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The 100 best answers to 'Why I love the CFL'

TSN.ca Staff
11/24/2012 2:22:11 PM
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As part of the Grey Cup festivities this week, TSN and TSN.ca asked you why you love the Canadian Football League.

And with a nod to the big game's centennial, here are the 100 best answers you gave on Twitter and TSN.ca's Your Call feature.

Enjoy Grey Cup weekend!

bcbest - The CFL is Canadian tradition, history, lore and Canadiana personified. Our brand of football is faster paced, higher scoring and more wide open. It has been a league that has given players in the past the chance to play pro sports and play at their desired positions as well as the little guy the chance to play where they may not have been welcome elsewhere to showcase their talents.

skangas2 - No wimpy fair catches

one school system - I love the variety of plays that are allowed with the wide field. 3 downs also creates more urgency and makes the CFL a pass-happy league. These guys obviously play more for a love of the game and their teammates than for a love of the paycheque like some other league whose name at the moment won't come to me. Love the Canadian quotient that guarantees a distinct Canadian element to every team. Love how many games are decided in the final two minutes, especially in the playoffs. Long live the CFL!

alsfan77 - Wow, it's hard to say - sure, there are all of the elements of the game that are unique. It's Canadian, it's our game. It's the rich history. It's always exciting, every game matters.

manh - CFL: Dramatic, Fast, Affordable, Action-packed. Large field, Three downs, Pre-snap motion, Twenty second play clock, Multiple scores possible in the final 3 minutes, Kick returns, Players are fit, agile, have multi-dimensional skills, and play to the whistle. Compared to the American game, Canadian football - snap to whistle- has about 50% more time spent in actual play (18 minutes to 12 minutes ). Gotta love this game!

mojorisin78 - Players you can relate to because most only make $20-30K more than me (and have off-season jobs). Running in Als players and visiting players/staff on St Catherine St and having a conversation with them like we've known each other for years. Exciting pass oriented offences. The Banjo Bowl. Taking the Als fan train to Hamilton/Toronto. Grey Cup week (come back to Montreal soon!). And the Grey Cup itself, tied with the Stanley Cup as the awesomest trophy in the world!

worha - Coming from Alberta, living in a home where half the house cheered for Calgary and the other half for Edmonton. Feeling like you could know the team as people, even the superstars. Meeting some of the Eskimos at my school setting up charity basketball games. The size of the field, the movement, the entire game just screams CANADA. Never enough CFL! Go Esks!

joehill - Three down football! As I tell my kids, 'Real football played by real men!'

dandylion - The last 3:00 minutes of almost every game!

2theninez - Big play league! pass oriented rules make for big plays, big hits, and exciting football!

boosh63 - 2 Fifty yard lines!

psmticat - It's all about the excitement. The bigger field allows for more throwing, the 3 downs almost forces the teams to throw, the movement allowed before the snap, the 20 second clock and because 'Maybe Next Year' is 'allways' a real possibility no matter which team you love or hate. I was hooked the day I snuck into Ivor Wynne stadium at 10-years old and the first thing I saw as I walked up to the stands (just behind the Ti-Cat bench) was Garney Henley running down the sidelines for a 100-yard TD as the fans roared. 

singitkate - Uniquely Canadian.

dadog - Yes, it's a great game and great entertainment, but the differentiating factor for me because the players and coaches care about the us Fans and appreciate us. After a road loss, outside the stadium, I bumped into Corey Chamblin after the game and he made an effort to say 'hi, hows it going'. Numerous other players I've ran into over the years make an effort to say hi, even members of the opposition.

no-cup-canucks - 3 down fast paced football. grey cup games are never blowouts like that other league that tunes in to thier big game just for the comercials. and IT'S OURS! I LOVE CANADA AND THE CFL!!!

heepsterforlife - The CFL is OUR game, unique, exciting, games decided in the last minute, last few seconds, I don't think I've missed a Grey Cup on TV since I started watching as a kid....its 120 plus years of our history, its part of our fabric as a nation, as a people, the Engraved On A Nation series is proving that.

shamrockgreen - The Rouge, kick-off returns, 3 downs, the wide field and the most exciting final two minutes in sports.

sunny jim - I love the CFL because my son and I feel that we don't just cheer for, but belong to the The Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

coyoteran - It's a multi-dimensional game. Special teams actually make a difference in our game. Small players can kill. Big players can crush. A 13 point lead with 61 seconds to play is not a guarantee. Every play is quick. Every play from scrimmage matters 25% more. The game is a full 60 minutes plus.

neilthesour - The CFL is home. The pace of the game, the fact that its never over until its over. The accessibility and humility of the players. The fans. Most fans are typical Canadians. Ecstatic when their team wins, happy when their team plays well, humble when their team loses.

ron117 - Larger field (wider and longer) makes for more excitement. Larger endzone allows for more scoring. 20 second stoppage in between plays requires fitter players. The last 5 minutes is any ones game, even if there is a 3 touchdown spread. Strictly a Canadian game in every sense. Identifies with the average Canadian as being Canadian.

ibleedgreen1111 - I love sitting in the stands at Taylor Field on Labour Day weekend. Bomber fans have rolled into town for the weekend. The electricity in the stand as the game starts in front of a sold out stadium. Win or lose, it's the best fans of the year. Everyone has fun.

92'stamps - The players give value for entertainment.

jrayaa - Our game is accessible, affordable. The players have fun in this league and it shows. Games turning tide in the last 90 seconds is agonizingly thrilling - love it :)

graygoose - I love that we have a Canadian league paying players based on the Canadian markets and Canadian attendance.

readyforfreddy - Ya know why. It's our game. I'ts our league. And nothing unites a country like having a league and teams to cheer for from coast to coast.

vancouver19 - I like the history and the style of the game. It's so Canadian.

hemivic - I think the CFL is great for Canada and should only be in Canada. I watched my first CFL game this past week and it was interesting. I wasn't use to three downs and A huge field compared to the NFL field. I'm used to the NFL and will always be a diehard Chicago Bears fan but I'm glad the CFL exists and is good for Canada and football in general.

mookie mookerton - It's just a fantastic brand of football created by Canadians for Canadians

jrpunk - The game is unique to Canada and is much more wide open. The 20 yard end zones make big throws within the red zone possible, the single and double points in place as the ball in the endzone, even on a kick off or missed field goal, is considered to be a live ball and the games can really go down to the final second.

ottawa on its way - It is Canadian! It belongs to us and no one makes a better fan than a Canadian fan!

sportsfan100 - A lot of the players make their CFL city their year around home and become part of the community they live in. The players give back to the fans by guest apperances, helping with minor football and lending their name for charity use, and not getting a dime for it!! In the CFL most of the players are playing for the love of the game not just the pay cheque as they have other jobs as well!

rider gal - CFL Players play for a lot less money and deliver a way better product! Excitement is never lacking!

dbutler385 - I've watched the CFL since the early '80s from south of the border and absolutely love everything about the game. Any trips to Canada have often included going to a CFL game.

pshields - Because the kids who play in the CFL went to my high school, they play for the love of the game, they know the game and respect it. The CFL employs Canadian kids in Cdn cities, because it is fast and exciting.

eatemraw - Plain and simple. Its Canadian, it involves Canadian Cities that I know about and care about. It has a long history. The game itself is exciting. The teams have Canadian talent.

catlover72 - It's Canadian, it's exciting and it has a great history. NO LEAD IS SAFE!

dizzydog45 - Because it's ours. Because the players are like adopted family.

elmo3 - I love the CFL because I am Canadian. Green is the colour and football is the game.

cflisthebest - The annual Grey Cup festival is indigenous to Canada and it has no equal in its appeal and loyalty. Our game is the most exciting brand of North American football. It is not just for the very rich but for families. There are no CFL strikes. The players are very friendly and a person can talk to them anywhere.

deanhi - I love the CFL because I love watching football. I love the CFL because it is obviously played by those who have a passion for the game, not just because of the money. I love the game because it gives opportunity to both Canadians to play a great game and those like Moon, Flutie, and other Americans to prove they too can play in the NFL. I love the CFL because the game is uniquely Canadian, and is so different than the great game which is played south of the border.

davoice - I love the CFL because of the homegrown talent, and for proving that a kid from Canada can make just as much of an impact as a kid from the USA. I love the CFL because it seems most every game is a nail-biter, and the Cup itself pure drama. I love the CFL because we don't sell out and put extra teams in markets which can't succeed just to make an extra buck. I love the CFL because it has survived, and thrived, where others have failed such as the USFL and the XFL. Finally, I love the CFL because it is ours, because we embrace it, and because nobody can take it away.

toismyhome - I'm a proud Torontonian and support the Toronto Arongauts proudly in the Canadian Football League - our league! The Argos have a great history, they represent the city well and they're approachable and great in the community. Not to mention exciting football.

greycup100yrsyoung - The fans, the rouge, the rules and anything and everything that happens in the final 3 minutes. Happy 100th Grey Cup everyone!

shawn3000 - The football brand is very exciting. Almost every game is a nailbiter. The 3 downs make for a game where every play shows urgency. Even though I am a Lions fan, I try to watch every game.

hockeyguy22 - I love the Cfl because everyone has to show up and work or they are gone, also, many players are still working for their shot at the NFL.

Trex - Nothing is guaranteed to the players, they could be gone next week, so they're always trying hard.

bigjoe - A big story during Grey Cup Week this year was a horse not being allowed into a fancy hotel. That's awesome.

calvillofan - Running in football is boring. The CFL is mostly passing and I love that. Can't beat the excitement of 80+ combined passes per game. Go Als!

Fish - Five words. Labour Day at Ivor Wynne!

bjorg - I love the East vs. West rivalry. Everybody in the West wants to desperately beat the East and vice-versa. Gotta love it!

bringbackhockey - The CFL is very neat and uniquely Canadian because there is big town sports in small town atmosphere. Everyone has their favourite team from coast to coast.

chippy - I love how some fairly big-name Americans come up and don't know much about our country. Then they play here for a while and fall in love with the CFL and never go back home. That's all thanks to the CFL - main reason I love it.

ghostman - The Roughriders put Saskatchewan on the map. Thanks CFL, that's why I love the league.

shortmarty - Two teams named the Roughriders! The CFL and Canadiana go hand in hand. It's the best league!

Gaston1974 - the players in the CFL seem like the most accessible stars in any professional sports league. The CFL does a great job of making the players active parts of the community, helping out and always being on hand for an autograph.

owensfan - the no yards rule leads to tons of excitement. In the NFL punts are almost always fair caught. In the CFL we have Chad Owens and Chris Williams and a bunch of other returners that always make the game exciting.

TOsportsfan - The league turns players like Pinball Clemens into national superstars, and for that I thank the CFL.

JulioJulio - Pinball, Gizmo, Blink Roberts. The CFL has the best nicknames, I love this league.

Kurt1234 - I love the bigger field. Bigger field means more room for playmakers to do what they do best. The CFL is exciting.

Zakattack - The 55-yard line!

scoreboardcharlie - I love how there are 20-yard end zones. That means there are more scoring plays and the more touchdowns the better.

Flamesfan77 - I like how single points are called 'rouges' How uniquely Canadian.

cowboysSB2012 - The games are affordable and almost always deliver a great family experience. Lots of fun.

Bigbadbrad - Canadian girls are hot, therefore CFL cheerleaders are hot.

Saskatchewansasquatch - Other than the Stanley Cup, the Grey Cup is the coolest trophy handed out in professional sport. Way better than the Lombardi Trophy. Go Canada!

CanadianSteve - You have to love the ratio rule! It gives good Canadian players something to strive for even if they're too small to play down south.

Paco1969 - There's just so much history in the CFL. I could spend the entire day swapping old CFL stories with my buddies.

Jet600 - Too many prima donnas in the NFL. In the CFL most of the players are hard-working and down to earth. They're more relatable and easier to cheer for.

HammerMan - I like seeing all the great American college players who were too small etc to make it in the NFL extend their careers north of the border.

Vladdo87 - Having a fourth down is like cheating. I love the CFL because every down counts that much more.

OttawaOs - I love the passion of Roughriders fans - how they travel the country following the team.

Justyn - My mom and dad met at a Grey Cup party. The league is literally the reason that I'm alive today.

Palzy - I love the games in the snow. I know there are some games in the snow in the NFL, but they're more snowy and just better north of the border!

Pigskin47 - Outside of the NHL, the CFL is the league with the most Canadians! Gotta love patriotism.

Woo55 - I love the Grey Cup celebrations. Riderville, TigerTown, all those great parties!

Peterlove - Oskee wee wee. Oskee waa waa. Holy mackinaw, Tigers eat em raw! CFL has the best chance.

McCallumfan19 - I love the kickers that do it all. Punt and kick. CFL is great!

Booradley58 - Only league where the college championship and league championship are on the same weekend. So much fun that weekend!

Durantgirl - Scrambling QBs. I love the quarterbacks in the CFL and how they can extend the play.

CrazySask100 - The fans wear watermelon helmets! That is so cool!

Roughrider18 - The receivers make so many great catches. I seriously think they're underrated. Fred Stamps, Geroy Simon, Chris Williams, the list goes on…

GabetheBabe - The stadiums in the CFL are mostly all awesome. They have an intimate feel and are great for watching football games.

PatEh - I really like Touchdown Atlantic. People on the east coast don't get too many professional league experiences and it's always a lot of fun when the CFL comes to town.

Ron - I like following former CFL players careers in the NFL. They're always my favourite NFLers because I know where they got their start and they hopefully bring a little bit of Canada with them down south.

Gus5000 - Parking on someone's lawn before going to the game in Hamilton. How can you not love that.

Ramseybuddy - I like the weekly Canadian player award. It's good the league recognizes Canadians. There's a lot of good ones.

Gordy56 - The camaraderie in the league seems so much higher than any other leagues. Great Canadianism!

Porderoy - It's a perfect way to end the week. Tough five days at the office all drain away watching CFL on a Friday night!

BoxJ - I love the super fans in the CFL and especially Hamilton's Box J boys!

Kelly123 - Watching a game at Mosaic Stadium is the best. Can someone say 12th man?

Armsteadfan - 12 players on the field means one more player to be a fan of!

Ritz87 - I love walking up the big hill to watch games at Molson Stadium in Montreal. Always one of my favourite memories.

Jobber82 - Eight teams means that everyone always has a chance at the Grey Cup. There's no rebuilding in the CFL and I love it.

Wingsboy - What other league has two Hall of Famers go toe-to-toe in Grey Cup Week. Atta boy Mosca.

Horserider - Quick Six has got to be one of the coolest mascots in all of sports. So glad he was able to come to the Grey Cup.

Beachy - The personalities throughout the league - led of course by the Kissing Bandit Adriano Belli!

55Cups - I love that walk opposing players have to make after getting ejected at Ivor Wynne Stadium, with the fans yelling and screaming at them. Rob Murphy made it famous, it was great

Nation1 - Just the stories we'll always get to share. Uniquely Canadian is an understatement.

Goal2Go - The frozen tundra! Nothing is better than watching a CFL playoff game in a famous Canadian blizzard.

Grey Cup (Photo: The Canadian Press)


(Photo: The Canadian Press)
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