Forde: Breaking down the 2010 CFL draft...and holiday poetry

With the holiday season wrapping up, I'm turning my attention to the 2010 CFL Draft. Here's a position-by-position look at the top draft eligible players heading into the offseason, as well as a little try at some Christmas poetry. ...more

Forde: Six Months in A Leaky Boat

Like many people in my age demographic, I'm a bit of an eighties music aficionado but I really hadn't thought about the 1982 hit "Six Months In A Leaky Boat" by Split Enz until this week, when I thought about how to best describe Bart Andrus' only season as skipper of the Good Ship Argonaut. ...more

Forde: No Time for Grey Cup Hangover

For the last two years, I have told anyone who would listen that the 2011 Canadian Football League Draft would be one of the best in recent memory in terms of the available "high end" talent. Now it's possible that another of the CFL's prime prospects could be playing in the NFL next season. ...more

Forde: The CFL Junkie's Guide To The Vanier Cup

If you're a hardcore CFL fan who's having a tough time relating to the world of CIS football, here are a few direct connections between the two leagues to give you a reason to tune in to TSN's coverage of the Vanier Cup on Saturday. ...more

Forde: 2010 Draft Rankings - Early Season Edition

With football season in full swing on both sides of the border, it's time to take a look at the Top 20 prospects for the 2010 CFL Draft. But don't forget, with lots of evaluation still to come, a great deal can change between now and next year's Draft Day. ...more

Forde: Taking a CFL scouting tour of North America

With university football teams throughout North America beginning fall practices, here are some scouting news and notes, as they relate to the CFL. ...more

Forde: It's time to pay attention to Canadian-born talent

The good news is that some young Canadian football players are making headlines south of the border. The bad news is that their accomplishments are being completely ignored here at home. It's about time to change that. ...more

Forde: Thank You, Week Six

Dear Week Six, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for easing my guilty conscience. You see, the five weeks that preceded you in the 2009 CFL regular season led me to believe that something I had done was having a negative impact on some of the league's top Canadian players. ...more

Forde: Q & A on the Arland Bruce trade

Which team improved the most as a result of the Arland Bruce deal? The Tiger-Cats, who added a proven game-breaker without giving up anyone off their current roster. Despite the obvious issues, Bruce was the Argonauts' best football player. ...more

Looking ahead at the 2010 CFL Draft

With the CFL's 2009 Canadian Draft in the books, teams have started looking ahead to the Class of 2010, and one of the first stages in that evaluation process took place last week. The annual CIS East West Bowl, a five-day showcase of the top players in Canadian university football, drew scouts from all eight CFL teams to London, Ontario. ...more

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