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Let The Tour Begin!
Kraft Celebration Tour launches today in Montebello, QC

2014 Kraft Celebration Tour (Photo: TSN)

Let the summertime celebrations begin! TSN and Kraft Canada hit the road tomorrow for the sixth-annual Kraft Celebration Tour. From August 15-24, the Kraft Celebration Tour criss-crosses the country to award each Top 10 winning community $25,000 towards building a better place to play, as well as host a live broadcast of SPORTSCENTRE, Canada's #1 sports news program. Full Story.(Photo: TSN)

MLB Strike Fans (Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Baseball's Dark Days

Baseball has one of the best fan experiences in sports, and 20 years ago today, that was taken away from those that love it most. Strikes and lockouts have not been a rarity in professional sports, but there is one that many will not forget. How long did it take you to forgive baseball? It's Your! Call. Full Story.

Soccer Balls (Photo: Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

Adding To The Arsenal

Arsenal has signed defender Calum Chambers from Southampton for an undisclosed fee. The London club says Monday that the 19-year-old Chambers signed a "long-term" contract at Arsenal. Full Story.


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Canucks: Bertuzzi deal with Moore reached

This whole situation is turning into a big circus!!302 comments : top comment by moustti

Hoyer named Browns' starting quarterback over Manziel

So what? Why aren't the 21 guys who were drafted ahead of him getting any press?86 comments : top comment by joshwk

Report: NFL asking acts to pay to perform at 2015 Super Bowl

NFL is getting way to greedy! No way half time entertainment should be paying the NFL to pay.75 comments : top comment by gdwpg69

Top Rated Comments

Canucks: Bertuzzi deal with Moore reached

This whole situation is turning into a big circus!!comment by moustti : +88 rating

Canucks: Bertuzzi deal with Moore reached

This is beyond ridiculous. Can this be over please?comment by asharksfan : +67 rating

Canucks: Bertuzzi deal with Moore reached

This is ridiculous.comment by thehockeypurist : +66 rating

Most Contested Comments

Canucks: Bertuzzi deal with Moore reached

Hey guys, this does not just cover a NHL career. This is a Ivy league graduate who would have had a very successful post hockey career....comment by reff2828 : 88 Yeahs! & 80 Boos!

Canucks: Bertuzzi deal with Moore reached

@blair56 judging how he was a cheapshot on the ice, I really doubt he would have become anything but a 3rd line goon at best. His off-ice...comment by leafywaffles : 71 Yeahs! & 67 Boos!

Canucks: Bertuzzi deal with Moore reached

Just take the settlement money so everyone can move on with their lives. This is getting really dumb.comment by anzenator : 50 Yeahs! & 54 Boos!

Schultz vs. The World - CFL

Schultz is back with his Week 9 picks after he went 4-1 in Week 8. Check out who the Big Man likes.right here!

Schultz vs. The World - NFL

Schultz finished his season with a loss, picking the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

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