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Heat of the Summer Weekend

Summer is here and we celebrate "Heat" with some of the hottest games, teams, athletes, and venues in the world of sports. The Australian Open, The Chicago Blackhawks, David Beckham, and of course the Miami Heat!


Friday, July 19 - 6pm et/3pm pt

Classic Daytona 500: 1988 Daytona 500 (Feb. 14, 1988): The Heat of Daytona and the heat on the track. Bobby Allison wins the race, Richard Petty wins his life!

Friday, July 19 - 8pm et/5pm pt

NBA Classics: 2006 Final - Miami @ Dallas, Game 6 (June 20, 2006): Before the Big Three, there was only D-Wade.

Friday, July 19 - 10pm et/7pm pt

NBA Classics : 2012 NBA Finals - Miami @ Oklahoma, Game 5: Second time is a charm. LeBron delivers.

Saturday, July 20 - Midnight et/9pm pt

Classic Night At The Fights: Muhammad Ali (The Rumble & Thrilla in Manila): Ali wins these two fights in equally hot venues.

Saturday, July 20 - 2am et/11pm pt

2001 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Calendar: America's Cheerleaders are the blueprint for everything else.

Saturday, July 20 - 3am et/Midnight pt

2003 Cowboys Cheerleader Calendar: America's Cheerleaders are the blueprint for everything else.

Saturday, July 20 - 10am et/7am pt

Classic X-Games : 1999 Street Luge: A Summer X-Games Original.

Saturday, July 20 - 11am et/8am pt

Classic X-Games: Classic X-Games - 12: BMX: Tricks for days.

Saturday, July 20 - Noon et/9am pt

2008 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest (July 4, 2008): Sport-eating at its finest from Coney Island, New York.

Saturday, July 20 - 1pm et/10am pt

NASCAR Classic: 2010 Brickyard 400: Jamie McMurray takes the checkered flag at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Saturday, July 20 - 3pm et/Noon pt

Classic CFL Football: Calgary @ Toronto (Aug. 31, 1988): A hot Summer's Night in Toronto.

Saturday, July 20 - 5pm et/2pm pt

MLS Classics - 2000 All-Star Game, East vs. West (July 29, 2000): Columbus, Ohio is the location for one of the hottest sports in the world any way you look at it.

Saturday, July 20 - 7pm et/4pm pt

Australian Open Tennis: 2008 Women's Final – Maria Sharapova vs. Ana Ivanovic (Jan. 25, 2008): The Aussie Open can boast heat of more the 30 degrees celsius on a regular basis.

Saturday, July 20 - 9pm et/6pm pt

2011 MLS Final - LA Galaxy vs. Houston Dynamo (Nov. 20, 2011): All right ladies ... Beckham.

Saturday, July 20 - 11pm et/8pm pt

Movie: Mr. Baseball (1992): Tom Selleck stars in this film about everyone's favourite Summer pastime.

Sunday, July 21 - 1am et/10pm pt

ESPN Original Programming: The Season - Raiderettes Part I: Need we say more?

Sunday, July 21 - 2am et/11pm pt

ESPN Original Programming: The Season - Raiderettes Part II

Sunday, July 21 - 3am et/Midnight pt

ESPN Original Programming: The Season - Raiderettes Part III

Sunday, July 21 - 2pm et/11am pt

1993 Heavyweight Boxing: Holyfield vs. Bowe II (11/06/93): The second bout in the Holyfield/Bowe Trilogy is forever remembered for "Fanman" parachuting himself into the outdoor ring at Caesar's Palace and getting a worse beating than either fighter.

Sunday, July 21 - 3:30pm et/12:30pm pt

1999 Making Of Fitness Pageant Swimsuit Calendar

Sunday, July 21 - 4pm et/1pm pt

Harlem Globetrotters Classics: 1990, Bahamas: As if the physical heat wasn't enough, the Globetrotters had to take their act to even more heat.

Sunday, July 21 - 5pm et/2pm pt

Harlem Globetrotters Classics : 1994, Orlando

Sunday, July 21 - 6pm et/3pm pt

NBA Classics : 2011 Finals – Dallas @ Miami, Game 6 (June 12, 2011): Dallas is just as hot as Miami and the Mavericks get revenge for 2006.

Sunday, July 21 - 10pm et/7pm pt

1989 Stanley Cup – Calgary @ Montreal, Game 6 (May 25, 1989): Yes the game is played on ice but May 25, 1989 is the hottest date in the history of the Flames organization.

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