Quentin Richardson # - G/F

  • Age: 34
  • DOB: 1980/04/13
  • POB: Chicago, IL
  • Height: 6-6 Weight: 228lbs
  • NBA Seasons: 13
  • Drafted by LA Clippers in 2000 (1/18).

Career Stats

2012-13New YorkNBA1029.09.1%25%100%
2008-09New YorkNBA725126.339.3%36.5%76.1%
2007-08New YorkNBA656528.335.9%32.2%68.2%
2006-07New YorkNBA494733.141.8%37.6%69.2%
2005-06New YorkNBA554326.235.5%34%67%
2003-04LA ClippersNBA656436.039.8%35.2%74%
2002-03LA ClippersNBA591323.237.2%30.8%68.5%
2001-02LA ClippersNBA81026.643.2%38.1%76.5%
2000-01LA ClippersNBA762817.944.2%33.1%62.7%

Career Playoff Stats

2012-13New YorkNBA502.833.3%40%-
2008-09New YorkNBA--------------
2007-08New YorkNBA--------------
2006-07New YorkNBA--------------
2005-06New YorkNBA--------------
2003-04LA ClippersNBA--------------
2002-03LA ClippersNBA--------------
2001-02LA ClippersNBA--------------
2000-01LA ClippersNBA--------------

Scouting Report

AssetsA fluid and fearless outside shooter who can be fantastic when on a roll. A very good rebounder for a swingman, even when he's playing guard. A good athlete who has always played bigger than his size. Efficient taking care of the ball. Able to play several positions on the floor.
FlawsVery inconsistent (especially with his shot)--both game-to-game and season-to-season--and can hurt his team at times by forcing too many ill-advised shot attempts. Somewhat injury-prone. Despite solid defense he doesn't pile up steals or blocks.
Career potentialStreaky veteran scoring swingman.

Honours and Awards

2004-05NBA - Long Distance Shootout Winner
NCAA - The Sporting News Freshman of the Year

Transactions / Injuries / Suspensions

2013/09/03Waived by the Toronto Raptors.
2013/07/10Re-signed as an unrestricted free agent by the New York Knicks to a three-year contract.
2013/07/10Acquired from the New York Knicks.
2013/04/16Signed by the New York Knicks for the remainder of the season.
2012/10/27Waived by the Orlando Magic.
2012/04/09Missed 2 games (sore back).
2012/04/05Sore back, day-to-day.
2012/03/06Missed 4 games (achilles).
2012/02/29Achilles, day-to-day.
2012/01/16Missed 4 games (right ankle injury).
2012/01/06Right ankle injury, day-to-day.
2011/04/13Missed 2 games (suspension).
2011/04/07Suspended by the NBA for two games.
2011/04/01Missed 2 games (back spasms).
2011/03/25Back spasms, day-to-day.
2011/01/03Missed 2 games (flu).
2010/12/30Flu, day-to-day.
2010/12/18Missed 2 games (elbow injury).
2010/12/14Elbow injury, day-to-day.
2010/07/13Signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Orlando Magic to a three-year contract.
2010/04/18Fined $25,000 by the NBA.
2009/12/17Missed 2 games (hamstring).
2009/12/13Hamstring, day-to-day.
2009/11/29Missed 4 games (lower back contusion).
2009/11/20Lower back contusion, day-to-day.
2009/08/13Acquired from the Minnesota Timberwolves.
2009/07/20Acquired from the Los Angeles Clippers.
2009/07/17Acquired from the Memphis Grizzlies.
2009/06/25Acquired from the New York Knicks.
2009/04/04Missed 3 games (sprained left ankle).
2009/03/28Sprained left ankle, day-to-day.
2009/02/17Missed 2 games (bruised ribs).
2009/02/10Bruised ribs, day-to-day.
2008/12/26Ankle injury, day-to-day.
2008/04/16Missed the last 2 games of the regular season (head injury).
2008/04/14Undisclosed, day-to-day.
2008/04/08Missed 2 games (head injury).
2008/04/06Head injury, day-to-day.
2008/03/28Missed 7 games (wrist injury).
2008/03/16Wrist injury, day-to-day.
2008/02/09Missed 2 games (sprained right ankle).
2008/02/06Sprained right ankle, day-to-day.
2008/02/02Missed 1 game (flu).
2008/02/01Flu, day-to-day.
2007/12/15Missed 1 game (right knee injury).
2007/12/14Right knee injury, day-to-day.
2007/11/14Missed 1 game (elbow injury).
2007/11/13Elbow injury, day-to-day.
2007/04/18Missed the last 18 games of the regular season (back injury).
2007/03/30Back injury, remainder of the regular season.
2007/03/16Back injury, day-to-day.
2007/03/14Missed 1 game (back injury).
2007/03/10Back injury, day-to-day.
2007/02/03Missed 2 games (elbow injury).
2007/01/30Elbow injury, day-to-day.
2007/01/10Missed 11 games (back spasms).
2006/12/16Back spasms, inactive list.
2006/11/29Missed 1 game (strained left hamstring).
2006/11/28Strained left hamstring, day-to-day.
2006/04/19Missed the last 9 games of the regular season (thumb injury).
2006/04/05Thumb injury, day-to-day.
2006/04/04Missed 5 games (thumb injury).
2006/03/29Thumb injury, day-to-day.
2006/03/22Missed 4 games (thumb injury).
2006/03/15Thumb injury, day-to-day.
2005/12/12Missed 3 games (personal reasons).
2005/12/09Personal reasons, day-to-day.
2005/11/23Missed 1 game (lower back spasms).
2005/11/20Lower back spasms, day-to-day.
2005/06/28Acquired from the Phoenix Suns.
2005/04/16Missed 2 games (sprained left ankle).
2005/04/12Sprained left ankle, day-to-day.
2005/03/06Missed 1 game (left knee injury).
2005/03/05Left knee injury, day-to-day.
2004/07/29Signed as a restricted free agent by the Phoenix Suns.
2004/07/14Signed by the Phoenix Suns to an offer sheet.
2004/04/11Missed 8 games (back injury).
2004/03/28Back injury, injured list.
2004/03/24Back injury, day-to-day.
2004/03/22Missed 2 games (back injury).
2004/03/21Back injury, day-to-day.
2004/03/12Missed 2 games (back injury).
2004/03/09Back injury, day-to-day.
2004/02/18Missed 1 game (thigh injury).
2004/02/11Thigh injury, day-to-day.
2004/01/19Missed 3 games (hand injury).
2004/01/13Hand injury, day-to-day.
2003/04/17Missed the last 3 games of the regular season (left patella tendinitis).
2003/04/12Left patella tendinitis, injury list.
2003/04/08Missed 2 games (strained left knee).
2003/04/04Strained left knee, day-to-day.
2003/03/30Missed 2 games (strained left knee).
2003/03/24Strained left knee, day-to-day.
2003/03/17Missed 1 game (strained left knee).
2003/03/16Strained left knee, day-to-day.
2003/02/22Missed 1 game (flu).
2003/02/19Flu, day-to-day.
2003/01/15Missed 4 games (sprained left ankle).
2003/01/05Sprained left ankle, day-to-day.
2002/12/27Missed 1 game (sprained left ankle).
2002/12/21Sprained left ankle, day-to-day.
2002/11/22Missed 7 games (bruised right knee).
2002/11/12Bruised right knee, injured list.
2002/11/10Bruised right knee, day-to-day.
2002/02/18Missed 1 game (left foot injury).
2002/02/16Left foot injury, day-to-day.


2013/07/10New York Knicks traded Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, Quentin Richardson, a 2016 first-round draft pick, second-round picks in 2014 and 2017 to the Toronto Raptors for Andrea Bargnani.
2013/04/16Signed as a free agent by the New York Knicks.
2010/07/13Signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Orlando Magic.
2009/08/13Minnesota Timberwolves traded Quentin Richardson to the Miami Heat for Mark Blount.
2009/07/20Minnesota Timberwolves traded Sebastian Telfair, Craig Smith and Mark Madsen to the Los Angeles Clippers for Quentin Richardson.
2009/07/17Memphis Grizzlies traded Quentin Richardson to the Los Angeles Clippers for Zach Randolph.
2009/06/25New York Knicks traded Quentin Richardson and cash considerations to the Memphis Grizzlies for Darko Milicic.
2005/06/28Phoenix Suns traded Quentin Richardson, the rights to Nate Robinson and future considerations to the New York Knicks for Kurt Thomas and the rights to Dijon Thompson.
2004/07/29Signed as a restricted free agent by the Phoenix Suns.
2000/06/28Drafted by Los Angeles Clippers in the 1st round (18th overall) in 2000.


GP - games played
GS - games started
MIN - minutes played
FG% - field goal percentage
3P% - three point percentage
FT% - free throw percentage
OREB - offensive rebounds
REB - rebounds
AST - assists
STL - steals
BLK - blocks
TO - turnovers
Foul - fouls
PTS - points

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