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UFC 157: Rousey vs. Caramouche round-by-round results

TSN.ca Staff
2/24/2013 12:13:45 AM
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Ronda Rousey successfully defended her UFC women's bantanweight title as she defeated Liz Carmouche in the first ever women's bout in UFC history. 

Relive all the action with TSN.ca's round-by-round breakdown.



Round 1 - Our night is underway with Burrell and Villefort meeting in the middle of the Octagon. Burrell comes out swinging and lands a combination. Villefort catches a kick and trips Burrell, taking him to the canvas. Villefort slides to Burrell's back and gets a rear naked choke locked in. It looks deep, but Burrell escapes the choke. Villefort continues to have Burrell's back on the ground. Burrell gets back to his feet and breaks away. Villefort connects with a hard leg kick. Burrell responds with a solid punch, but Villefort is sticking his leg kicks. Burrell delivers a nice left hook and then a right hand that drops Villefort. Burrell is standing over Villefort throwing punches, but Villefort grabs his leg and goes for a leg lock. Burrell switches and gets away. As both fighters get back to their feet they exchanges a series of strikes. Burrell lands another combination and a very exciting first round comes to a close. Tough round to call, but Villefort gets the slight edge. TSN.ca Scorecard: Villefort (10-9).

Round 2 - Villefort starts in with leg kicks, while Burrell is using his jab early. Villefort scores a big body shot, followed by two leg kicks that snap against Burrell. Burrell catches a kick and Villefort falls to the canvass, but Burrell lets him back up. Burrell puts together a solid combination. Villefort with a kick up the middle and then a combination of his own, but Burrell counters well. Burrell lands a solid uppercut. Villefort hits with a high kick, but Burrell responds with a jab, setting up a combination of punches. Burrell's right hand connects again, but Villefort doesn't back down and clips Burrell with a couple shots of his own. Villefort is bleeding a bit from his nose, but he is moving forward and pressing Burrell throughout this round. Burrell mixes up his punches well at the end and lands a few. It's another close round, but we're giving this one to Burrell. TSN.ca Scorecard: Burrell (10-9).

Round 3 - Villefort begins the round with another leg kick. Villefort shoots and gets an early takedown. Within seconds Villefort takes Burrell's back again. Burrell fights his way back to his feet, but Villefort gets another takedown. Villefort grabs a heel hook and holds tight, but Burrell turns and pounds away on Villefort, who is forced to let the hold go. Villefort is now bleeding a lot and Burrell grabs him and attempts a guillotine. Villefort escapes and after some grappling they get back to their feet against the cage. Villefort's face is a mess with just over a minute left. Villefort tries for a takedown, but Burrell stuffs it. Burrell scores a kick to the face and then a combination. Burrell is walking away with this one in the final round. Villefort and Burrell swing away right to the final horn. TSN.ca Scorecard: Burrell (10-9).

Burrell wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.


Round 1 - Manley ties up with Magny against the cage. Manley elevates Magny and scores a takedown, but Magny gets up quickly. Manley is trying for another takedown against the cage, but Magny is defending well. Manley attempts to soften Magny up witha  few punches, then resumes his takedown efforts. The battle against the cage continues and Manley pins Magny to the fence as he leans on Magny. The crowd lets out a chorus of boos as there isn't much action in this first round. Manley releases and Magny lands a pair of punches as they return to the standup. Manley goes for another takedown and Magny stops him. Magny landed a few strikes and defended the takedowns well, so we're awarding him the opening round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Magny (10-9).

Round 2 - On the advice of his corner, Manley is coming out swinging. The result is Manley pinning Magny against the cage again. This time Manley gets Magny to the ground and passes guard to get into side control. Magny rotates and flips the position to get on top and into side control. Both fighters battle back to their feet as the clinch war continues. Manley is back pushing Magny against the fence and attempting a takedown. Magny lands a series of clean knees to the body and they break apart briefly. Magny connects with an elbw and then scores a takedown of his own. Magny is into side control, but Manley works his way out and back to his feet. Magny's corner is calling out that Manley is tired, but Manley is powering Magny against the cage again. Magny puts together a big combination and is taking control of this fight. TSN.ca Scorecard: Magny (10-9). 

Round 3 - Magny takes the centre of the Octagon right away and looking like the more energetic fighter. Manley is attacking, but Magny is getting the better of most, if not all the exchanges. Magny gets a takedown and is on top now and on the offensive. Manley gets him into his guard and Manley attempts an armbar. Magny is working hard to get his arm back and after a patient battle he breaks free. Magny gets Manley's back briefly, but Manley fights back to his feet. Manley pins Magny against the fence, but with little movement, the ref resets the two fighters. Magny scores one last takedown and definitely won this fight. TSN.ca Scorecard: Magny (10-9).

Magny wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.


Round 1 - The Canadian Jardine gets taken down right off the bat, but Jardine locks in a guillotine in the first minute. Jardine has Robertson locked in tight, but after 30 seconds, Robertson escapes and then passes into side control. Robertsonpasses again and takes Jardine's back. Jardine is trying to defend the choke, but Robertson is in complete control here now. Robertson flattens out Jardine and is pounding away. Jardine is defending the submissions well, but he has been unable to break free of Robertson on the ground. Robertson quickly grabs a leg lock and Jardine is forced to tap.

Robertson wins by Submission (Kneebar) at 2:57 in the first round.


Round 1 - The Canadian Stout is giving up a two-inch reach advantage in this bout. It doesn't take long for these two fighters to exchange punches. Stout locks Fodor up against the fence in the clinch. Stout steps back and they begin exchanging shots again. Stout lands a nice combination, but Fodor scores a takedown. Stout switches and takes Fodor's back for a moment, before they end up back in the clinch against the cage. The fight moves back to the centre of the cage and Stout slips, but is quickly back to his feet. Fodor is pushing the pace here and is very aggressive. Stout gets Fodor against the fence and lands a good knee to the body, which Fodor responds to with his own knee. Stout gets a takedown with a minute and a half left and is into Fodor's guard. Stout moves into half guard and is rotating between body and head punches. Stout gets into a full mount and begins to ground and pound. Fodor is frantic and trying to get up. Stout takes his back with 30 seconds left in the round. Stout goes for an armbar, but time runs out. Good round for the Canadian. TSN.ca Scorecard: Stout (10-9).

Round 2 - The two fighters meet quickly in the centre of the Octagon again and they end up in the clinch. When they break apart, Fodor lands a big punch, but Stout stands tall and gets Fodor against the cage. They separate and move back into the standup. It's a fairly even trade on strikes, with Stout finding his range. Fodor connects on a lead-left hook and then a solid inside leg kick. Stout ties him up and it's back to the clinch against the cage. Fodor goes for a takedown, but Stout stuffs it. Back in the clinch, Stout lands a knee to the body, but Fodor gets an awkward takedown. A very close round, with Fodor getting the nod for his late takedown. TSN.ca Scorecard: Fodor (10-9).

Round 3 - Stout comes out attacking the body, but they end up in the clinch. Fodor trips up Stout and scores the takedown, but Stout is right back up. They battle and Fodor gets another takedown, but Stout is up to his feet right away. Stout lands an elbow from the clinch. With two minutes left they step back into the centre of the Octagon. Fodor with a big left hook. Stout is increasing the frequency of his strikes now. Stout pushes Fodor into the cage and they fight for position in the clinch. The fight comes to an end with little action. This fight could go either way. Fodor takes the last round on our card, so Stout's only hope is that he took the first two frames. TSN.ca Scorecard: Fodor (10-9).

Stout wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.


Round 1 - Two quick fighters facing off in this bout. Much like our last fight, the two fighters are into the clinch. Grice goes for a takedown, but fails and Bermudez ends up on top on the ground. Bermudez has Grice's right arm underneath him and Bermudez is landing punch after punch to Grice's face. Grice lands a good leg kick and then a left hook. After the early trouble he found himself in, Grice has settled down. Bermudez pins Grice against the cage, but eats a big punch. Bermudez chases Grice across the Octagon with jabs. Grice throws a good combination and then a viscious left hook that drops Bermudez. Grice connects with a few punches with Bermudez on the ground, but Bermudez gets up. Grice lands another big punch and then a knee. Bermudez is trying to hold onto his opponent, but they break up. Bermudez seems to have his wits about him now. Grice ends the round with another combination and takes a very exciting first round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Grice (10-9).

Round 2 - Bermudez fakes a punch and delivers a leg kick. Grice catches Bermudez with a big left hook. Bermudez keeps coming and gets clipped by another left hook to the head. Bermudez is showing some toughness, but he is taking a lot of big shots. Bermudez takes a stiff jab and then slips to the canvass. Grice jumps on him, but Bermudez is able to get up to his feet. Bermudez isn't slowing down and is still attacking Grice. Grice is bleeding from his forehead, but he scores a takedown. Bermudez is back up and into the clinch. Bermudez is coming strong, but Grice is doing a good job of avoiding the strikes. Bermudez attempts a guillotine in the final seconds, but the horn sounds. With his early work in the round, Grice takes this one as well. TSN.ca Scorecard: Grice (10-9).

Round 3 - Bermudez is attacking right away and lands a big right hand over the top. Grice is hurt and Bermudez is swarming for the victory. Grice is down and Bermudez is delivering a serious ground and pound from the top. Grice is taking some heavy damage. Bermudez has Grice's left hand pinned and is throwing repetitive left hands to Grice's face. Grice survives and gets back up using the cage. Bermudez is teeing off though on Grice. Grice is swinging to defend, but Bermudez is landing strike after strike. Grice is stumbling. Bermudez is on the offensive and is clearly tired, but knows he needs a stoppage to win this. Two and a half minutes left as they are back in the clinch. Bermudez lands an uppercut and Grice stumbles again. This is an excellent round and a great fight. Bermudez is again teeing off with big punches over the top. Grice wobbles and falls against the cage, but stays up. Bermudez is pouring it on with just over a minute left. Grice gets Bermudez in the clinch. Grice delivers a left hand that snaps Bermudez back. Grice is throwing punches down the stretch and both fighters are throwing wildly. What an ending to this fight. Based on his early work Grice should have this one, but Bermudez certainly won the last round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Bermudez (10-9).

Bermudez wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.


Round 1 - Kuivanen starts things off with a nice right to the body. Chiesa uses his reach to land a combination. Kuivanen delivers a front kick to the body. Kuivanen lands a couple quick punches inside before Chiesa moves away. Chiesa goes for a head kick and slips, but is right back up. Chiesa connects with a body kick. Chiesa has the Thai clinch and throws some knees, but Kuivanen powers him against the fence. Chiesa goes high with a knee out of the clinch. Kuivanen pushes forward and throws some powerful punches that Chiesa smiles at. Kuivanen goes for a flying knee, but Chiesa catches him and puts him down. Kuivanen gets right back up to his feet. It's a very close round, but Kuivanen takes it on our card. TSN.ca Scorecard: Kuivanen (10-9).

Round 2 - Kuivanen throws a big right hand and Chiesa ducks under it. Chiesa scrambles and grabs Kuivanen's leg. Chiesa slowly gets to his feet, while holding onto Kuivanen against the fence. They grapple on the fence and Chiesa gets Kuivanen's back. Kuivanen tries to slam Chiesa, but Chiesa keeps his posiition and is attempting a choke. Chiesa gets the hold deep and Kuivanen has no choice but to tap out.

Chiesa wins by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)at 2:29 in the second round.


Round 1 - They heavyweights taking the stage here. Schaub scores a takedown in the opening 30 seconds. Schaub is into half guard and looking to pass. Johnson tries to get up and Schaub secures a guillotine choke. Johnson is attempting to punch his way out of the submission. Johnson is punching away on Schaub's head as Schaub locks the submission in tighter. Schaub finally has to let go of the hold. Schaub is still in side control, but when Schaub attempts another submission, Johnson is able to get back up to his feet. Johnson trips Schaub and now Johnson is in half guard and looking to ground and pound. Schaub attempts a leg lock and in the scramble, Schaub gets on top. Schaub is now in top control and in Johnson's half guard. Schaub attempts a D'Arce choke and Johnson is almost up to his feet, when Schaub drops him back to the canvass. Schaub controlled most of the round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Schaub (10-9).

Round 2 - Johnson delivers some powerful punches to the body. Both fighters exchange knees in the clinch, the Schaub scores a takedown and ends up in Johnson's half guard. Schaub isn't doing much damage from the top, but he is trying to free his right leg and get into a full mount. The referee stands them back up and right away Johnson is swinging for the fences. Schaub scores another takedown and is in the guard. The fans are booing at the lack of action between these two heavyweights. Schaub is laying on Johnson and is focused on passing guard. The horn goes with little action and Johnson shrugs his shoulders. The round still goes to Schaub. TSN.ca Scorecard: Schaub (10-9).

Round 3 - Both fighters swing with big punches, but miss. Schaub shoots and gets a takedown and the fight is back into the guard with Schaub on top. Schaub is bloody from grazing punches by Johnson, but Schaub is still on top. The referee stands the fight up and Schaub takes Johnson down right away. schaub is in half guard and laying on Johnson again. Schaub finally gets the mount, but Johnson hip escapes and puts Schaub back into his half guard. There is just over two minutes left in the round and the fans are booing once again. Johnson gets Schaub back into full guard and Schaub stands up and tries to drop down on Johnson, but Johnson uses the opportunity to get to his knees. Schaub grabs onto him and goes for a gator roll. The result is Schaub back into half guard. Schaub is frustrating Johnson and the fight goes the distance. TSN.ca Scorecard: Schaub (10-9).

Schaub wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.



Round 1 - Koscheck comes out fast and goes for a kick to the body. Koscheck fakes a takedown and Lawler bites, but then the next attempt Koscheck follows through and scores the takedown. Lawler gets back to his feet, but Koscheck is still holding his arm and head in tight. Koscheck is bleeding from his nose already, but it's not from a strike. Koscheck scores another takedown and he is working on Lawler near the fence. Koscheck is moving well and keeping busy on top of Lawler. Lawler uses the fence to jump back to his feet and is back to defending Koscheck's takedowns. Lawler lands a big punch and Koscheck is staggered. Lawler attacks quickly and lands a few massive punches and the referee calls a stop to it. Koscheck protests the stoppage, but it is all over.

Lawler wins by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 3:57 in the first round.


Round 1 - McGee comes out throwing early and Neer's corner tells him to do the same. McGee is using leg kicksin the opening minute. McGee looks sharp so far mixing up kicks and punches and getting in and out. Neer is making it into more of a brawl looking to close the distance and fight inside. McGee staggers Neer with a left hand. Neer delivers a nice leg kick that knocks McGee off balance. McGee tags Neer with a combination. McGee is breaking down Neer and staying at a nice distance. Neer's face is completely red as this looks like a sparring session for McGee. Neer gets caught with a kick to the body and Neer is hurt. McGee is attacking and Neer is hurt in his body around his liver. Neer survives the round as the horn sounds. TSN.ca Scorecard: McGee (10-9).

Round 2 - McGee is kicking away, landing three early kicks in this round. Neer has recovers some from the end of the first round, but McGee looks like the much better fighter up to this point. Neer lands an uppercut and a right hand. McGee responds with accurate strikes that hit the mark. Neer isn't giving up and he continues to come after McGee and lands a few strong jabs. Neer connects with an uppercut and McGee fires back. Neer is getting a little momentum back with his jab and some decent striking. Neer is coming on strong and lands a left hook. McGee doesn't look as sharp as he did in the first round and we may have a fight after all. TSN.ca Scorecard: Neer (10-9).

Round 3 - Both fighters are exchanign shots early and McGee locks up Neer in the clinch. McGee is using knees to the body and legs and leaning on Neer. Neer sneaks away and they are back in the standup. Neer is bloody and looks like he's taken more damage this fight. McGee successfully executes a takedown. Neer gets back to his feet at the midway mark in the third round. McGee won't allow Neer to get space and is trying for another takedown. McGee gets the takedown and is on top doing more damage. McGee takes Neer's back and he is going to take this bout barring a miracle. The horn sounds and McGee's welterweight debut is a success.

McGee wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.


Round 1 - Faber swing with an overhand right, but misses. Menjivar scores a toss for a takedown, only to let Faber reverse position. Faber is in side control, but Menjivar moves him into his guard. Faber stands and goes for a hammerfist. Menjivar is taking a few shots on the bottom. Faber is delivering some ground and pound with elbows. Faber is raining elbows down on Menjivar. Faber stands and Menjivar connects with an up-kick. Menjivar catches Faber with another up-kick, but Faber drops down and begins elbowing again. Menjivar gets some space and stands, but Faber takes his back in the standup. Faber is hanging on Menjivar's back and locks in the rear-naked choke. Menjivar has no choice but to tap.

Faber wins by Submission (Standing Rear-Naked Choke)at 4:34 in the second round.


Round 1 - Henderson throws a leg kick that Machida avoids. Machida goes high with a kick and Henderson blocks. Henderson finally connects with an inside leg kick. Both fighters are feeling each other out in the first two minutes of the round. Machida lands a front kick to the body. Machida hits with another kick to the body. Henderson is stalking Machida, but neither fighter has been able to mount much offence yet. Machida counters Henderson with a right hand. Henderson finally connects with a punch and Henderson charges and grabs Machida, but the Dragon escapes Henderson's grasp. Henderson locks up with Machida and surprisingly Machida scores a takedown as the round ends. TSN.ca Scorecard: Machida (10-9).

Round 2 - Machida with a front kick to the face and Henderson powers forward, but is unable to get Machida. Henderson needs to be careful that he doesn't frustrate with his inability to close on Machida. Henderson shoots, but Machida catches him with a knee coming in. Henderson catches Machida with a knee and then charges forward, taking a punch but delivering one as well. Machida catches Henderson with a knee once again when he comes in. However, Henderson catches Machida with a left hand. Henderson is pursuing, but is still struggling to find his target. Henderson  explodes twice in the final minute, but doesn't do much damage. Henderson was more aggressive and did enough to edge him in the round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Henderson (10-9).

Round 3 - Winner take all third round. Machida connects with a solid kick to the body. Henderson closes the distance and takes Machida down. Henderson is on top in Machida's guard. Machida is holding Henderson tight. Henderson is working on Machida's rib cage with punches. Henderson doesn't take advantage of the opportunity and Machida gets back to his feet. Henderson checks a kick from Machida. It's been a fairly uneventufl third round and with a minute remaining both fighters are circling. Machida fires in and delivers a jumping front kick to the face, then a high kick. Henderson smiles at Machida. Henderson swings big a misses. The horn sounds and this fight could go either way. We give the last round to Henderson, but I wouldn't be surprised if the judges gave the first two rounds to Machida. TSN.ca Scorecard: Henderson (10-9).

Machida wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

(Women's Bantamweight Championship)

Round 1 - Rousey attacks right away and lands a few shots, forcing Carmouche against the fence. Rousey takes down Carmouche, but as they grapple Carmouche takes her back. Carmouche is hanging on Rousey's back and cranking her neck. Rousey looks to be a big trouble with Carmouche cranking her neck, but Rousey shakes her off the top and Rousey resets with Carmouche still on the ground. Rousey drops down and gets into side control. Rousey has Carmouche is a head lock and is connecting with punches directly to the head. Carmouche is in a bad position and taking punches directly to her face. Rousey is holding Carmouche down and delivering shots. Carmouche tries to triangle Rousey with a minute left. Rousey attempts her famous armbar. Carmouche defends well, but Rousey has her arm. Carmouche is holding her arms together tight with 20 seconds left. Rousey gets Carmouche's arm free and Carmouche can't do anything. Carmouche taps.

Rousey wins by Submission (Armbar) at 4:49 in the first round.

Ronda Rousey (Photo: The Canadian Press)


(Photo: The Canadian Press)
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