Your Call FAQ

What is Your Call?

Your Call lets users share feedback with other fans. You can vote on other messages, which gives each comment and each user various ratings.

How do I sign up?

Simple. Click the “Register” link at the top of the Home Page and follow the links. It’s fast and you’ll be a TSN member in no time!

How do I post to Your Call?

Click on the “post a comment” link in the Your Call section at the bottom of each story. Type your message into the window that opens up and hit the “post” button. Note that you will be prompted to login if you are not already logged in using your username and password. If you have not registered on, click on the “Register” link at the top of's Home Page.

I agree or disagree with a message or comment. How do I respond?

If you like a comment, click the “Thumbs Up” button. If you do not like a comment, click the “Thumbs Down” button. Thumbs up and thumbs down votes are calculated to give each post and user +/- rating. If you find a comment offensive, click the “!” icon to report abuse to the moderation team.

What are the Most Popular Stories?

Quite simply, it is a list of the stories which have had the highest number of comments associated to it in a 12-hour cycle.

What are the Latest Comments?

These are the comments most recently posted and accepted by the moderation team.

What are the Top Rated Comments?

This is a list of the comments that have achieved the highest +/- score in a given period of time.

What are the Most Contested Comments?

This is a list of comments that have scored highly based on a complex algorithm created by It is designed to show comments that have received a high number of overall votes, but also a +/- rating close to zero. In other words, comments that have lots of thumbs up, and lots of thumbs down.

What are the Most Active Users?

This is a list of users that have made the most comments in a given time frame.

How are the Highest Rated Users calculated?

This is a list of the users that have achieved the highest cumulative rating on their comments made in a given period of time. Other things are also taken into account, including the number of comments made, their length, and other things. From time to time, may tweak our formula to ensure the cream always rise to the top and the flamers get their just reward. It’s karma!

There was a link to Your Call on this story, but now it's gone - why?

The editors and producers at retain the right to close messages at any time.

Why did my message or comment did not show up?

Due to the sheer volume of messages and comments on Your Call, it can take time for the moderation team to process them all. It may have also been rejected for compliance reasons if there are slanderous or libelous elements in a username or comment. Email addresses, for example, are not permitted to be used as a username due to privacy concerns. Comments will also be rejected for things like using all caps (shouting), innappropriate language, posting URLs, etc. See the terms and conditions.

I forgot my password. How do I log back into the site?

You can reset your password by clicking the Reset my Password link. Follow the prompts then login and get back in the game at If you encounter any difficulties, please click Contact Support for further assistance.

Your Call Policies

Each message or comment submitted to Your Call will be reviewed by our moderation team. Each moderator can accept or reject any message or comment.

We will not post messages or comments that are slanderous, use profanity or inappropriate or offensive language, or contain copyrighted material. We will not post comments made through usernames that are slanderous, use profanity or inappropriate or offensive language or contain copyrighted material. Usernames that mimic email addresses, URLs or phone numbers are also not acceptable. Using all caps (shouting) or otherwise antogonizing other members of the community can also result in your comments being rejected.

We receive a large number of comments to Your Call. Occasionally topics will generate so much debate that it is impossible to post every message or comment.

We encourage all TSN members to share their opinions. While we encourage lively debate, we remind you to please keep your messages or comments related to the story and respect those of others by responding with proper sportsmanship. Unsportsmanlike messages will not be posted.


By using this site, you agree to the terms & conditions. Please also note that by uploading content to Your Call, you agree to let us use the content for promotion of Your Call, or other properties. Click here to view all Terms & Conditions.

We hope that we were able to answer your questions about Your Call. If you still have more questions simply send your enquiry to: Ask the team a question

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