Schultz: Checking in on every club at the NFL's halfway mark

Chris Schultz
10/30/2012 1:16:03 PM
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It must be good to be Tom Brady right now. You have won your last two, the difficulty of travel to London, England and home is over, you can enjoy your bye week with only Buffalo on the horizon at home.

It must be great to be Jeff Ireland, general manager of the Dolphins. Your team is 4-3 and all three losses have been very competitive. Your player decisions have been excellent.

It must be tense if you're Mario Williams. Everywhere you go people stare and think the "bust" word over and over. A tough way to live.

You must be tired if you're Rex Ryan of the Jets. Tired of explaining everything to everyone and all that goes with Tebow and Sanchez.

You must be optimistic if you're a Baltimore Raven on defence, now that you know that Ray Lewis is out for probably the season, you have accepted that fact and it is time to move on.

It must be satisfying to be a Steeler running back coach. Whether it is Dwyer, Mendenhall or Redman, all three have done productive work when asked to. Makes you as a running back coach look good.

You must be concerned if you're a Cincinnati Bengal. You're only beating the teams you should beat, losing to all the playoff teams and have Denver this week.

You must feel good if you're Brad Childress, offensive coordinator of the Browns. Your top running back Trent Richardson is a powerhouse and is willing to play injured.

If you're J.J. Watt for Houston, you must wonder does it get tougher than this? Watt is the best interior lineman on any defence and proves it every game.

You must feel good as Andrew Luck if you're Andrew Luck. Four wins after seven games and playing your best when the pressure is on.

You must be thinking what went wrong if you're Mike Munchak, head coach of the Titans. You will have to win seven of your next nine just to match your win total from last year.

If you're Shad Khan, owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, you must be thinking, why did I buy this team?

If you're a Bronco, and you look at the remaining schedule, I know what you're thinking: we can win the AFC West.

If you're an Oakland Raider and your last name is Janikowski, you might be thinking you're the most valuable player on the team.

If you're the Chargers, you must be asking the question: With Philip Rivers at QB, Malcom Floyd at WR, Ryan Mathews at running back and Antonio Gates at tight end, why have we only scored six points in six quarters?

And if you're Romeo Crannel, head coach of the Chiefs, you're thinking, am I in Cleveland still?

If you're a New York Giant you must be...proud.

If you're Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagle, you know what you're thinking - tough times don't last, tough people do.

If you're Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo you must be avoiding newspapers, radio and TV. Everyone has an opinion on Dallas Cowboy football and often it's very negative and tough to take.

If you're Robert Griffin III, you must be thinking, "life is good".

If you're middle linebacker Brian Urlacher of the Bears, you must be asking for the odd practice off to make it through the season and into the playoffs.

If you're Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, I doubt you're asking Brett Favre for advice.

If you're a Detroit Lion fan, you're feeling optimistic but must be thinking, we were better last year.

If you're Leslie Frazier as head coach for the Vikings, I wonder if you're rationalizing the idea that you were dominated by Tampa Bay but still are 5-3. Better than even I expected.

If you're Thomas Dimitroff of Atlanta you must be happy with one player more than any other, Julio Jones, and be thinking, no risk, no reward.

If you're Drew Brees of the Saints, you must be saying to yourself, "can I get a little help here?" as the opponents move the ball on your defence for over 400 yards every game.

If you're anyone in the Tampa Bay Buccaneer organization, it must feel good knowing the best is yet to be seen.

If you're Cam Newton's public relations associate you must tell him, the less you say, the better.

If you follow the San Francisco 49ers you can say with confidence, we're the toughest team in the NFL.

If you play for the Arizona Cardinals you must look at the rest of the schedule with Green Bay, Atlanta, Bears and 49ers still to go and think, this is going to be a long year.

If you're Paul Allen you must feel good knowing your next five of eight are at home where right now you're 3-0 with the Seattle Seahawks.

And, finally, if you're Steven Jackson of the Rams, with rumours of trades coming every day, you need to let me go, please send me to a playoff team.

Chris Schultz

Chris Schultz


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