The Reporters extend thumbs to Loria, Collins and the Jets Staff
5/5/2013 10:59:16 AM
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Each week, The Reporters put their thumbs out to the good and the bad in the world of sports. This week they discuss Jeffrey Loria, Jason Collins, Rick Pitino and the Jets' quarterback situation.

Dave Naylor, TSN Radio 1050:  My thumb is down to Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria.  I know he's an easy target for this segment, as he contributed to the death of Major League Baseball in Montreal, and may ultimately kill it in south Florida, but this time his effect has spilled over into another sport, the NFL.
The Miami Dolphins wanted some tax payer money to renovate their stadium and the Florida legislature won't even put it to a vote because of the disaster that suffered in giving Loria $500 million for Marlins stadium, only to see him gut the team.

Loria is already known as perhaps the worst owner in sports.  Killing Miami's chances of hosting another Super Bowl seems like a victory lap.

Cathal Kelly, Toronto Star:  My thumb is up not for Jason Collins - though he deserves that as well - but for the rest of us, in how we reacted to Jason Collins. The veteran NBA centre came out as a gay man in the pages of Sports Illustrated this week. What was remarkable about the reaction was the nearly unanimous positivity of it. Fans, colleagues, the President of the United States - they lined up to cheer Collins' breakthrough.

Many in the middle only shrugged. Those on the wrong side of this debate knew enough to keep quiet. Though this was a sort of first - there were many other trailblazers on this road - it felt like old hat. It felt like a battle that had been won a long time ago. That was the most heartening thing of all about the Jason Collins story. He took a chance. The rest of us rose to his challenge.

Michael Farber, Sports Illustrated:  My thumb is up to Rick Pitino, who is having the kind of spring we would all like to have.  Not only is Pitino a basketball coach, but he's also a thoroughbred owner, having a 5 percent stake in Goldencents who was good enough to run in the Kentucky Derby. 

In his day job, Pitino won the NCAA basketball championships with the Louisville Cardinals, and was selected to the Basketball Hall of Fame earlier in the year. 
Goldencents didn't have a great ride in Kentucky, finishing 17th out of 19.  I guess even sometimes Pitino doesn't have the horses.

Dave Hodge, TSN:  Thumbs up to the New York Jets for finding ways to make their quarterback situation more laughable with each attempt to fix it. Tim Tebow was a mad scientist experiment that blew up, but getting rid of Tebow was the beginning of another soap opera when combined with the drafting of Geno Smith.

The Jets say Smith will compete with the underachieving Mark Sanchez and three other quarterbacks  for the starting job.  Sanchez met the media this week and gave some insight into his relationship with Tebow saying,  "If he had a flat tire on the side of the road, I'd stop."

Geno Smith, an actual threat to Sanchez, might want to look into a more reliable highway assistance plan.

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