Dunigan: Bulk of back-up experience lies in Glenn and Joseph

Matt Dunigan
6/29/2012 12:08:45 AM
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In the Canadian Football League, you are only as good as your quarterback!

So, after digesting the startling experience advantage the starting QB's in the East have over their Western counterparts, consider this: you are only one play away from relying on your back-up; one play!

You don't have to go back very far to recall instances where teams have had to go to, or in many cases, chose to go to their back-up quarterbacks this past season. Winnipeg comes to mind immediately. At one time last season, head coach Paul Lapolice was playing with his number 4 guy let alone his number 2.

Stampeders' head coach John Hufnagel made an extremely tough decision to sit down the CFL's 2010 MOP in Henry Burris to go to his #2 guy Drew Tate (permanently).

Even this past season's MOP and Grey Cup winning QB Travis Lulay was pulled off the field in favor of Jarious Jackson for a bit. Anthony Calvillo was sat down; Kevin Glenn was yanked so fast it made your head spin and that was in the first game of the season.

So with that said, let's take a look at these numbers from the East vs West back-up quarterbacks. Thanks again to CFL on TSN statistician Jon Perlberg for his outstanding work!

East Division - Experience

QB CFL Seasons Reg. Season Starts Reg. Season Record Playoff Starts
Jackson 7 22 14-8 0
Porter 4 17 6-11 0
McPherson 4 4 2-2 0
Brink 2 3 1-2 0
Totals 17 46 23-23 0

West Division - Experience

QB CFL Seasons Reg. Season Starts Reg. Season Record Playoff Starts
Glenn 11 125 61-63-1 8 (3-5)
Joseph 9 101 41-60 4 (3-1)
Reilly 2 0 0-0 0
Willy 0 0 0-0 0
Totals 22 226 102-123-1 12 (6-6)

East Division - Career Passing

QB Yards TDs INTs
Jackson 7,032 51 35
Porter 4,095 21 18
McPherson 1,310 9 6
Brink 1,153 5 5
TOTALS 13,590 86 64

West Division - Career Passing

QB Yards TDs INTs
Glenn 32,488 179 128
Joseph 25,057 130 109
Reilly 12 0 0
0 0 0
TOTALS 57,557 309 237

East Division - Career Rushing

QB Yards TDs Fumbles
Jackson 1,048 8 20
Porter 910 15 19
McPherson 861 11 2
Brink 221 7 5
TOTALS 3,040 41 46

West Division - Career Rushing

QB Yards TDs Fumbles
Glenn 1,370 11 30
Joseph 4,241 49 60
Reilly 0 0 0
0 0 0
TOTALS 5,611 60 93


-Kevin Glenn and Kerry Joseph represent two of 17 QBs in CFL history with more than 25,000 career passing yards (No. 13 Glenn: 32,488; No. 17 Joseph: 25,057)

-while West Division back-ups may only have 5 more years of total CFL experience, Glenn and Joseph alone have combined for 180 more regular season starts than their Eastern counterparts-that's 10 full seasons!

-West back-ups have thrown for 43,967 more passing yards than East back-ups (all by Glenn and Joseph with Mike Reilly adding 12 yards)

-despite having 79 more wins as starting QB's, West back-ups have lost 100 more games than the East back-ups

-Glenn and Joseph are the only two current back-ups to have started in a CFL Playoff game

-among the eight back-ups, Joseph accounts for 49% of all rushing yards, 49% of all rushing TDs, and 43% of all fumbles

-two of the West back-ups have never started a CFL game and two of the East back-ups have started less than 5 games at QB

-East Division back-ups have a grand total of 0 post-season starts combined (playoffs + Grey Cup)

-new Argo Jarious Jackson is the only back-up with a career winning record: 14-8 (.636)

-after starting 11 games for the Ticats in 2009, Quinton Porter has only 1 start over the past 2 seasons

-last season, Porter tied Stampeders RB Jon Cornish for the league lead with 9 rushing TDs

-Adrian McPherson has only started 4 games in 4 seasons with Montreal

-last season, Buck Pierce was knocked out of 4 regular season games and missed 2 others (Alex Brink replaced him 5/6 times, including 2 starts for Winnipeg)

-over the last 2 seasons, Kevin Glenn started 35 of 36 games for Hamilton, while the other 7 CFL back-ups totalled just 7 starts.

-Kerry Joseph is the only current back-up to have started the Grey Cup, winning in 2007 with Saskatchewan

-Lions back-up Mike Reilly has just 1 career completion in 2 CFL seasons, going 1/2 for 12 yards in 2011

-Riders back-up Drew Willy was a four-year starter at the University of Buffalo and set school records for completions, attempts, passing yards, TDs, total offence, and completion % during his college career

The experience factor definitely favors the starting quarterbacks in the East over those in the West but, things change quickly in our game and if they do or when they do, the clear edge for the East dissipates somewhat, because of the two big hitters waiting in the wings in Glenn and Joseph. Remove those 2 veterans from the mix and the East reclaims the advantage on the men waiting in the wings.

Now I'll pose this question to you. Based on my last three articles and the numbers presented, who's actually in the best quarterbacking position, East or West?
Ready Break!!!

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