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UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz round-by-round results

TSN.ca Staff
3/17/2013 12:56:37 AM
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Canadian Georges St-Pierre defended his Welterweight title with a  unanimous decision over Nick Diaz at UFC 158 in Montreal.


In the first fight, George Roop defeated Reuben Duran by unanimous decision. The second fight saw T.J. Dillashaw finish Issei Tamura at the 0:26 second mark of the second round with a knockout.

Quinn Mulhern vs. Rick Story

Round 1 - Despite Mulhern having the length advantage, Story pushes forward early and knocks Mulhern down in the fist 30 seconds of the fight.  Mulhern gets up quickly, but Story is continually pushing the pace.  With three minutes left in the round, Story hits a solid combo to Mulhern who is against the cage.  Story pushes the pace and hits Mulhern, who is against the cage in the eye with a punch.  Mulhern immediately appears in distress, and Story swarms him thrashing Mulhern to the ground for the first round TKO.

Story wins by Technical Knockout (strikes) at 3:05 of the first round.

John Makdessi vs. Daron Cruickshank

Round 1 – The fighters touch gloves as the bout begins.  Both men stay in the middle of the octagon and trade leg kicks in the first minute, with neither fighter landing any significant punches.  With 90 seconds gone in the fight, both fighters are looking for their timing and the crowd gets restless.  Cruickshank lands a few kicks to the same spot on Makdessi's lead leg.  With the less than two minutes left, the Canadian Makdessi hits two quick jabs before hitting a low blow via kick that delayed the fight for a minute while Cruickshank caught his breath. In the final minute, Makdessi hits a spinning fist, while Cruickshank lands a spinning kick.  Makdessi defends a late takedown.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Cruickshank (10-9).

Round 2 – Cruickshank starts quickly in the round, landing some kicks and punches.  Makdessi responds with a leg kick.  Cruickshank lands in a step in punch while both fighters are in the middle of the Octagon, and with two minutes gone in the round, Cruickshank is looking looser, landing some more shots to Makdessi, who has a little bruising under his eye. Both men trade spinning kicks and Makdessi's sprawl stops anther takedown attempt by Cruickshank.  Makdessi hits two right hands, followed by two jabs.  Cruickshank opens a cut on Makdessi's nose with less than a minute and half left in the round.  Cruickshank lands a front kick, and Makdessi responds with a good combo.  Both men are trading strikes and counters and at the end of the round, Cruickshank misses a jumping kid, and Makdessi gives his a good punch to the head for his trouble. TSN.ca Scorecard: Makdessi (10-9).

Round 3 – The third round begins in this very close contest.  Makdessi and Cruickshank are both moving around the middle of the octagon trading shots in the first minute of the final round.  Makdessi is seemingly focusing on body and leg kicks.  Makdessi knocks Cruickshank down with a bunch and immediately waives his opponent up.  Anther sprawl for Makdessi who has not avoided all three takedown attempts.  Makdessi is proving to be quicker than Cruickshank in his counter punches and avoids another takedown attempt.  With less than two minutes remaining, Makdessi, who appears to be in control of the round, hits Cruickshank with a spin kick to the body.  Cruickshank lands a poke to Makdessi's eye, which seemingly enrages Makdessi, who starts to turn on the offence after the stoppage. TSN.ca Scorecard: Makdessi (10-9).

Makdessi wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 of the third round.

Dan Miller vs. Jordan Mein

Round 1 – Lethbridge Alberta's Mein is making his UFC debut.  Both fighters don't trade many shots in the first minute.  Miller ducks under a Mein punch and takes the young Canadian down.  Miller lands a nasty step over arm bar, but Mein manages a few rolls and eventually gets out of the hold.  Miller lands a shot to the face and then a kick that seemingly damage Mein.  Mein responds with a few punches of his own, but Miller is mixing in a lot of kicks and keeping Mein at bay.  Mein lands a huge punch that knocks Miller down with 1:25 left in the round, but Mein lets Miller up immediately.  Mein backs Miller to the cage and lands a few jabs that stagger Miller.  Miller eventually falls to the canvas, and Mein pounces, landing 10-15 strikes before the referee stops the fight.

Mein wins by Technical Knockout (strikes) at 4:42 of the first round.

Antonio Carvalho vs. Darren Elkins

Round 1 – Carvalho is an Oshawa Ontario native and is taking on Elkins who has not lost as a featherweight.  Elkins gets in close very early, but Carvalho gets some distance after landing a punch to the face.  Elkins then takes Carvalho to the cage, but both men remain standing.  Carvalho hits a few more right hooks to Elkins' face.  Elkins goes for another takedown, but it's stuffed by Carvalho, who takes a few shots against the cage, before fighting his way back to the middle of the octagon.  Elkins stuns Carvalho with a right to the side of the head.  He then delivers another right hand, which knocks Carvalho down.  Carvalho hops back up, but referee Yves Lavigne jumps in and seemingly stops the fight prematurely.

Elkins wins by Technical Knockout (strikes) at 3:06 of the first round.

Patrick Cote vs. Bobby Voelker

Round 1 – Cote gets a huge amount of applause from his hometown crowd in Montreal.  The fans in Montreal are chanting the familiar 'Ole, Ole, Ole' while the two men trade punches in the middle of the ring.  Cote's power is on display early, as he sends Voelker back after a good combination.  The two men take turns roughing each other up along the fence, before the separate with 3:00 left in the round.  Cote eats a hard shot and eventually gets taken down by Voelker.  Cote threatens an armbar, but Voelker rains down punches to end the attempt.  Voelker remains on top of Cote, but the Canadian is working hard in his guard with elbows.  The round ends with Voelker in control on the ground.   TSN.ca Scorecard: Cote (10-9).

Round 2 – Cote lands a big uppercut in the first 15 seconds in the round that Voelker eats.  Both men continue to try to soften each other up in the middle of the ring, with Voelker using a fair number of leg kicks.  Voelker gets Cote up against the cage, and Cote switches the positions and lands a flurry of punches before Voelker gets away.  20 seconds later, Voelker lands heavy strikes on Cote, who goes to the side of the cage.  After meeting up in the middle of the octagon, Voelker lands some big knees to Cote, but the Canadian stands his ground.  Later, Voelker is against the cage and again Cote works the body.  A cut has opened up on the bridge of Cote's nose after those knees.  With 30 seconds left in the round Voelker tosses Cote to the ground, but both men get up quickly.  With the round nearing an end, Cote lands a quick takedown.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Voelker (10-9)

Round 3 – Both men open the round slugging each other for the first 15 seconds of the round.  Cote works Voelker against the cage.  After they separate, Cote lands a jumping knee.   Both fighters seem tired as Cote works Voelker against the cage again.  When they get back to the middle again, Cote eats another knee to the head.  Eventually, Voelker takes Cote to the canvas again and starts raining down hammer fists, while Cote looks for an arm bar.  Cote tries to get up, but Voelker has a standing cradle and then throws Cote down again.  Voelker manhandles Cote on the ground, and when Cote fights his way up again, Voelker takes him down again.  The round ends with Voelker on top of Cote.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Voelker (10-9) 

Cote Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Main Card

Colin Fletcher vs. Mike Ricci

Round 1 - Ricci, from Montreal, comes to the ring to Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight' and has a ninja sword strapped to his back.  Both fighters, who fought in the Ultimate Fighter, seem content early in the round to keep the fight standing, exchanging punches and kicks while each looking for an advantage.  Ricci lands a good straight left, while Fletcher immediately responds with counter punch.  With 1:15 left in the round, neither fighter has really hurt the other with total strikes landed being very close.  Fletcher catches Ricci low with a kick, and after he caught his breath, Ricci gets a good punch in on Fletcher.  The final seconds of the round sees Fletcher get Ricci against the cage. TSN.ca Scorecard: Ricci (10-9)

Round 2 - Ricci starts quick in the round, landing some major strikes and a kick that send Fletcher to the canvas against the cage.  Fletcher uses the rarely used Donkey Guard, before Ricci takes his back.  Fletcher gets back to his feet, but the damage has been done as Fletcher is cut open under his right eye.  At the mid-point of the round, the two men are back in the centre of the octagon trading some punches and leg kicks.  Fletcher is moving around a great deal trying to land some spin kicks, but he can't seem to find the range.  Late in the round, Fletcher hits a spinning back fist.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Ricci (10-9)

Round 3 - Fletcher gets a single leg and gets Ricci against the cage at the start of the round, but he can't get the Canadian down on the canvas.  Fletcher continues to try to take Ricci down, but can't.  When the fighters separate, Ricci lands a hard elbow to Fletcher's head.  With two minutes left, Fletcher is trying to push the pace and has opened up the striking.  Ricci and Fletcher tangle up near the cage, and Ricci takes him down, and after working into half guard, gets some ground and pound offence in before taking Fletcher's back.  Ricci goes for the late arm bar, but the round comes to an end.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Ricci (10-9)

Ricci Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Nick Ring vs. Chris Camozzi

Round 1 - Ring, fights out of Calgary and has the crowd on his side as the fight begins.  Ring opens the round landing some leg kicks in an effort to slow Camozzi.  Ring is fighting with his hands down, leaving his head exposed.  Camozzi lands an overhead right.  With two minutes left in the round, the crowd starts a light 'boring' chant.  Camozzi gets a hard punch in that staggers Ring, but for the most part the fight has been in the middle of the Octagon. With a minute left in the round, Ring had a cut open up below his right eye.  While Camozzi landed more punches in the round, Ring appeared quicker and landed more punches.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Ring (10-9)

Round 2 – The early part of the round sees Ring landing more shots than Camozzi, as it appears that Camozzi can't keep up with Ring's superior speed.  The bout remains mostly in the centre of the octagon with both men landing some shots, but Ring dishing out more strikes.  Camozzi does hit a late knee with 1:20 left in the round, but Ring recovers and continues land more strikes with his speed.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Ring (10-9)

Round 3 - Ring opens up the round with a combination leg kick and keeps trying to chop Camozzi's base in the first minute of the round.  Ring still fighting with hands down, does eat some shots from a good Camozzi combination.  With both fighters tiring, Camozzi charges at Ring and holds him against the fence, landing come knees before Ring escapes to the centre of the octagon.  Camozzi controls the centre with less than two minutes in the round.  Ring goes for a takedown, but he can't get Camozzi down.  Ring looks exhausted with 45 seconds left in the round and Camozzi is pressing forward, looking for haymakers.  The fight ends with Camozzi lifting his arms.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Camozzi (10-9) 

Camozzi Wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Nate Marquardt vs. Jake Ellenberger

Round 1 - The fighters take a great deal of time to feel each other out, but Marquardt is throwing a ton of leg kicks early.  A minute and a half into the round, and each fighter had stunned the other once.  With less than two minutes left in the round, Ellenberger caught Marquardt with a left-right combo that crumpled Marquardt.  Ellenberger got three more shots in before the referee called the fight.

Ellenberger wins by Knockout (strikes) at 3:00 of the first round.

Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks

Round 1 - Hendricks lands a hard shot early and gets a mini-flurry of offence in the first 15 seconds.  At the 30 second mark, Hendricks knocked Condit down but let the 'Natural Born Killer' up.  After trading some shots standing, Hendricks took Condit down.  With 3:00 minutes remaining, Hendricks is on top of Condit, but couldn't really rain down the hammer fists.  Nearing the two minute mark, Hendricks gives up the position to take the fight standing again.  After landing some more shots, Hendricks once again took Condit to the canvas.  After standing up again, Condit took Hendricks down but couldn't finish the fight.  The round ends with both men eating some hard shots.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Hendricks (10-9)

Round 2 - Hendricks continued to push forward to start the round and landed some punches, only to take a jumping knee to the face from Condit.    Hendricks eventually took Condit to the canvas, but once again couldn't muster up a ton of offence.  The fight then looked like it was a replay of itself, with Hendricks staggering Condit with Punches, and Condit once again landing the jumping knee.  At the mid-point of the round, Condit was picking up the pace, but Hendricks ducked a kick attempt and took Condit to the canvas in the middle of the Octagon.  Condit eventually rolled out of it and the two men traded haymakers again.  Hendricks picked up a late takedown at the end of the round.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Hendricks (10-9)

Round 3 – Hendricks complained to his corner about a left-hand injury in between rounds, but he still opened the round throwing it.  Less than a minute into the round, Hendricks once again took Condit down, but Condit stayed active trying to work a sweep as well as throwing elbows from his back.  After getting up, and eating a few shots, Hendricks dropped some solid left-hands on Condit which then led to another takedown.  After another separation, Hendricks took a hard right hand to the face that seemingly dazed him, but he grabbed Condit, and eventually took him down again.  With 40 seconds left, the two men were standing and Condit was once again pushing the pace, only to be grabbed and forced down by Hendricks.  The fight ends with both men trading shots.   TSN.ca Scorecard: Hendricks (10-9)

Hendricks Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz
(UFC Welterweight Championship)

Round 1 – The two fighters didn't touch gloves to start the fight.  GSP landed an early leg kick and took Diaz down in the first twenty seconds of the fight.  St-Pierre got some punches in and Diaz tried to roll out of it, but GSP stayed on Diaz's back.  The fans with a deafening 'Ole Ole Ole' chant.  GSP landed some decent shots, but failed to get side-control at the mid-point of the round.  St- Pierre landed some elbows and GSP again took the back.  With 30 seconds left in the round, Diaz got up, only to get slammed back to the canvas with 10 seconds remaining.  TSN.ca Scorecard: St-Pierre (10-9)

Round 2 – Diaz landed a very quick leg kick, and switched to a left-handed stance to begin.  At the forty second mark, St-Pierre once again took Diaz down.  With Diaz trying to get up, GSP landed a heavy knee and then continued to pound Diaz on the side of his head.  GSP was in guard and landed another elbow to Diaz's head, while Diaz tried to counter with elbows thrown from his back.  With a minute left in the round, the fighters were back standing, and while Diaz tried to taunt GSP, St-Pierre landed a 'Superman' jab.  TSN.ca Scorecard: St-Pierre (10-9)

Round 3 – GSP opened the round with a high kick and Diaz turned the taunting way up, challenging St-Pierre to stand and fight.  After trading a few shots, GSP went for a takedown that Diaz stopped, but a short few seconds later, he couldn't stop another St-Pierre takedown.  Diaz crawled with GSP on his back to the cage and eventually got up.  With the fight standing up again, Diaz landed a few hard body and punches and kicks, with St-Pierre countering with punches of his own.  Both men attempted spin kicks in rapid succession with both men missing.  With the fight standing and Diaz stuffing three takedown attempts, Diaz looked to be gaining momentum, before GSP took him to the canvas again.  After the bell, Diaz took a swing at GSP from his back, earning him a warning.  TSN.ca Scorecard: St-Pierre (10-9)

Round 4 – GSP was told by his corner to take Diaz down and not stand and box with him.  Early in the round, St-Pierre decided to forgo his corner's advice landing some shots standing up.  Diaz stuffed a takedown with four minutes left.  The two continued to battle with Diaz stuffing another takedown.  The two men traded shots, with Diaz working the same spot on St-Pierre's body with punches and knees.    With around 2:00 minutes left in the round, St-Pierre managed to take Diaz down, but GSP couldn't manage any significant offence.  Diaz fought his way to a standing position only to get slammed down by GSP.  On the ground, Diaz kept trying for the Kimura, but he couldn't get it. TSN.ca Scorecard: St-Pierre (10-9)

Round 5 – Diaz landed a good straight left, while St. Pierre landed a solid right as the two men stood to open the round.  Diaz worked St-Pierre against the cage, but he couldn't land any significant strikes to the champion.  Diaz attempted a high leg kick, and slipped on the canvas.  St-Pierre took advantage of the situation and jumped on Diaz, who again went for the kimura.  Diaz got to his feet with 1:45 left in the round, with both fighters looking tired.  The two men clinched and traded knees to the body.  St-Pierre drove Diaz against the cage and onto the canvas with 40 seconds left.  The champion then tried to ground and pound Diaz as the fight ended.  After the round, Diaz lifted St-Pierre's arm in a show of respect. TSN.ca Scorecard: St-Pierre (10-9) 

St-Pierre Wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the fifth round.

St-Pierre punches Diaz (Photo: Jonathan Ferrey/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)


(Photo: Jonathan Ferrey/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
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