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Week 2 - Fighting the flu and adding to your training

Jordan Cieciwa
2/19/2014 2:33:25 PM
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The City of Winnipeg has a stomach flu going around and I caught it. That made training a little difficult.  I lost a lot of ground but gained a new understanding of just what it means when athletes get the flu, even a week before a big game or fight.

I have been useless.

Cardio was cut in half and I instantly dripped sweat. My technical skills hitting the heavy bag had no rhythm, and looked horrible. I'm not looking to get into an MMA match, and I can't imagine what it must be like to go into one with a flu, having been part of the last one or two weeks of a fight camp. It's an official excuse in my books.

However, training must go on, also, work and all things media related. This is the beauty of my career.  Like most up and coming MMA fighters, I have a full time job to fit training around. I also do a lot of media work to promote my One Fit City movement. There are no days off trying to get the Nation of Canada healthier, One Fit City at a time. Fighters have to train, work, and promote themselves. There is no one who will make them stars; they need to do it themselves. It all takes time and energy. 

This week, after returning to something that resembled training Thursday, the plan is going to involve a lot of plyometrics and heavy lifts.  This is where you, the fan at home can try adding to your workout.

There is a lot of disconnect with fighters, fans, and strength coaches. Most fighters have media at their workouts for the last 10 days. That's when the conditioning and power circuits are in place. Strength coaches usually are not well spoken or very interesting people so they don't get to come on and explain the science or the building of a program. So fans think fighters do nothing but circuits.

Early on, if an athlete needs to tune up their power, we use big power movements. Elite Performance is one of those gyms where you can drop weights, Olympic lift, and bend bars with weights. In fact, Jeff Fisher demands it. So for me, old, frail, retired, radio show, blogging, me, it's going to be rough getting back to this next week for real.

If you are a fan looking to try some of this stuff, you may want to consider one of two things. First, invest and go see and use a gym that trains pro athletes. Across the Nation there are some amazing gyms that have popped up. You can get the assistance from a professional strength coach and train in a facility that has real pro athletes getting better. Second, visit the local University. Same concept as a private facility, less cost, but there are usually a lot less options for when you can train.

So this week, add into your training regime two days, preferably Monday and Thursday, that have big strength and plyo lifts. I'm going to be doing something like this

- 3 Warm up front squats x 8-10

- 5 sets of back squat x 6 super set with 4 max medicine ball jumps

- 5 sets of dead lift x 6 super set with 6 single leg skate jumps

Then I have a super-secret set of plyo's and various balance/isolating leg exercises.  They are just exercises I pick that day based on how I'm feeling and what's needing more work, lateral jumping or vertical.

Have fun, add some heavy strength creating work to your plan. Make some changes that you will notice in your lifting. Then, think about trying some conditioning classes. Give kickboxing a try.

The Gym (Photo: Marty Melville/Getty Images)


(Photo: Marty Melville/Getty Images)
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