Walling: Welcome Canada, to Liverpool, Nova Scotia

As's Alex J. Walling writes, the town of Liverpool, Nova Scotia has had its share of recent hardships. But for a few days, its residents are taking pride in showcasing their great town for the Canadian Junior Curling Championships. ...more

Walling: Western is the No. 1 CIS football team...for now

The football ratings say that the Western Mustangs are the number one college football team in this country. But their coach Greg Marshall says Laval, also undefeated and rated number two, "are the champs until they are knocked out" in his mind. In fact, for the first time since the CIS college football ratings came out, three teams across this country have finished the regular season undefeated. TSN reporter Alex J. Walling has more. ...more

Walling: Will this year be the final Touchdown Atlantic?

Moncton is hosting its third Touchdown Atlantic CFL game in four years this weekend but something seems to be different about this one, as it might not sell out. There doesn't seem to be the excitement, the hoopla or the drive to make it happen like the previous two times. Alex J. Walling has more. ...more

Walling: Laval enters season as top-ranked CIS football team

University football has started in Canada and to no one's surprise, Laval is the top-ranked team in the nation. As TSN's Alex J. Walling writes, Quebec has three teams ranked in the top 10 while Ontario has four teams with three more teams from the west. ...more

Walling: A close-up look at the Kraft Celebration Tour

I've watched TSN's Kraft Celebration Tour for years. I've seen the yelling, howling and screaming from the fans that showed up at these venues from coast to coast. But like millions of Canadians, I never got a chance to watch it live until Sunday. ...more

Walling: Mooseheads cap off best hockey year ever

The Halifax Mooseheads have completed the best hockey year ever in Atlantic Canada. There have been great Maritime teams in the past, but as Alex J. Walling writes, none come close to the team and individual accomplishments of the Mooseheads and some of their star players this year. ...more

Walling: The Mooseheads' greatest year... so far

There is no guarantee the Halifax Mooseheads will win the Memorial Cup on Sunday because anything can and may happen. But as TSN's Alex J. Walling writes, it's been a tremendous year and regardless of the outcome, it's been the best Mooseheads year ever. ...more

Walling: Carleton Ravens coach Smart is a basketball genius

I've never called anyone a genius in a sports column in my life and I've been in the media business for almost 50 years. That changes with this column. And it shouldn't come as a surprise. Dave Smart, the eccentric coach of the Carleton Ravens, is a genius when it comes to coaching Canadian college basketball. How does one explain his near total dominance over the last 11 years? Alex J. Walling writes. ...more

Walling: It's a Merry Christmas for the Halifax Mooseheads

The biggest news this Christmas season in Atlantic Canada is the Halifax Mooseheads. They have become the talk of hockey here; in fact there are few sports stories that can knock them off the perch this season. TSN's Alex J. Walling has more. ...more

Walling: Remembering play-by-play announcer Connolly

Pat Connolly was one of the finest hockey play-by-play men I've ever heard, and that's included in the same class as Gallivan and Hewitt. Connolly even had a better voice. A golden voice. He passed away this week at 84. ...more

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