as of Wednesday, September 17, 2014 2:04 AM.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Paul Goldschmidt1B8/2/2014on 15-day DLFractured left hand
Bronson ArroyoP6/16/2014on 15-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season
David HernandezP3/27/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season
Matt ReynoldsP3/19/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from left elbow surgery
Patrick CorbinP3/19/2014on 60-day DLLeft elbow surgery - out for season

Atlanta Braves

Shae SimmonsP7/27/2014on 15-day DLStrained right shoulder
Gavin FloydP6/20/2014on 60-day DLFractured right elbow
Cory GearrinP3/26/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow sprain
Kris MedlenP3/21/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season
Jonny VentersP3/21/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from left elbow surgery
Brandon BeachyP3/21/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season

Baltimore Orioles

Manny Machado3B8/12/2014on 60-day DLRight knee surgery - out for season
Johan SantanaP6/2/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from left shoulder surgery
Matt WietersC5/11/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season

Boston Red Sox

Dustin Pedroia2B9/11/2014day-to-dayLeft wrist surgery - out for season
Shane VictorinoRF7/31/2014on 60-day DLLower back surgery - out for season

Chicago Cubs

Arismendy AlcantaraCF9/16/2014day-to-dayRight wrist soreness
Ryan SweeneyCF8/27/2014on 60-day DLStrained left hamstring
Justin RuggianoRF8/23/2014on 60-day DLLeft ankle surgery - out for season
Edwin JacksonP8/21/2014on 15-day DLStrained right lat
James McDonaldP3/30/2014on 60-day DLRight shoulder inflammation

Chicago White Sox

Felipe PaulinoP4/19/2014on 60-day DLRight rotator cuff inflammation
Nate JonesP4/4/2014on 60-day DLStrained left hip

Cincinnati Reds

Homer BaileyP8/8/2014on 60-day DLStrained right flexor tendon
Joey Votto1B7/6/2014on 60-day DLStrained left quadriceps
Sean MarshallP6/11/2014on 60-day DLLeft shoulder surgery - out for season
Trevor BellP4/8/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow inflammation

Cleveland Indians

Ryan RaburnLF9/13/2014day-to-dayHyperextended left knee
Nick Swisher1B8/10/2014on 15-day DLSurgery on both knees - out for season

Colorado Rockies

Nolan Arenado3B9/16/2014day-to-dayPneumonia
Justin Morneau1B9/12/2014day-to-dayLeft side intercostal soreness
Boone LoganP8/25/2014on 60-day DLLeft elbow inflammation
Carlos GonzalezLF8/9/2014on 60-day DLLeft knee patella tendinitis
Brett AndersonP8/6/2014on 60-day DLLower back surgery - out for season
Troy TulowitzkiSS7/20/2014on 60-day DLLeft hip surgery - out for season
Jhoulys ChacinP6/29/2014on 60-day DLRight shoulder inflammation
Tyler ChatwoodP4/30/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow tightness

Detroit Tigers

Nick Castellanos3B9/16/2014day-to-dayLeft foot soreness
Drew VerHagenP9/1/2014on 60-day DLStress reaction in spine
Anibal SanchezP8/12/2014on 15-day DLStrained pectoral muscle
Joel HanrahanP5/2/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from right elbow surgery
Luke PutkonenP4/19/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow inflammation
Jose IglesiasSS3/29/2014on 60-day DLBilateral tibial stress fractures
Andy DirksLF3/29/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from back surgery
Bruce RondonP3/29/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season

Miami Marlins

Giancarlo StantonRF9/11/2014day-to-dayLeft game - hit in face by pitch
Kevin GreggP7/14/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season
Rafael Furcal2B6/22/2014on 60-day DLLeft hamstring surgery - out for season
Jose FernandezP5/10/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season

Houston Astros

Josh ZeidP7/25/2014on 60-day DLBilateral sesamoiditis, left foot
George SpringerRF7/20/2014on 15-day DLStrained right quad
Jose CisneroP5/7/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season
Matt AlbersP4/22/2014on 60-day DLRight shoulder tendinitis
Jesse CrainP3/21/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from right biceps surgery

Kansas City Royals

Michael MariotP8/28/2014on 60-day DLStrained right hamstring
Luke HochevarP3/21/2014on 60-day DLLeft elbow surgery - out for season

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Albert Pujols1B9/15/2014day-to-dayLeft game - left hamstring
C.J. Cron1B9/11/2014day-to-daySore wrist
Garrett RichardsP8/21/2014on 60-day DLTorn left patellar tendon
Tyler SkaggsP8/1/2014on 60-day DLLeft elbow surgery - out for season
Sean BurnettP5/28/2014on 60-day DLTorn left UCL - out for season
Ryan BrasierP3/21/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow strain
Brian MoranP3/21/2014on 60-day DLLeft elbow surgery - out for season

Los Angeles Dodgers

Hanley RamirezSS9/16/2014day-to-dayStrained right elbow
Stephen FifeP9/16/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from right elbow surgery
Hyun-jin RyuP9/12/2014day-to-dayLeft game - Left shoulder irritation
Josh BeckettP8/4/2014on 60-day DLLeft hip impingement
Paul MaholmP8/2/2014on 60-day DLTorn right ACL - out for season
Chris WithrowP5/21/2014on 60-day DLTorn UCL, right elbow
Onelki GarciaP3/22/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from left elbow surgery
Chad BillingsleyP3/19/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from right elbow surgery

Milwaukee Brewers

Jeff BianchiSS7/13/2014on 60-day DLStrained right elbow
Tyler ThornburgP6/7/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow soreness - out for season
Jim HendersonP5/2/2014on 60-day DLRight shoulder inflammation

Minnesota Twins

Eduardo EscobarSS9/16/2014day-to-dayJammed right shoulder
Mike PelfreyP5/2/2014on 60-day DLLeft groin strain

New York Mets

Juan LagaresCF9/16/2014day-to-dayHyperextended right elbow
Daniel Murphy2B9/11/2014day-to-dayLeft game - left wrist
Bobby ParnellP4/1/2014on 60-day DLTorn MCL, right elbow
Matt HarveyP3/30/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from right elbow surgery

New York Yankees

Martin Prado3B9/16/2014on 60-day DLAppendectomy
Chase Headley3B9/11/2014day-to-dayJaw
Slade HeathcottRF9/2/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from right knee surgery
Masahiro TanakaP7/9/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow inflammation
CC SabathiaP5/11/2014on 60-day DLRight knee surgery - out for season
Ivan NovaP4/20/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season

Oakland Athletics

Geovany SotoC9/12/2014day-to-dayBack spasms
John JasoC8/24/2014on 15-day DLConcussion
Kyle Blanks1B6/23/2014on 60-day DLStrained left calf
A.J. GriffinP3/21/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season
Jarrod ParkerP3/20/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season

Philadelphia Phillies

Mario HollandsP9/6/2014on 60-day DLFlexor strain, left elbow
Cliff LeeP8/1/2014on 60-day DLLeft flexor pronator strain

Pittsburgh Pirates

Starling MarteLF9/11/2014day-to-dayLeft elbow contusion

San Diego Padres

Seth SmithLF9/16/2014day-to-dayHamstring soreness
Ryan Jackson2B9/2/2014on 60-day DLRight wrist strain
Yonder Alonso1B8/13/2014on 60-day DLStrained right forearm - out for season
Everth CabreraSS8/10/2014on 15-day DLStrained left hamstring
Carlos QuentinLF7/27/2014on 60-day DLLeft knee soreness
Josh JohnsonP3/21/2014on 60-day DLStrained flexor, right forearm
Casey KellyP3/21/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from right elbow surgery
Cory LuebkeP3/7/2014on 60-day DLLeft elbow surgery - out for season

San Francisco Giants

Hector SanchezC7/26/2014on 60-day DLConcussion
Marco Scutaro2B7/25/2014on 60-day DLStrained lower back
Ehire Adrianza2B7/25/2014on 60-day DLStrained right hamstring
Matt CainP7/11/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow surgery - out for season

Seattle Mariners

Roenis EliasP9/16/2014day-to-dayLeft game - left elbow
Willie BloomquistSS7/24/2014on 60-day DLRight knee surgery

St. Louis Cardinals

Shane RobinsonRF8/26/2014on 60-day DLLeft shoulder surgery - out for season
Jaime GarciaP6/21/2014on 60-day DLLeft shoulder surgery - out for season

Tampa Bay Rays

Jerry SandsLF6/23/2014on 60-day DLStrained left wrist
Matt MooreP4/8/2014on 60-day DLLeft elbow surgery - out for season

Texas Rangers

Jim AdduciLF8/29/2014on 15-day DLConcussion
Shin-Soo ChooLF8/24/2014on 60-day DLBone spur, left elbow
Yu DarvishP8/10/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow inflammation
Tanner ScheppersP6/11/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow inflammation
Mitch Moreland1B6/8/2014on 60-day DLOs Trigonum Syndrome, left ankle
Alexi OgandoP6/4/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow inflammation
Prince Fielder1B5/17/2014on 60-day DLNeck surgery - out for season
Matt HarrisonP5/14/2014on 60-day DLLower back inflammation
Martin PerezP5/11/2014on 60-day DLLeft elbow inflammation
Kevin Kouzmanoff3B4/23/2014on 60-day DLHerniated disc
Pedro FigueroaP4/23/2014on 60-day DLTorn UCL, left elbow
Engel BeltreCF3/26/2014on 60-day DLFractured right tibia
Jurickson Profar2B3/23/2014on 60-day DLTorn right shoulder muscle

Toronto Blue Jays

Melky CabreraLF9/6/2014on 15-day DLFractured right pinky finger
Chad JenkinsP9/5/2014on 15-day DLFractured right hand
Brett Lawrie3B8/6/2014on 60-day DLLeft oblique strain
Maicer Izturis2B4/14/2014on 60-day DLLeft knee surgery - out 4-6 months

Washington Nationals

Taylor JordanP8/5/2014on 60-day DLRight elbow soreness
Nate McLouthLF8/2/2014on 60-day DLRight shoulder surgery - out for season
Matt PurkeP7/25/2014on 60-day DLRecovery from left elbow surgery
Ryan Zimmerman3B7/23/2014on 15-day DLStrained right hamstring - out 6-8 weeks
Ross OhlendorfP3/21/2014on 60-day DLRight lumbar strain
Erik DavisP2/13/2014on 60-day DLSprained right elbow

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