Tim Duncan #21 - F/C

San Antonio

  • Age: 38
  • DOB: 1976/04/25
  • POB: St. Croix, Virgin Islands
  • Height: 6-11 Weight: 255lbs
  • NBA Seasons: 17
  • Drafted by San Antonio in 1997 (1/1).
  • Current Status: Off season
Year to date747429.249%0%73.1%

Career Stats

2013-14San AntonioNBA747429.249%0%73.1%
2012-13San AntonioNBA696930.150.2%28.6%81.7%
2011-12San AntonioNBA585828.249.2%0%69.5%
2010-11San AntonioNBA767628.450%0%71.6%
2009-10San AntonioNBA787731.351.8%18.2%72.5%2.810.
2008-09San AntonioNBA757533.650.4%0%69.2%2.710.
2007-08San AntonioNBA787834.049.7%0%73%
2006-07San AntonioNBA808034.154.6%11.1%63.7%2.710.
2005-06San AntonioNBA808034.848.4%40%62.9%2.911.
2004-05San AntonioNBA666633.449.6%33.3%67%
2003-04San AntonioNBA696836.650.1%16.7%59.9%3.312.
2002-03San AntonioNBA818139.351.3%27.3%71%
2001-02San AntonioNBA828240.650.8%10%79.9%3.312.
2000-01San AntonioNBA828238.749.9%25.9%61.8%
1999-00San AntonioNBA747438.949%9.1%76.1%3.512.
1998-99San AntonioNBA505039.349.5%14.3%69%
1997-98San AntonioNBA828239.154.9%0%66.2%3.311.
1996-97Wake ForestNCAA313136.760.8%27.3%63.6%3.914.
1995-96Wake ForestNCAA323237.255.5%30.4%68.7%3.412.
1994-95Wake ForestNCAA323236.559.1%42.9%74.2%3.812.
1993-94Wake ForestNCAA333230.254.5%100%74.5%

Career Playoff Stats

2013-14San AntonioNBA232332.752.3%0%76%
2012-13San AntonioNBA212135.047%0%80.6%2.610.
2011-12San AntonioNBA141433.149.5%0%70.7%
2010-11San AntonioNBA6635.347.8%-62.5%2.710.
2009-10San AntonioNBA101037.352%50%47.8%
2008-09San AntonioNBA5532.853.2%-60.7%
2007-08San AntonioNBA171739.244.9%20%62.6%3.614.
2006-07San AntonioNBA202036.852.1%-64.4%3.711.
2005-06San AntonioNBA131337.957.3%0%71.8%2.510.
2004-05San AntonioNBA232337.846.4%20%71.7%3.812.
2003-04San AntonioNBA101040.552.2%0%63.2%3.311.
2002-03San AntonioNBA242442.552.9%0%67.7%
2001-02San AntonioNBA9942.245.3%33.3%82.2%
2000-01San AntonioNBA131340.548.8%100%63.9%
1999-00San AntonioNBA--------------
1998-99San AntonioNBA171743.151.1%0%74.8%
1997-98San AntonioNBA9941.652.1%0%66.7%

Scouting Report

AssetsA dominant winner. One of the top power forwards in NBA history: takes games over in the post as a scorer, rebounder, and shot-blocker. Understands the game, always makes the right play, and is as consistent and clutch as they come. Has worked to stay on top of his game. A classy, team-first leader.
FlawsHas never been the type of big man to draw defenses out with a three-point game. While exceptionally mobile and agile for his size, his game is mostly half-court focused. Has worn down a bit over the years due to so many minutes and needs to be rested fairly regularly.
Career potentialElite cornerstone power forward/center & future Hall of Famer.

Honours and Awards

2013-14NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2012-13NBA - All-NBA First Team
2012-13NBA - All-Defensive Second Team
2012-13NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2010-11NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2009-10NBA - All-NBA Third Team
2009-10NBA - All-Defensive Second Team
2009-10NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2008-09NBA - All-NBA Second Team
2008-09NBA - All-Defensive Second Team
2008-09NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2007-08NBA - All-NBA Second Team
2007-08NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2007-08NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2006-07NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2006-07NBA - All-NBA First Team
2006-07NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2006-07NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2005-06NBA - All-NBA Second Team
2005-06NBA - All-Defensive Second Team
2005-06NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2004-05NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2004-05NBA - All-NBA First Team
2004-05NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2004-05NBA - Finals Most Valuable Player
2004-05NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2004Olympics - Member of the bronze-winning U.S. Olympic Team
2003-04NBA - All-NBA First Team
2003-04NBA - All-Defensive Second Team
2003-04NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2002-03NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
2002-03NBA - Maurice Podoloff Trophy (Most Valuable Player)
2002-03NBA - All-NBA First Team
2002-03NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2002-03NBA - Finals Most Valuable Player
2002-03NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2001-02NBA - Maurice Podoloff Trophy (Most Valuable Player)
2001-02NBA - All-NBA First Team
2001-02NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2001-02NBA - IBM Award
2001-02NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
2000-01NBA - All-NBA First Team
2000-01NBA - All-Defensive First Team
2000-01NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
1999-00NBA - All-NBA First Team
1999-00NBA - All-Defensive First Team
1999-00NBA - All-Star Game Most Valuable Player
1999-00NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
1998-99NBA - Member of NBA Championship Team
1998-99NBA - All-NBA First Team
1998-99NBA - All-Defensive First Team
1998-99NBA - Finals Most Valuable Player
1997-98NBA - Eddie Gottlieb Trophy (Rookie of the Year)
1997-98NBA - All-NBA First Team
1997-98NBA - All-Rookie First Team
1997-98NBA - All-Defensive Second Team
1997-98NBA - Played in the All-Star Game
1996-97NCAA - Wooden Award (Player of the Year)
1996-97NCAA - Naismith Award (Male Player of the Year)
1996-97NCAA - The Sporting News All-America First Team
1996-97NCAA - The Sporting News College Player of the Year
1995-96NCAA - The Sporting News All-America First Team

Transactions / Injuries / Suspensions

2014/06/23Exercised his contract option with the San Antonio Spurs for the 2014-15 season.
2013/11/02Missed 1 game (chest injury).
2013/11/01Chest injury, day-to-day.
2013/04/17Missed 1 game (sore left knee).
2013/04/15Sore left knee, day-to-day.
2013/04/03Missed 1 game (sore left knee).
2013/04/01Sore left knee, day-to-day.
2013/03/14Missed 1 game (sore left knee).
2013/03/12Sore left knee, day-to-day.
2013/02/13Missed 4 games (left knee injury).
2013/02/06Left knee injury, day-to-day.
2013/02/02Missed 4 games (sore left knee).
2013/01/23Sore left knee, day-to-day.
2012/07/11Re-signed as an unrestricted free agent by the San Antonio Spurs to a three-year contract.
2011/03/31Missed 4 games (sprained left ankle).
2011/03/23Sprained left ankle, sidelined indefinitely.
2011/03/21Missed 1 game (rest).
2011/03/19Rest, day-to-day.
2009/11/14Missed 2 games (left ankle injury).
2009/11/09Left ankle injury, day-to-day.
2009/04/13Missed 1 game (knee injury).
2009/04/12Knee injury, day-to-day.
2009/03/27Missed 1 game (rest).
2009/03/25Rest, day-to-day.
2009/03/20Missed 1 game (rest).
2009/03/17Rest, day-to-day.
2009/03/01Missed 3 games (sore right knee).
2009/02/24Sore right knee, day-to-day.
2009/02/08Missed 1 game (rest).
2009/02/03Rest, day-to-day.
2007/12/15Missed 4 games (bruised right knee).
2007/12/05Bruised right knee, day-to-day.
2007/04/22Missed the last 2 games of the regular season (rest).
2007/04/17Fined $25,000 by the NBA for verbal abuse of an official on April 15 against the Dallas Mavericks.
2007/04/16Rest, day-to-day.
2006/04/22Missed the last game of the regular season (rest).
2006/04/19Rest, inactive list.
2006/02/10Missed 1 game (flu).
2006/02/08Flu, day-to-day.
2005/04/13Missed 12 games (sprained right ankle).
2005/03/21Sprained right ankle, injured list.
2005/03/14Missed 2 games (sprained right ankle).
2005/03/09Sprained right ankle, day-to-day.
2005/02/11Missed 2 games (sprained right ankle).
2005/02/08Sprained right ankle, day-to-day.
2004/03/18Missed 3 games (left patella tendinitis).
2004/03/14Left patella tendinitis, day-to-day.
2004/03/10Missed 6 games (left knee injury).
2004/02/28Left knee injury, injured list.
2003/12/03Missed 1 game (suspension).
2003/12/01Suspended by the NBA for one game for his actions on Nov 29 against the Golden State Warriors.
2003/11/10Missed 3 games (sprained left ankle).
2003/11/04Sprained left ankle, day-to-day.
2003/07/16Re-signed by the San Antonio Spurs to a seven-year contract.
2003/04/19Missed the last game of the regular season (left knee injury).
2003/04/16Left knee injury, injured list.
2002/05/03Missed Game 4 of Round One against Seattle (personal reasons).
2002/05/01Personal reasons, day-to-day.


1997/06/25Drafted by the San Antonio Spurs in the 1st round (1st overall) in 1997.


GP - games played
GS - games started
MIN - minutes played
FG% - field goal percentage
3P% - three point percentage
FT% - free throw percentage
OREB - offensive rebounds
REB - rebounds
AST - assists
STL - steals
BLK - blocks
TO - turnovers
Foul - fouls
PTS - points

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