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UFC 155: Dos Santos vs. Velasquez fight-by-fight breakdown

TSN.ca Staff
12/29/2012 5:30:52 PM
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The UFC closed out the calendar year in grand fashion as Cain Velasquez recaptured the UFC heavyweight title with a unanimous decision victory over Junior Dos Santos in the main event at UFC 155.

Relive all the action with TSN.ca's fight-by-fight breakdown.


Chris Cariaso vs. John Moraga

Round 1 - Slow start to our first bout of the night as both fighters feel each other out. Cariaso goes high twice with head kicks in the first minute, neither does any damage. Moraga lands a significant kick that staggers Cariaso, who slips to his knee. Moraga throws a wild kick that misses and Moraga follows it up by moving in for a takedown. Moraga then lets Cariaso back to his feet. Cariaso continues to throw high kicks, but hasn't been able to land yet. Moraga is doing a good job of countering Cariaso's strikes. Moraga pins Cariaso against the fence briefly, but Cariaso escapes. Cariaso is throwing his left kick, but Moraga pushes forward and has control of the Octagon at the moment. Cariaso chases Moraga across the cage with a nice combo, but it's Moraga who takes the round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Moraga (10-9).

Round 2 - Moraga is back to controlling the Octagon as the two fighters exchange strikes. Moraga gets Cariaso against the cage and is leaning on him as they battle for position. Moraga steps back and lands a big knee. Moraga continues to check Cariaso's kicks with his forearm. Moraga catches Cariaso's kick and throws one of his own. Cariaso lands a kick that glances across Moraga. The two lock up and Moraga throws Cariaso to the ground. Cariaso is on his back and Moraga is standing trying to attack. Cariaso looks for a few submissions, but Moraga steps away and lets him up. Cariaso pushes Moraga against the cage and scores a takedown in the final 20 seconds that likely wins him the round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Cariaso (10-9).

Round 3 - Cariaso looks sharper in this round, but Moraga gets his hands on him right away with a combination. The pace is picking up as both fighters sense that this round will decide the fight. Moraga gets a front head lock in as the two stand against the cage and Cariaso drops to his knee to try to escape, but cannot. Moraga gets the front choke submission win.

Moraga wins by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 1:11 in the third round.

Leonard Garcia vs. Max Holloway

Round 1 - Holloway is keeping Garcia at bay with front kicks early on. Holloway is using the reach of his legs to attack from a distance. Garcia catches Holloway with a right hand, but Holloway response with a big right hand that drops Garcia. Garcia gets back to his feet, but he felt that shot. Garcia having trouble closing the distance as Holloway moves back. Garcia finally lands a straight left. Garcia lands a big punch on Holloway that rattles him. Garcia is finding his range now with just over a minute left in the round. Holloway lands a nice spinning back kick that pushes Garcia back. Holloway lands a left hand and then another spinning back kick. Garcia goes on a flurry in the final 30 seconds. Tough round to call thanks to Garcia's late round charge, but we'll give it to Holloway for scoring the only knockdown of the round and looking more crisp with his striking. TSN.ca Scorecard: Holloway (10-9).

Round 2 - Garcia doubles up on his jab in the first minute of the second round, landing both shots. Holloway throws a big spinning kick going high with it, but missing. Garcia throws a nice left hook and Holloway counters with a kick. Garcia locks up with Holloway and gets him up off the canvass. Garcia slams Holloway down, but the two fighters are quickly back up to their feet against the cage. Holloway breaks free and eats a leg kick for his troubles. Holloway lands a stiff right hand and Garcia answers with a body shot. Garcia is attacking in a more technical style in this round and it has served him well. Garcia catches Holloway with a big left hand. Garcia now making noise with every strike he throws, a sign that he is digging deepin the final minute of the round. Holloway pushes forward with a knee and a few strikes as the round finishes. The takedown and the improved striking gives the round to Garcia. TSN.ca Scorecard: Garcia (10-9).

Round 3 - Garcia is continuing the noise making after each strike this round. Holloway is bleeding a bit from his ear. Both fighters are exchanging strikes and showing good heart in this round. Garcia is pushing forward and has Holloway backing off. Holloway stands his ground and the two fighters are going toe to toe. Holloway lands abig right hand, but Garcia is attacking. Garcia tries for the takedown and after some extra work he gets Holloway down. Garcia is on top and trying to work, but Holloway fights back to his feet. Garcia lands a knee right as Holloway stands up. Garcia has made this fight exactly what he wants it to be, a brawl. Both fighters are throwing and it's clear they are tired as they exchange shots. Holloway isn't backing down, but he tries for another kick and Garcia gets him down in the final seconds. Holloway tires for the submission, but Garcia picks him up and slams him. Garcia deserves the victory for a hard fought bout. TSN.ca Scorecard: Garcia (10-9).

Holloway wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Philip De Fries vs. Todd Duffee

Round 1 - Duffee lands a shot right away and goes on the offensive. Duffee is attacking and pins De Fries against the fence eating some shots. De Fries flips things around and gets a takedown on Duffee. De Fries lands some big shots of his own as Duffee fights to get back to his feet. De Fries is leaning on Duffee against the cage. Duffee turns the action and gets De Fries up against the fence. As soon as they break apart Duffee lands big power shots and rattles De Fries. Duffee connects with a big flurry of shots and that's all she wrote for this one.

Duffee wins by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 2:04 in the first round.

Myles Jury vs. Michael Johnson

Round 1 - Jury lands an nice outside leg kick and Johnson lands one of his own. Johnson moving well early, but nothing significant in the first minute. Jury fakes a strike and scores a takedown, ending up in Johnson's half guard. Jury is trying to get Johnson's back and hits Johnson with two quick punches as he works for a submission. Jury is throwing big punches from the top as Johnson is covering up. Jury lands several punches to the faces as Johnson fights to survive. Jury is showing some strong ground and pound as Johnson has been unable to escape. Jury gets the full mount as Johnson is taking a beating in this first round. Jury gets his arm under Johnson's chin, but the horn sounds to end the round. Jury with an impressive display in the first round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Jury (10-9).

Round 2 - Jury with a massive advantage in strikes after the first round. The crowd begins booing again after a quiet first round. Jury lands a head kick that catches Johnson off guard. Johnson tags Jury after Jury tries to fake for the takedown again. Jury catches a kick and gets another takedown on Johnson. Jury is back on top with two minutes left in the round. Jury is controlling Johnson, but hasn't been as dominant on the ground in this round. Jury is landing elbows and working the body with punches. It's not the most exciting fight, but it's clearly in Jury's favour. TSN.ca Scorecard: Jury (10-9).

Round 3 - Johnson is on the attack early in the round, but hasn't landed any real strikes early in the round. Jury trips Johnson and scores another takedown. Jury is back on top and Johnson is in real trouble if he hopes to win this fight. Jury moves into full side control. Jury has Johnson against the cage as well, with no where to go. Jury is working punches into Johnson's side as Johnson has less than half a round to do something. Jury almost has Johnson's back and is peppering him with punches. Jury continuing to dominate on the ground. Johnson has no answer for Jury, who is just punishing him on the canvass. As time ticks away, Johnson gets back to his feet, but this fight is over. TSN.ca Scorecard: Jury (10-9).

Jury wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner

Round 1 - Varner is bouncing around early, while Guillard is trying to find his range with his kicks. Varner catches Guillard with an inside leg kick. Guillard looks very technical in this opening round as he is staying within himself and throwing very few strikes. Guillard lands another strong leg kick, which could eventually take their toll later in the fight. Varner's left leg is red and showing some swelling. Varner throws a good combination that pushes Guillard back. Guillard defends a takedown attempt with a minute left in the round. Varner lands a right hand and a left hand to the body. Guillard is rocked and Varner is attacking in the final seconds of the round. Varner goes for a guillotine choke, but the horn sounds. Varner steals the round in the final seconds. TSN.ca Scorecard: Varner (10-9).

Round 2 - Keep an eye on Varner's lead leg to see if the leg kicks he absorbed in the first round start to slow him down. Guillard cracks another leg kick on Varner. Varner responds by shooting and taking Guillard to the ground. Varner gets Guillard 's back, but Varner slips over the top. Guillard tries to attack, but Varner escapes and we are back to the standup. Guillard isn't forgetting about the leg kick. Guillard lands a solid high kick. Guillard is working the jab and mixing it in with viscious leg kicks. Varners hits Guillard with a good combination and Guillard answers with an uppercut. Varner scores another takedown with just over two minutes left in the round. Guillard gets back up and eats a punch from Varner. Guillard's striking is polished as he relaxes. Varner delivers a big right hand and Guillard bounces off the cage as he composes himself. The two fighters throw kicks at the same time and Guillard goes down from a low blow. In a short time Guillard is ready to fight again. Guillard's striking was solid and enough to overcome the takedown. TSN.ca Scorecard: Guillard (10-9).

Round 3 - Guillard attacks with a flying kick. Guillard is coming on strong early in the third round. Varner fires forward and gets another takedown. Varner is working Guillard against the cage, tries for a submission and slips, giving Guillard top position. Guillard is on top, but Varner gets right up to his feet. Varner took a knee to the body as he got up. Varner shoots forward and gets Guillard back to the ground. Guillard is scrambling trying to get back to his feet and he is successful. With two minutes left we are back in the standup, but Varner quickly gets Guillard back to the ground with another takedown. Guillard tries for an armbar, but Varners escapes. Guillard flips and gets on top. Then Varner reverses and gets back into Guillard's guard. Guillard gets up with With 30 seconds left and needs to go wild here. Guillard attacks and ends up on top of Varner, who drops to the ground, slamming Guillard down. The pair scramble as the horn sounds. Varner looks like the victor in this one. TSN.ca Scorecard: Varner (10-9).

Varner wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Byron Bloodworth vs. Erik Perez

Round 1 - Both fighters come out swinging and exchange strikes. Perez gets Bloodworth against the cage and they trade knees. Perez is working away with punches to Bloodworth's body. Perez lands a big knee to the body that drops Bloodworth to the canvass. Perez is in Bloodworth's guard and is dropping big punches down on his opponent. Bloodworth is taking a lot of shots as he fights to survive the round. Perez is doing serious damage with elbows right down on Bloodworth. Perez picks up the pace and cuts Bloodworth. Perez sees the finish line and powers forward with a barrage of strikes as the referee steps in to end the bout.

Perez wins by Technical Knockout (Strikes) at 3:50 in the first round.

Brad Pickett vs. Eddie Wineland

Round 1 - A pair of fast fighters in this one as both men rush to the centre of the Octagon. Wineland lands a big right hand and Pickett misses on his attempt to respond. Wineland lands another right hand and gets out fast. Pickett catches Wineland with a pair of shots. Wineland answers with two huge punches snapping Pickett's head back. Pickett stumbles but regroups and the fight goes on. Wineland lands two more big shots that drop Pickett to his knee. Pickett keeps coming, but Wineland is getting the best of these exchanges. Pickett attempts a takedown and Wineland fends it off. Pickett is bleeding from his nose and Wineland continues to win in the striking game. Pickett pushes ahead, but Wineland lands another solid shot, putting an period on the first round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Wineland (10-9).

Round 2 - Pickett lands a nice left hook to start the second round. Wineland snaps Pickett's head back with a quick punch and Pickett counters. Pickett is adding in some leg kicks as he settles down into this round. The fans aren't impressed by this round and they let the fighters know. Wineland is moving well and frustrating Pickett, who can't seem to get inside on Wineland. Pickett lands a good left, but Wineland answers. Wineland is bleeding from a cut under his right eye. Pickett lands two rights and Wineland counters with a straight shot of his own. Close round with a lot less action, but Wineland gets the nod. TSN.ca Scorecard: Wineland (10-9). 

Round 3 - Wineland keeps moving well and staying out of danger so far. Pickett is following Wineland, but still struggling to land any significant strikes. Pickett clips Wineland with a right hand, one of his better strikes in the fight. Wineland appears to be too quick for Pickett as he is able to avoid his strikes. Wineland is using his jab to keep Pickett back as well. Wineland moves away and catches Pickett with a right hand. Pickett is coming forward, but still searching for a big fight-altering punch. With a minute and a half left, Wineland continues to circle away from his opponent. Pickett is swinging for the fences with under a minute left. Wineland is holding Pickett of with strikes of his own and time runs out. TSN.ca Scorecard: Wineland (10-9).

Wineland wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.


Derek Brunson vs. Chris Leben

Round 1 - Brunson goes high with a kick to start off and Brunson follows it up with a left hand. Leben gets in close and Brunson locks him up and scores a takedown. Brunson is on top and moves into half guard, then back to full guard. Leben scrambles, but ends up with Brunson back in his half guard. Brunson staying on top, but not doing all that much damage. Brunson  stands briefly and Leben tries to get up, but Brunson pounces and ends up in the full mount. Leben tries to get away, but Brunson drops a big elbow down on his face. Leben holds Brunson in side guard and spends a while trying to get back to his feet, eventually making it up. Brunson lands some serious shots during Leben's battle to get back up. TSN.ca Scorecard: Brunson  (10-9).

Round 2 - Leben catches a kick and lands a punch. Brunson locks Leben up again and appears to be the stronger fighter. Leben prevents the takedown at first, but Brunson shoots and gets Leben down. Brunson looks tired, but is back in top position on the ground. Leben is punching from the ground and slowly works his way to the cage to try to get up. Leben gets to his feet and fights off a guillotine attempt. Brunson looks extremely tired and Leben is moving in. Brunson looks at the clock with two and half minutes left in the round. Brunson lands a left hand, but the ground is chanting for the bright-red haired Leben. Brunson is looking sloppy and Leben is chasing him around the Octagon. Brunson tries for a takedown and Leben stops it. Brunson drops to a knee as the horn sounds out of fatigue. Even with the takedown, Leben forced the action and gets the round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Leben (10-9).

Round 3 - Brunson tries for a takedown, but can't finish it off. Brunson tries again and gets Leben to the ground this time. Leben is holding him in full guard, but Leben needs to get back up to win this fight. Leben uses the cage to get up and Brunson hits him with a knee as he does. Brunson is trying to move away from Leben, but is still throwing and attempting takedowns. Leben is pursuing and throwing punches, but isn't landing much. Brunson is holding Leben back with strikes and doing just enough to ease himself towards a decision. The crowd doesn't like the effort and the booing begins. Leben tags Brunson with a left hand and then another, but Brunson locks up the victory with a takedown.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Brunson  (10-9).

Brunson wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Alan Belcher vs. Yushin Okami

Round 1 - Belcher goes high with a kick that Okami checks. Belcher throws another high kick that glances Okami. Belcher throws a third high kick, but Okami catches him with a punch and knocks him off balance. Belcher jumps back up and Okami puts him into the fence as the two battle for position. Okami tries to trip Belcher, but falls and Belcher lands on top. Belcher attempts a guillotine, but Okami slips away. Okami assumes top position in Belcher's guard. Belcher is attacking from his back, while Okami is throwing strikes as well. Okami is putting pressure on his shoulders and neck and Belcher is struggling to breathe. Okami is in side control, with Belcher trapped against the fence. Belcher gets up to a knee and the horn sounds. Okami gets the first round with some good work on the ground. TSN.ca Scorecard: Okami (10-9).

Round 2 - Belcher goes for a kick again to start the round, but isn't close. Okami pushes Belcher into the fence and locks him up. Okami goes for a takedown, but when they fall Belcher is on top. They scramble and Belcher attempts a guillotine that Okami breaks free from. Okami is now in top position and roughing up Belcher on the canvass again. Belcher is trying to fight to get away, but Okami is in a dominant position and holding Belcher in place. Okami is in side control, but the referee decides to stand them up. Belcher connects with a big right hand and then tries another head kick. Okami pushes forward and presses Belcher against the fence. Okami drags Belcher to the ground and is once again on top of him in half guard. Belcher is having trouble getting air with Okami pinning him down. The referee stands the fight up again. The horn sounds and Okami has the round again. TSN.ca Scorecard: Okami (10-9).

Round 3 - Belcher needs a big round to steal this fight. Belcher catches Okami with a punch that staggers him, but Okami survives. Okami powers in and pushes Belcher against the cage. The fighters fall off a trip and Belcher ends up in the full mount. Okami spins and gives up his back, but has a hold of Belcher's arm. Okami stands with Belcher on his back and flips around, but Belcher gets a standing guillotine locked in on Okami. Okami escapes and is once again in Belcher's guard on the ground. Okami is trying to stay busy so the referee doesn't stand the fight up again. Okami moves into full mount and seems content to lay on Belcher. Okami is doing just enough to keep the referee away. With a minute left Belcher is struggling to escape. Okami takes Belcher's back with 20 seconds remaining. It was all Okami in this one. TSN.ca Scorecard: Okami (10-9).

Okami wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Tim Boetsch vs. Constantinos Philippou

Round 1 - Boetsch closes the distance and pins Philippou agaisnt the fence right away. Boetsch delivers a strong knee to the body and then scores a takedown. Philippou is back up to his feet, using the fence to help him. Philippou lands a knee to the body and it helps him escape the clinch. Boetsch connects with an inside leg kick. Boetsch is forcing Philippou to stay on the outside of the Octagon. Philippou connects with an uppercut, but Boetsch withstands it and gets a takedown. Boetsch is in Philippou's guard and lands an elbow. The referee stands the two fighters up with 30 seconds left. Philippou lands a series of strikes, but Boetsch stands his ground and pushes the action forward. Boetsch lands a front kick that drops Philippou in the final seconds, but the horn sounds. TSN.ca Scorecard: Boetsch (10-9).

Round 2 - Philippou misses on a spinning kick and Boetsch pins Philippou against the cage again and goes to work. Boetsch lands big knee as the pair break apart near the cage. Boetsch is bleeding from an accidental headbutt. Boetsch tries for a takedown, but is stopped. Boetsch appears to have a broken right hand, but is trying to fight through it. Boetsch  is dealing with blood in his eyes from the cut on his head and a possibly injured right hand. Boetsch gets poked in the eye and the referee briefly stops the bout. Boetsch is good to go and the fight continues. Boetsch uses the front kick to slow down Philippou. Boetsch tries for a pair of takedowns and is stopped. Boetsch pulls guard and lets Philippou move into half guard. Boetsch is struggling in this round. Philippou is beginning to take the momentum in this fight. Boetsch is bleeding and Philippou attacks right until the round ends. TSN.ca Scorecard: Philippou (10-9).

Round 3 - Boetsch shoots and is stuffed and Philippou takes advantage. Boetsch is bleeding badly from multiple cuts. Blood is pouring out of Boetsch. Philippou is in full control and even lets Boetsch stand back up. Boetsch is unable to defend himself as he can barely see through the blood. Philippou attacks and starts dropping hammer fists and the referee has no choice but to call the fight.

Philippou wins by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 2:11 in the third round.

Joe Lauzon vs. Jim Miller

Round 1 - Miller lands a combination right out of the gate. Miller connects with an inside leg kick, followed bya series of punches. Miller has Lauzon trapped against the cage and is unleashing blows on him. Miller looks like the far superior striker and is punishing Lauzon early. Miller is coming out ahead on every exchange. Lauzon is bleeding and Miller is on the attack. Lauzon is gushing blood and the referee briefly stops the fight to let the doctor look at it. The fight continues and Miller is violently picking apart Lauzon. Lauzon responds with an uppercut, but looks like he has a red mask on with all the blood on his face. Lauzon lands a knee that pushes Miller back. Miller delivers a front kick and both fighters slip to the ground.  Lauzon is still coming forward, but Miller is on another assault. Lauzon doesn't back down, but he is bleeding very badly as the horn sounds. TSN.ca Scorecard: Miller (10-9).

Round 2 - Lauzon gets the crowd going as the second round starts. Miller is attacking full force and scores a takedown. Miller is using his ground and pound and Lauzon is bleeding all over both fighters. Miller moves into side control and enough can't be said about how much blood Lauzon is losing on the canvass. Lauzon somehow reverses the position and Lauzon moves on top. The referee stops the fight to take care of some stray tape on Lauzon's glove, but the fighters stay in the same position, with Lauzon on top. As the fight resumes, Lauzon picks Miller up and slams Miller to the ground. Lauzon has Miller against the fence and secures a leg lock. Miller manages to escape and the two fighters scramble until the horn sounds. You have to give Lauzon credit, but Miller edged him in that round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Miller (10-9).

Round 3 - Miller knocks Lauzon down early with a kick, but Lauzon jumps back up. Lauzon connects with a good combination and Miller looks like he might be tired. Lauzon lands a left to the body and Miller drops him again with an inside leg kick. The fighters are slipping on the blood on the canvass and Lauzon is bleeding heavily again. Both fighters are trading strikes and Lauzon lands a knee that backs Miller up. Lauzon follows it up with a solid left hand. Miller has a cut under his eye now. Miller is teeing off on Lauzon, who may be fatigued with all the blood lost. With a minute left both fighters are incredibly tired and the pace has slowed to a crawl. Lauzon tries for an ankle lock and Miller slips free, then Lauzon goes for a guillotine choke, but the horn sounds. Unbelievable heart shown by Lauzon, but Miller gets the win. TSN.ca Scorecard: Miller (10-9).

 Miller wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez
Heavyweight Championship

Round 1 - Velasquez comes out aggressive and chases Dos Santos around the Octagon. Velasquez picks up Dos Santos and slams him. Dos Santos gets up instantly and they move back to the standup. Velasquez charges and misses his second takedown attempt. Velasquez lands a left jab and Dos Santos catches him with a jab. Velasquez tries for another takedown and fails. Velasquez lands a leg kick and is attacking. Dos Santos connects with a hook to the body and Velasquez lands a right hand. The pace is frantic as Velasquez is on the offensive. Velasquez jabs and is chasing and charging at Dos Santos. Velasquez finds his range with the left and is landing. Velasquez is bleeding slightly from his hair line above his left eye. Velasquez pins Dos santos against the cage and is wearing down Dos Santos with punches. Dos Santos seems slowed and Velasquez lands a big punch that drops Dos Santos. Velasquez is all over him and is dropping punches down on Dos Santos with a minute left to go. Dos Santos is on a knee against the fence, but stands back up. Velasquez takes Dos Santos down and is still on the attack. Velasquez is in full control and Dos Santos is just lucky to survive the round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Velasquez (10-9).

Round 2 - Velasquez begins where he left off and Dos Santos is in trouble. Velasquez slams Dos Santos down to the canvass and Velasquez is on the attack again. Velasquez spins around and takes his back. Dos Santos stands back up, but Velasquez puts him right back down to the ground. Dos Santos hasn't been able to mount any offence and Velasquez is punishing him. Velasquez puts Dos Santos to the ground with ease and Dos Santos looks exhausted. Velasquez is riding Dos Santos is systematically breaking Dos Santos apart. Dos Santos stands and Velasquez connects with a knee. Velasquez takes Dos Santos back to the canvass. Velasquez locks in an armbar and Dos Santos escapes. Velasquez jumps back to his feet and continues the attack. Dos Santos' right eye is swollen and almost shut. Velasquez is teeing off on Dos Santos in the standup at the fence. TSN.ca Scorecard: Velasquez (10-9).

Round 3 - Dos Santos' face looks rough as the third round begins. Dos Santos has some more energy and lands a couple punches on Velasquez. Velasquez shoots and down goes Dos Santos to the ground. Velasquez is leaning on Dos Santos at the cage again and is relentless in his attack. Dos Santos throws a left hook, but Velasquez is on him right away and pushes him against the fence. Velasquez lands a right hand that hurts Dos Santos. Dos Santos responds with a stiff left hand and Velasquez answer with an elbow. Dos Santos is trying to fight back this round and isn't giving up. Velasquez continues to pressure Dos Santos and lands a series of punches directly to Dos Santos' chin. Dos Santos throws an elbow, but Velasquez counters with a combination. Dos Santos lands an uppercut, but it doesn't stop Velasquez, who takes another round. TSN.ca Scorecard: Velasquez (10-9).

Round 4 - Dos Santos comes out throwing in this round. Velasquez tries for a head kick, but misses. Velasquez eats a left hand and works Dos Santos into the fence. Dos Santos is mounting some offence this round, but Velasquez scores another takedown. Do Santos gets back to his feet quickly. Velasquez lands another combination against the fence. Dos Santos reverses the position and has Velasquez against the cage. Dos Santos tries for a takedown, but is stopped. Velasquez takes Dos Santos down and is working him again from the top position. Dos Santos fights his way back to his feet, but Velasquez is leaning on him. Velasquez lands a body shot, then an uppercut, and he is slowly chasing Dos Santos along the cage. Velasquez is landing short punches directly to Dos Santos' face. Dos Santos connects with a short elbow and then a right hand. Dos Santos turns Velasquez against the fence. Velasquez takes another round.  TSN.ca Scorecard: Velasquez (10-9).

Round 5 - Shocking that we are in the fifth round and Dos Santos certainly needs a stoppage to keep his title. Velasquez comes right across the Octagon and grabs Dos Santos, who defends the takedown. Dos Santos is moving better this round, but Velasquez keeps coming forward. Velasquez tries for a takedown and eats a few short uppercuts. Dos Santos lands a right hand and defends another Velasquez takedown attempt. Velasquez working from the clinch against the cage. Dos Santos breaks free, but not for long as Velasquez is on him again. The pace is much slower in this round, but Velasquez gets the trip and the takedown. Velasquez is on top and eventually ends up in half guard. Velasquez is using his ground and pound to score points. Dos Santos gets up, but is still against the cage. Velasquez is trying for another takedown. Dos Santos throws a strong punch, but Velasquez stays on him. Dos Santos right eye is almost completely swollen shut, but he doesn't stop throwing. Velasquez lands a head kick that knocks Dos Santos back into the fence. With 10 seconds left, Velasquez will not allow Dos Santos to escape and Velasquez will once again be crowned champion. TSN.ca Scorecard: Velasquez (10-9).

Velasquez wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the fifth round.

Cain Velasquez  (Photo: Donald Miralle/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)


(Photo: Donald Miralle/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
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