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UFC 156: Aldo vs. Edgar round-by-round results

TSN.ca Staff
2/3/2013 12:56:33 AM
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Jose Aldo was pushed to the limit, but held on to the UFC featherweight title in a five-round war with Frankie Edgar at UFC 156.

Relive all the action with TSN.ca's fight-by-fight breakdown.



Round 1 - Both fighters come out and try to establish leg kicks to find their range. Figueroa connects with a big overhand right and it lands. Rivera fights back with a flurry of his own punches, but he was definitely clipped. Figueroa lands a left hook that drops Rivera. Figueroa pounces and ends up in Rivera's guard. Rivera battles his way back to his feet fairly quickly. Rivera connects with a leg kick. These two are throwing wildly and Rivera gets a takedown. Rivera passes guard and moves into side control. Figueroa spins and gets back up. Rivera hits Figueroa with a head kick, but Figueroa stays up. Rivera gets another takedown with less than 30 seconds left. Figueroa's work early in the round gives him the edge. TSN.ca scorecard: Figueroa (10-9).

Round 2 - Rivera is using his leg kicks as the second round begins. Figueroa is throwing heavy punches. Figueroa catches a kick a flips Rivera down to his back. Figueroa is on top and has Rivera against the cage as Rivera locks in his guard. Rivera is trying to wall walk, but Figueroa is keeping him down. Figueroa attempts to pass guard and Rivera jumps back to his feet. Rivera lands a nice kick at the end of a combination. Figueroa seems to be tiring and he is trying to pick Figueroa apart. Figueroa gets hit and is wincing, but he escapes danger and resets. Rivera delivers a big right hand and starts attacking with a minute left. Rivera hurts Figueroa and he is on the offensive. Figueroa is trying to run, bit Rivera is all over him and the ref is forced to step in and call it.

Rivera wins by Technical Knockout (Strikes) at 4:20 in the second round.


Round 1 - Camus lands a big right hand that staggers Kimura right off the bat. Kimura composes himself, but Camus scores a takedown. Kimura holds Camus in his guard. Kimura locks Camus' shoulder and tries for an armbar twice. Kimura attempts a series of submissions from the bottom and in trying to escape, Kimura gets top control. The two scramble and Camus returns to Kimura's guard. This is an excellent battle on the ground. Kimura appears very dangerous even from the bottom as he constantly goes after Camus' arms for submissions. Camus lands a few punches and the round ends. Camus got the early punch and the takedown and did enough to take the opening frame. TSN.ca Scorecard: Camus (10-9).

Round 2 - Camus is striking more early in the second round. Camus is switching stances and keeping Kimura off balance. Camus rattles a leg kick off Kimura's lead leg. The fight has stayed in the Standup so far this round. Camus goes after a takedown, but Kimura fends it off. Camus pushes Kimura against the fence and lands a knee. Camus is leaning on Kimura and trying to wear him down. Camus lands another knee, but Kimura turns things around and gets away. Camus shoots and gets his second takedown of the fight. Kimura goes for a kimura and then an armbar. The armbar is locked in, but Camus flips and defends it well. Kimura gets the armbar in against, but the horn sounds before he can force the tapout. TSN.ca Scorecard: Camus (10-9).

Round 3 - Camus grabs a leg and goes for the takedown, but they end up standing against the fence. Camus is leaning on him again and gets double underhooks. Camus lets go and steps back into the standup. Camus lands punch and then shoots, but Kimura defends and ends up in a full mount on Camus. Kimura sinks in a rear-naked choke and that's the end of this one.

Kimura wins by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 1:50 in the third round.


Round 1 - Vallie-Flagg comes out aggresively, but doesn't land anything significant. Vallie-Flagg connects with a body shot and then a stiff jab up the middle. Vallie-Flagg hits with a right hand and Edwards responds with a head kick. Vallie-Flagg with a front kick to the body and then another. Vallie-Flagg connects with a right hand and then a knee in the clinch. As the two fighters break apart Edwards goes high with a kick. Vallie-Flagg is landing several shots and is muscling Edwards in the first round. Vallie-Flagg hits with a straight right that can be heard around the arena. Vallie-Flagg finds Edwards' chin with an uppercut. Edwards tags Vallie-Flagg with two back-to-back kicks, but Vallie-Flagg catches the second kick. While Vallie-Flagg has one of his legs, Edwards jumps with a knee. Edwards still looks comfortable in this round, but Vallie-Flagg gets the best of him in the first. TSN.ca Scorecard: Vallie-Flagg (10-9).

Round 2 - Vallie-Flagg gets Edwards up against the fence early and is trying to beat him up a little. Edwards breaks free and it's back to the standup. Vallie-Flagg throws a spinning back fist, but misses. Vallie-Flagg delivers a nice combo and Edwards is forced to pull away. Edwards connects with a jab that snaps Vallie-Flagg's head back. Vallie-Flagg responds with a right hand that gets a reaction from the small crowd currently in the building. Edwards gets a leg and works until he trips up Vallie-Flagg and scores a takedown. Edwards is on top in half guard. Edwards moves into side control. Edwards is working well and moves into full mount. Vallie-Flagg powers Edwards off, but Edwards moves quickly and takes his back. Vallie-Flagg is sitting on the canvass, with Edwards sitting behind him in control of his back. Edwards is methodical as he breaks down Vallie-Flagg's defence with less than a minute left. Edwards goes for a choke, but doesn't have it locked in. Edwards has a much better round, but runs out of time. TSN.ca Scorecard: Edwards (10-9).

Round 3 - Vallie-Flagg starts with a front kick, but Edwards answers with a leg kick. Vallie-Flagg comes in with a nice combination, but Edwards doesn't back down. Edwards is doing a good job of avoiding Vallie-Flagg's strikes early in this round. Edwards delivers a strong knee. Vallie-Flagg pushes Edwards to the fence and is trying to wear him down. Edwards connects with an uppercut, but Vallie-Flagg moves forward with two right hands. Vallie-Flagg hits with a knee and Edwards attempts a takedown, but is stopped. Edwards is getting fatigued and doesn't seem to have the same pop. Edwards also has some blood above his left eye. Vallie-Flagg is throwing huge punches as he pours it on. Vallie-Flagg is going to take this round and the fight despite a good late charge by Edwards in the final 10 seconds. TSN.ca Scorecard: Vallie-Flagg (10-9).

Vallie-Flagg wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.


Round 1 - Green is keeping a square stance, but goes high with a leg kick. These two fighters are feeling each other out in the first minute. Volkmann shoots, but is stuffed and the they scramble to the ground as Volkmann gets in top position. Volkmann is trying to transition into the mount, but Green pushes him off. Volkmann is still on top and is stacking Green on his back against the cage. Volkmann throws a few punches to soften Green up. Green powers Volkmann away with his legs, but Volkmann pounces back and takes Green's back. Volkmann tries for a choke, but Green fights him off. Green is attempting to protect his chin at all costs. With a minute left, Volkmann continues to go for the submission, however Green is staying alive in the round. The horn sounds and Volkmann takes the first round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Volkmann (10-9).

Round 2 - Green comes out of his corner with a little blood under his nose. Green lands a kick, but Volkmann shoots quickly. Green defends two takedowns and the pair battle against the fence. Volkmann shoots again, but falls to his back. Green attacks and is in top position. Green hits with a nice left elbow to the face. Green is working the body and doing some good ground and pound. Green is trying to pass as he reaches half guard. Green is dropping elbows and body shots that are landing on Volkmann. Green is going to town with elbows to the face. Green's left elbow is making an impression on Volkmann. The ref stands the fight up out of nowhere. The crowd reacts as the standup seems crazy as Green was working away on Volkmann. Green did some damage in this round so far, but Volkmann shoots and gets his back after a scramble. Volkmann trips Green and gets him down, while staying on his back. Volkmann has swelling on his face from the earlier ground and pound, but now he is back to trying submissions from Green's back like he did in the end of the first round. The horn sounds and this round goes to Green, even with the bizarre standup by the ref. TSN.ca Scorecard: Green (10-9).

Round 3 - Volkmann clips Green with a right hand. Volkmann shoots, but is stopped and Green responds with the nice knee. Volkmann catches Green with a low kick and Green takes a moment to compose himself. Green with a strong kick to the body and another takedown defence. Green gets a takedown and is on top grappling for position. Volkmann is pushing off the cage, but Green moves into him and ends up in half guard. Volkmann tries to get up and Green pulls away back into the standup. Volkmann tries for a takedown, but Green defends with a sprawl. Volkmann gets a takedown, but Green reverses it. They scramble and Volkmann once again gets Green's back. With two minutes left in the round, Green spins around and is now in a full mount and pounding on Volkmann. Volkmann pulls Green in, but he is taking a beating in this third round. Volkmann is very bloody and Green is locks in a choke. Volkmann is forced to tap in the final minute.

Green wins by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 4:25 in the third round.


Round 1 - Woodley comes across the Octagon and lands a massive right hand that drops Hieron. woodley attacks immediately and doesn't relent with his punches until the ref calls it a few moments later. Looks like we have the Knockout of the Night already. Very impressive display by Woodley.

Woodley wins by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 0:36 in the first round.


Round 1 - Dunham lands the first punch, a right hand to the chin. Tibau is stalking Dunham and he is rewarded by catching him with a nice punch. Dunham connects with a nice combo and the two fighters go wild on each other trading shots. Tibau scores a takedown and quickly locks in a guillotine and drops to the ground with it. Dunham escapes, but Tibau is still on top of him, as Dunham gets up to his knees. Dunham battles back to his feet and gets Tibau against the cage. It's a fight for position in the clinch, but eventually they back away. Dunham catches Tibau with a punch and follows it up by throwing a front kick. They fight in the clinch again up until the round comes to an end. Close round, but we give it to Dunham. TSN.ca Scoreboard: Dunham (10-9).

Round 2 - It'll be interesting to see if Tibau can keep up the pace in the second round. Dunham delivers a good hook and Tibau counters with a few power punches that miss the mark. Dunham connects with a jab and then a left hand. Tibau is much slower in this round, or so it appears at this point. Tibau lands a strong left hand. Dunham  decides to shoot and doesn't get the takedown, but pins him against the cage. As they break, Dunham lands a left hand. The two fighters exchange shots a couple of time with no one getting the best of the other. Dunham catches Tibau with a left hand counter and seems to be the more settled in this fight. Another round to Dunham. TSN.ca Scoreboard: Dunham (10-9).

Round 3 - Tibau is swinging for the fences early in this round. Dunham falls and goes for a guillotine, but Tibau ends up on top. Dunham scrambles and Tibau gets his own chance at a guillotine choke. They end up back on their feet and back in the standup. Tibau stuffs a takedown attempt and lands a punch, but Dunham answers with a shot of his own. Dunham is getting the better of the exchanges now and Tibau is still swinging for a knockout punch. Tibau tries for a takedown and Dunham defends it well. Dunham lands a good combination and Tibau is slowing down with two minutes left in the final round. Dunham is working away and landing many more strikes here. Dunham follows up a knee with a stiff jab. Tibau is wobbling, but still moving forward. Dunham just has to be smart in this final minute and he's heading towards a win. Dunham is powering to the finish line with big strikes. Tibau is unable to mount any serious offence as the fight comes to a close. TSN.ca Scoreboard: Dunham (10-9).

Dunham wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.



Round 1 - McCall attempts an early takedown, but Benavidez defends well. Benavidez has started with leg kicks and McCall responds with a kick to the body. Benavidez counters and really lands with a left hand. McCall stumbles back, but as they engage once more McCall appears to have taken a low knee. McCall shakes it off and we're back in action. Benavidez lands another big punch, this time a right hand. Benavidez connects with another punch and McCall is taking some serious damage in this first round. McCall finds his target with a kick, but Benavidez is looking like the better fighter so far as he hits with a right hand. Benavidez with over 40 significant strikes landed in the first round. Benavidez eats a right hand and has a little blood coming off his head. McCall is coming on late, but this round goes to Benavidez. TSN.ca Scorecard: Benavidez (10-9).

Round 2 - The replay shows that it was an accidental head butt that caused the cut on Benavidez in the first round. Benavidez lands a strong shot to the body. McCall is more active with his kicks this round, both high and low. McCall is smiling as Benavidez charges and lands a combination. McCall tries for a takedown, but Benavidez  gets him up against the fence in the clinch. Benavidez counters a kick with a quick punch that lands. Benavidez  overhand right has been a good weapon this fight. Benavidez slips and McCall gets on top right away. McCall mounts Benavidez and as they scramble, McCall takes his back. McCall is doing damage, but Benavidez gets back to his feet. McCall stays on hime and connects with a solid knee as he still holds Benavidez against the cage. TSN.ca Scorecard: McCall (10-9).

Round 3 - Benavidez lands a big right hand and McCalls bounces off the fence, but recovers. Benavidez hits with a tough left elbow inside. Benavidez catches a kick and McCall falls. Benavidez is landing with his strikes in this potentially deciding round. Benavidez with a good kick to the body and then a straight shot. McCall answers with a takedown, but a quick scrambles results with both fighters on their feet. Benavidez hits with a kick and then a combination against the fence with just over a minute left. McCall gets a right inside to the body of Benavidez. Benavidez responds with a combo as both fighters make a case for themselves as the victor. Benavidez stufs a takedown. Very close fight, but we give the edge to Benavidez. TSN.ca Scorecard: Benavidez (10-9).

Benavidez wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.


Round 1 - Maia goes for a takedown right away. With a little extra work, Maia gets Fitch down. Maia moves around takes Fitch's back. Maia is on Fitch's back like a backpack and is throwing punches as he hangs on him. Maia is still on Fitch's back and is working away trying to get a submission. Fitch is defending well as he leans on the cage with Maia on his back. Maia finally steps back on the canvass, only to kick out Fitch's legs and take him down briefly. Fitch moves back to his feet, but Maia is kneeing him repetitively. Fitch is just trying to survive this round, but he is remaining calm. Maia still has Fitch's back and has had it almost the entire fight so far. Maia is delivering shots to the body to wear down Fitch. TSN.ca Scorecard: Maia (10-9).

Round 2 - Fitch comes out with a pair of kicks. Fitch still has some bounce to his step, despite the first round result. Maia shoots, gets the single and gets Fitch down. Fitch prevents Maia from passing and gets back to his feet. They tie up again and Maia scores his fourth takedown of the fight. Maia has Fitch's back at the fence as they sit down next to the cage. Fitch is back in full defence mode. Maia gets a rear-naked choke, but Fitch slips out. Maia has a body triangle and is controlling Fitch on the canvass. Fitch continues to prevent the submission, but he is in trouble once again. Maia is using punches to open Fitch up, but there is only 30 seconds left in the round now. The horn sounds and it's another round for Maia. TSN.ca Scorecard: Maia (10-9).

Round 3 - Fitch attempts a kick and Maia gets his hands on Fitch and pulls him in. Maia gets into the clinch against the cage and is working again on Fitch. Maia spreads Fitch's legs and drags him to the ground. Maia has Fitch's back again and this could be a long round for Fitch. Fitch manages to get back to his feet and Maia quickly shoots again. Fitch locks a guillotine and forces Maia to the ground with Fitch on top for the first time. Fitch is working punches to the body and needs to do some damage here. Maia gets back up in short order and is back to dominating Fitch. Fitch is free with a minute and a half left, but Maia shoots before he can do anything and the result is Maia taking him down once again. Fitch shows some frustration and the fight comes to an end. TSN.ca Scorecard: Maia (10-9).

Maia wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.


Round 1 - Overeem jumps forward with a stiff jab. They lock up and Overeem has Silva against the cage. Overeem throws a knee, but Silva spins and moves away. Overeem moves in with punches that don't land, but he pins Silva against the fence. Big right hand over the top by Overeem and a nice right hand to the body. Overeem is using knees against the fence. Silva moves away agai. Silva clinches and pushes Overeem towards the cage, but Overeem reverses position and is leaning on Silva at the fence. Overeem is looking very confident so far with his hands held low. Overeem cracks a leg kick across Silva's leg. Silva responds with a leg kick of his own. They lock up in the clinch and are back against the cage, where Overeem fires with his knees again. Overeem counters a Silva punch with an uppercut and it's his round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Overeem (10-9).

Round 2 - After an exchange, Overeem rocks Silva with a right hand. Overeem scores a takedown and is into top control. Overeem is in Silva's guard and is starting with his ground and pound. Silva uses his legs to push Overeem away, but Overeem drops down and attacks again. Overeem has Silva pushed up against the cage and is unable to get away. Silva takes a series of punches and gets foiled as he tries to escape. It's all Overeem in this middle round. The ref stands them up wih 20 seconds left and Silva lands a nice uppercut and a knee and is dong well in the end of the round, but it's Overeem's round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Overeem (10-9).

Round 3 - Silva is coming out strong and is landing punches. Overeem looks like he's in trouble. Silva is on the attack and is throwing a flurry of punches. Overeem is staggered against the fence. Silva continues to throw punches and the ref has to call this one. What an unbelievable comeback in the third round. Silva even runs back at Overeem to say something once it was all over.

Silva wins by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 0:25 in the third round.


Round 1 - Very little happening in the first minute of the fight. Evans has thrown three right kicks to the body and head, but nothing too important. Nogueira lands a straight left that pushes Evans back. With two minutes left in the fight, this has been one of the slowest first rounds of the night. Both fighters seem hesitant to go on the attack and risk anything. Nogueira is content with straight punches so far. Evans throws a combination with a right hand that finds the mark. Evans shoots and gets a takedown in the final minute. Nogueira gets up with ease, but that takedown counts for something in such an uneventful round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Evans (10-9).

Round 2 - Nogueira is back to boxing in the second round. Evans has been able to avoid most of Nogueira's punches during this fight. Evans is the much faster fighter. Each fighter seems to be taking his turn throwing a series of punches, but nothing has been really landing in this round. Little Nog throws a decent left hand, but this has been a very boring fight with two minutes left in the second. It's surprising that the fans aren't letting these two hear it yet. Evans throws a combination and Nogueira responds with a kick. Evans goes for a takedown and Nogueira stuffs it. Nogueira has landed more significant strikes in this fight, but the two fighters have traded even punches. It's a very close bout and neither fighter has taken hold, so we're giving this round to Little Nog for his better boxing. TSN.ca Scorecard: Nogueira (10-9).

Round 3 - Evans throws a punch to the body to start the final round. Evans attacks with a right hand, but the two fighters reset and go back to their standup, which looks more like a dance than a fight. Nogueira lands a jab, which isn't always noteworthy, but in this fight is. Little Nog gets poked in the eye, so it takes a second  for him to get back to action. There are two and half minutes left and neither fighter has made a good case for himself. Evans tries for a takedown and doesn't even come close. Nogueira lands a good left hand on the inside as the two exchange shots. Evans shoots, but fails again. In the final minute Little Nog connects on a knee to the body. It's shocking that two great fighters were unable to put on more of a fight than they did. It's a very close fight and it will be difficult for the judges to pick a winner. TSN.ca Scorecard: Nogueira (10-9).

Nogueira wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

(Featherweight Championship)

Round 1 - Edgar comes out with a leg kick, beating Aldo to it. Aldo responds with a kick of his own. Edgar lands an inside leg kick as they circle each other. Aldo catches Edgar with a right hand uppercut. Aldo follows it up with a solid jab. Aldo catches Edgar with a left hook as well. Aldo need no time to find his range and he is teeing off early on Edgar. Edgar throws a spinning kick, but Aldo easily avoids it. The crowd is chating Edgar's name as blood leaks from his nose. Aldo cracks a big leg kick to Edgar's front leg. Edgar is standing his ground as he eats another leg kick. Aldo goes high, but Edgar checks the head kick. Definite first round for the champ, but Edgar is still in this one. TSN.ca Scorecard: Aldo (10-9).

Round 2 - Edgar's leg is welting up already as this round begins. Edgar is on the offensive here as these two fast fighters trade shots. Aldo is timing his jab well, but Edgar gets an inside leg kick. Another good exchange and Aldo smiles. Edgar attempts the takedown, but is stuffed. Aldo snaps a huge kick to Edgar's lead leg that staggers Edgar as he almost falls over. Aldo hits him with another powerful leg kick to his front leg. Edgar's leg is sriously swelling now. This is the same thing that happened to Urijah Faber when he faced Aldo. Edgar is still coming forward and trying to turn this into a brawl. Aldo throws a knee and Edgar gets him in the clinch. Aldo breaks away and throws another leg kick, but Edgar lands a good right hand that drops Aldo briefly. The champion quickly bounces up. Edgar is still pushing the pace and that could be his salvation here. Aldo with another stiff jab. Great round and one that was much closer, but the edge still goes to the champ. TSN.ca Scorecard: Aldo (10-9).

Round 3 - Aldo starts with a leg kick, but Edgar attacks and partially gets him down, before Aldo defends it. Edgar with a nice combination. Edgar's corner is saying that Aldo is slowing down and Edgar is well known for his endurance. Aldo hits Edgar with a front kick to the face and Edgar walks through it. Edgar is bleeding from the nose now, but he isn't stopping. Aldo's jab has been a great weapon for him in this fight. Edgar continues to come forward and eat jabs. Edgar throws his own leg kick and repeats the kick. Edgar delivers a combination and he isn't relenting in this title fight. Edgar puts together another combination. Edgar is making this a real brawl and these are two great fighters. Aldo shakes off a takedown in the final minute of the round. Edgar lands another punch. Edgar catches Aldo's kick and throws one of his own as the round comes to an end. TSN.ca Scorecard: Edgar (10-9).

Round 4 - Edgar is coming after Aldo right away. Edgar delivers a nice leg kick and then an inside leg kick. Aldo lands the spinning back kick. Edgar goes high with a kick that Aldo blocks. Edgar throws his own spinning back kick, that's not quite as effective as Aldo. Edgar goes after another takedown and Aldo has to fight hard, but stays on his feet. Edgar is still moving well and bringing the fight to Aldo. The champ is breathing with an open mouth, but he is still highly effective. Edgar chases Aldo and grabs him leading to a slam. Aldo jumps right back up, but Edgar has his back near the fence. Edgar is hitting Aldo with knees and Edgar eventually lets go. Edgar's face has a lot of damage, but he is still fighting hard. TSN.ca Scorecard: Edgar (10-9).

Round 5 - Aldo attempts a jumping knee and misses, but follows it up with a pair of jabs. Edgar with a nice right hand over the top. Edgar with a spinning back kick. Aldo clips Edgar with a left hand as Edgar comes in. Edgar tries for a takedown and is stopped. Edgar with a nice combination and he is putting everything he has into this fight. Edgar connects with a leg kick and then another. Edgar pins Aldo against the cage and scores a knee as they break apart. Edgar with a combo and is pressing the pace now with 90 seconds left. Edgar with an inside leg kick. Aldo counters with a right hand. Final minute of this fight and Edgar lands another combo. Aldo checks the clock as Edgar keeps throwing punches. The crowd chants Edgar's name as these two fighters exchange punches. Edgar tags Aldo and Aldo responds with a superman punch. We give this round to Edgar, but that third round is a tough one. I expect the judges to give this to the champ, due to the early damage and the swelling on Edgar's face. Once again Edgar leaves it in the hands of the judges. TSN.ca Scorecard: Edgar (10-9).

Aldo wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the fifth round.


Jose Aldo (Photo: Donald Miralle/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)


(Photo: Donald Miralle/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
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