The Reporters extend thumbs to Knicks fans, Wake and MLB

Each week, The Reporters put their thumbs out to the good and the bad in the world of sports. This week they discuss Knicks fans' treatment of Andrea Bargnani, Cameron Wake, the Impact bowing out of the playoffs and expanded replay for MLB. ...more

Naylor: Alouettes own Tebow's CFL rights, would welcome QB

If Tim Tebow decides he wants to take his talents north of the border, the Montreal Alouettes would roll-out the welcome mat for him. But anyone hoping to see a rerun of Tebowmania that gripped the NFL two seasons ago may have to wait a while. ...more

Naylor: 46th Super Bowl Week among the best ever

Sometimes the National Football League can't help but get it right. North America's most profitable professional sports league shuts down for a few months last spring and returns with a dream Super Bowl matchup that becomes the most watched television program in U.S. history. TSN's Dave Naylor has more from Indianapolis. ...more

Naylor: Why alternative football leagues keep failing in U.S.

The apparent demise of the United Football League raises two big questions: Why doesn't alternative professional football in America ever succeed? And why, when it's failed so many times, do people keep trying to make it work? TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor has more. ...more

Naylor: Winnipeg is done, but questions still remain

In the aftermath of the NHL's announced return to Winnipeg, a couple of questions emerge that are being debated well beyond the Manitoba Capital. Why did this happen and what does it really mean? ...more

Naylor: What happened to parity for Canada's smaller teams?

When the Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators made the Stanley Cup final in the two years following the lockout, it seemed the new economics of the NHL were finally working in the favour of smaller Canadian teams. But as TSN's Dave Naylor writes, has it been the same case for Canada's smallest NHL markets in the years that have followed? ...more

Naylor: Does the football grind lower a player's lifespan?

Ask a retired player about his daily reminders of time spent on the gridiron and the response usually includes a laundry list of achy bones and joints, especially related to knees, backs and shoulders. But as TSN's Dave Naylor writes, the notion of taking actually years off one's life is something considerably different. ...more

Naylor: Which team is most likely to end up in Winnipeg?

There are two NHL franchises that appear very close to the brink; the Phoenix Coyotes and the Atlanta Thrashers. The question right now, impossible as it may be to answer, is which team is most likely to end up in Winnipeg next season? Or viewed from another perspective, which team should Winnipeg want? TSN's Dave Naylor discusses. ...more

Naylor: Players hope to win battle against NFL using courts

A work stoppage in sports usually winds up as a game of chicken, a who-will-blink-first stalemate. The end comes only when one side finally gives in, usually after its members have turned on each other first. No group of players have had less success at this game than those in professional football. Dave Naylor has more. ...more

Naylor: Is there enough tension to trigger an NFL lockout?

The NFL and its players association don't disagree on everything. They both agree that the sport has never been more popular, been watched by more people or had stronger indicators of its overall economic health. The question everyone is left to ponder is whether there's enough tension in that debate to trigger a lockout when the current collective agreement expires on March 4. Dave Naylor discusses. ...more

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