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Cieciwa: Week 6 of an MMA training camp

Jordan Cieciwa, TSN Radio 1290
3/31/2013 2:29:48 PM
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With help from UFC fighter Tarec Saffiendine,  TSN Radio 1290's Jordan Cieciwa is on Week 6, as he tries to get himself "Fight Ready".

If I was the type to take photos of myself with my iPhone, now would be the time.  Diet and exercise are spot on thanks to this mission. 

I will say this, I am nowhere near the weight I had hoped and frankly have no idea how these athletes do it.  I am the same height and build as Rich Franklin, Forrest Griffin, and Stephan Bonnar. I have no idea how they get their weight so low, Franklin even more so at 185 pounds. 

The scale has stopped at 231 pounds for me.  It won't seem to budge.  Due to the fact that I have a job, and do a lot of seminars where I have to be sharp to public speak, I have decided to not cut calories anymore to see if I can drop another five pounds or more.  I have one final week, and I will continue on this path of high intensity and weighing my food to ensure healthy portions. 

With the pressures of a Radio Show, public speaking, and putting together both athlete training camps and Winnipeg's best weight loss workouts, I can't sacrifice any more calories.  My mission to get to 205 pounds will be a bust, but I find solace in the fact that it may prove the point to the commitment level of MMA athletes. 

To answer a question I have been receiving quite a bit from readers, the workouts I am doing at this moment have very little to do with body building.  In fact, we are going for an exact opposite effect.  Darla Caligiuri and I are working on a video project right now for an upcoming Fitness Star show. It shows her athletes training for fitness competitions.  They perform workouts with a different design and end goal.  Here Lise Aquin demonstrates a lower body workout to get stage ready. 

She follows that the next day with an Upper Body workout. Notice the speed and muscle focus differences.  Every sport, and every fitness goal, has a different way to workout. My goal is anaerobic fitness more than definition, and sport specific movement speed.  To improve that, takes a focused workout.

For Lise to be ready to be on stage for Fitness Star April 20, she needs to focus on slow focused movements designed by Darla to make her muscles hypertrophy.  It's sport specific, and that's why my program hasn't had upper and lower body splits.

The take away lesson from this week had a lot to do with Recovery.  Making sure meals were prepared so I could eat and fuel for training has been imperative the whole period I have been doing this.  This week had an even bigger lesson -  Sleep.

Smart athletes view their sleep time as important, maybe even more important than their training sessions.  I have been working with Dufrense Furniture in Winnipeg to get people to understand the importance of sleep, and specifically uninterrupted deep sleep. 

As with most things in the health and high performance industries, science has moved into the sleep world.  It's absolutely fascinating to me to watch as pressure point technology and new materials make their way into the bedding world. 

For a decade my Winnipeg wellness mission has included people to sleep.  It's the best time for your body to release hormones like Leptin, IGF-1, Growth Hormone, etc. to bring the body back to fully recovered.  It is also the time when the body improves new synapse firing, meaning you are finishing learning any new information or new motor control from the day. 

Without sleep, a full deep sleep, you won't learn and master new training techniques.  You also won't recover from the days physical activity.  If you are a business person, it's the same.  Your body needs a full seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep to be its best.

I went this week for a full work up on my sleep positioning and what works best for me.  The Dream Experts at Dufrense pressure mapped me, figured out my sleep position, and then worked out what home set up would best work for me to allow my body to rest and recover fully.

I realize that cavemen didn't need or have this and slept on the ground.  My philosophy has always been the same.  Athletes, and people who are success driven should always use science to maximize their life and energy levels.  Changing around my bedroom, and creating the perfect sleep environment has done wonders for me from a rest and recovery standpoint.

There is no single better training tool then a good night's sleep. That means a dark, quiet room, with no distractions.  As I enter my last week of this training camp style training, I am looking to the future already.  I can keep this pace up, but will modify a few of the two-a-day trainings.  Some of the skill development days will go to 40 minute runs outside.  The circuits will remain on a regular basis, and so will two or three days a week of kickboxing. 

Kickboxing/Tae Kwon Do has been a part of my healthy lifestyle for more than two decades.  It's about being active six days a week, and making sure I do the small things.  The learning experience here has been great, and this last week is going to be a massive push with higher intensity, and perfecting a few boxing techniques and footwork for fun.

Give it a try, it will open your eyes to what a fighter goes through to prepare for a fight. I promise if you do this you will never “boo” another fighter. 

Now get some sleep, and get your health to the elite level.

Jordan Cieciwa can be heard on TSN Radio 1290 every Saturday at 11:30am ct with his show The Weigh-In. You can also follow Jordan at www.twitter.com/FitCityJordan and get all your fitness tips at www.onefitcity.com.

UFC (Photo: HENNING KAISER/AFP/Getty Images)


(Photo: HENNING KAISER/AFP/Getty Images)
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