Franchise Faceoff

If you had were starting an NHL franchise of your own, who is the one player you would select as your cornerstone?

Would it be a top-notch goal scorer or a two-way forward? Would you opt for pure skill or is leadership ability more important?

That's Hockey has selected 31 options for your consideration this summer. They are matched up in a head-to-head single elimination bracket style tournament and it's up to you to crown the champ.

On That's Hockey, we'll roll out the day's match-up and our two panellists will debate and make the case for the player they would select. You can then cast your vote on and the results will be revealed on the next episode of That's Hockey before the next match.

For an added element of surprise, as the TSN Quizmaster is watching and can veto your final vote - once in Round 1, once and Round 2 and a single Round 3 challenge which would trigger a re-vote.

Keep the debate going and join the conversation on #TSN on Twitter and follow the TSN Quizmaster at @TSNQuizmaster!

Jonathan Toews

Centre - Chicago Blackhawks

Sidney Crosby

Centre - Pittsburgh Penguins

The Latest Showdown

The final features two of the NHL's most decorated captains - Chicago's Jonathan Toews against Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby.

Toews has emerged into one of the most responsible and versatile forwards in the game, leading the Blackhawks to two Stanley Cups. At only 26, "Captain serious" already has a Selke Trophy and a Conn Smythe Trophy to go along with his pair of rings. Toews has finished top-10 in Hart Trophy voting in three of the past four seasons and has a pair of Olympic gold medals to top his resume off ... for now.

Crosby has arguably been the face of the NHL since a league-wide lottery for his services signaled the true end of the 2004-05 lockout. Since then he has earned countless awards including but not limited to: two Harts, two Art Ross, three Pearson/Lindsays, one Cup and two gold medals. The trophy case might be fuller had it not been for a concussion that wiped out sizeable chunks of two seasons. "The Kid" may now be in his late 20s, but has shown some of his most productive play over his last two seasons.

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