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Cieciwa: Week 2 of an MMA training camp

Jordan Cieciwa, TSN Radio 1290
3/1/2013 12:56:21 AM
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Every fan needs to go through this.  I have worked out hard in my life, but this is the next level.  What MMA athletes go through is a whole new level of fitness and results.

This week the focus is on the conditioning.  The science behind what we are doing is really complex.  The five minute rounds of MMA are gruelling, as the body doesn't have an energy system that really covers five minutes. 

Fighters punch, kick and work for the shot in an explosive under 10 second workload.  Those efforts are max efforts and call on the ATP-CP system.  When I train athletes prior to the last six weeks, we train this system with heavy lifts and plyometrics.

Here is where it gets tricky.

The match has offence, followed by just as intense strain from defence and right back to offence. The anaerobic system takes over after 10 seconds of work until about two minutes.  By five minutes, the body has switched over fully to aerobic.  We want the body to stay in that anaerobic, explosive stage.  That's why we train the circuits to failure. 

The goal is to teach the body to stay anaerobic and recover during any and all short breaks in action.

Our goal, to become an anaerobic machine with an incredible V02 max, ensuring we stay explosive for a fight.  It's also the best way to lose body fat. 

My Circuits for the past few conditioning days have looked like this. I brought CFL football player Kito Poblah into the mix.  He's already starting his training to return to Football and is laying the foundation for his season.  Lots of pro athletes are turning to these types of circuits.  It sets a base for on field recovery.  The fourth quarter will come and go, and they won't get tired.

I start this push at 246 pounds.  I stepped on the scale just before writing this and I'm 238.  That's eight pounds in about 12 days - the calorie deficit is huge.  

Our Routine

- One mile warm up run which took 10 minutes.

- 10 Tabata sprints.  Sprint on an incline for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat that 10 times.  That gives us a frame work of a round.

- Two, five minute rounds, 30 seconds of each exercise in the video.  Dueling ropes, 45-pound plate push (wrapped in my hoody to slide), 70-pound kettle bell squat jump, lateral jumps with a 25-pound plate, jump across push ups. 

My final two conditioning sets I will do with a training mask. I used it a lot before my injury.  Now just getting back into the swing of things, I am getting into it slow. 

Right now, we only did two rounds.  The last time I do this, I will finish four, five minute rounds.  That with the run and sprints will be a total of 35 minutes of hard work. Add in the core and I will be done in 45 minutes.  

From here on out, the goal is to make these circuits as tough on my body as possible.  Once the training camp is over, I will maintain the run, sprints and two rounds of circuits. 

The last thing I will be adding the training mask to my Nexersys, starting end of next week.  I am having a lot of fun challenging my body.  That, with the diet means a ton of physical changes.  It's fun to watch the weight fall off and regain my high intensity fitness.

The number one thing to remember is that it's hard to do this alone.  I brought Poblah along to make sure I pushed hard.  Teams in MMA keep each other working hard.  Make sure you have someone to train with to get healthy. 

I am not looking to inspire people to go this hard, but I want people having fun with their workouts.  That's the whole reason for my One Fit City Project. I want you to follow along, and get moving.  Just like a fighter, I found a sponsor for my fight ready program.  If you jump to the website, you can read all about how I got Fareconnect.com, to give me a trip to Sandals for any fans who follow along.

I am truly going through all the paces of a fighter.  Just no interest in stepping in the cage.

UFC (Photo: HENNING KAISER/AFP/Getty Images)


(Photo: HENNING KAISER/AFP/Getty Images)
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