98NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
1996-97NBA - All-Rookie Second Team
1996-97NBA - Slam Dunk Championship Winner

Transactions / Injuries / Suspensions

2014/04/16Missed the last 57 regular season games (left knee injury).
2014/03/12Left knee injury, remainder of the regular season.
2013/12/19Left knee injury, sidelined indefinitely.
2013/12/08Missed 19 games (left Achilles).
2013/11/25Signed by the Los Angeles Lakers to a two-year contract extension.
2013/10/29Left Achilles, sidelined indefinitely.
2013/04/28Missed the last 2 regular season and first 4 playoff games (torn left achilles tendon).
2013/04/14Torn left Achilles tendon, remainder of the regular season.
2013/03/22Missed 2 games (sprained left ankle).
2013/03/17Sprained left ankle, day-to-day.
2012/04/20Missed 7 games (shin injury).
2012/04/07Shin injury, sidelined indefinitely.
2011/04/13Fined $100,000 by the NBA.
2010/04/18Missed the last 2 regular season games (finger injury).
2010/04/12Finger injury, day-to-day.
2010/04/11Missed 2 games (right knee injury).
2010/04/08Right knee injury, day-to-day.
2010/04/02Signed by the Los Angeles Lakers to a three-year contract extension.
2010/02/23Missed 5 games (sprained left ankle).
2010/02/06Sprained left ankle, day-to-day.
2007/03/07Suspended by the NBA for one game for striking Marko Jaric in the face on Mar. 6 against the Minnesota Timberwolves.
2007/01/31Missed 1 game (suspension).
2007/01/30Suspended by the NBA for one game for striking Manu Ginobili in the face on Jan. 28 against the San Antonio Spurs.
2006/12/10Missed 1 game (sprained right ankle).
2006/12/08Sprained right ankle, day-to-day.
2006/11/03Missed 2 games (sore right knee).
2006/10/31Sore right knee, day-to-day.
2005/12/30Suspended by the NBA for two games.
2005/04/17Missed 1 game (personal reasons).
2005/04/15Personal reasons, day-to-day.
2005/04/07Missed 1 game (bruised shin).
2005/04/05Bruised shin, day-to-day.
2005/02/13Missed 14 games (sprained right ankle).
2005/01/15Sprained right ankle, injured list.
2004/07/15Re-signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Los Angeles Lakers.
2004/03/10Missed 2 games (right shoulder injury).
2004/03/07Right shoulder injury, sidelined indefinitely.
2004/03/03Missed 1 game (personal reasons).
2004/03/02Personal reasons, day-to-day.
2004/02/11Missed 7 games (finger injury).
2004/01/30Finger injury, injured list.
2004/01/24Missed 6 games (sprained right shoulder).
2004/01/14Sprained right shoulder, injured list.
2003/11/01Missed 1 game (knee injury).
2003/10/28Knee injury, day-to-day.
2002/03/06Missed 2 games (suspension).
2002/03/03Fined $12,500 and suspended for two games by the NBA for fighting on Mar 1 against the Indiana Pacers.
2001/12/23Ribs injury, day-to-day.
2001/11/26Fined $7,500 by the NBA for his actions on Nov 23 against the Golden State Warriors.


1996/07/11Charlotte Hornets traded the rights to Kobe Bryant to the Los Angeles Lakers for Vlade Divac.
1996/06/26Drafted by the Charlotte Hornets in the 1st round (13th overall) in 1996.


GP - games played
GS - games started
MIN - minutes played
FG% - field goal percentage
3P% - three point percentage
FT% - free throw percentage
OREB - offensive rebounds
REB - rebounds
AST - assists
STL - steals
BLK - blocks
TO - turnovers
Foul - fouls
PTS - points

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