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Grey Cup Week

It's almost time again. The Grey Cup will be played on Sunday Nov 24 live on TSN. ESPN Classic is once again setting the table and cranking up the anticipation. We'll have Grey Cup classics in primetime every night leading into the big game. From "Rocket" Ismail to "Superman" Geroy Simon, we've got you covered.


Monday, November 18 - 6pm et/3pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 1991, Toronto vs. Calgary @ Winnipeg (Nov 22, 1991):
A memorable punt return by Rocket Ismail highlights a Grey Cup victory for the Toronto Argos. Matt Dunigan is at the helm for the winning squad.

Monday, November 18 - 8pm et/5pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 1996 - Toronto vs. Edmonton @ Hamilton (Nov 24, 1996):
A truly classic Grey Cup game from a snowy Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton.

Monday, November 18 - 10pm et/7pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 1997 - Toronto vs. Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Nov 16, 1997):
Flutie and the Argos do it again.

Tuesday, November 19 - 6pm et/3pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 1998 - Calgary vs. Hamilton @ Winnipeg (Nov 22, 1998):
Jeff Garcia finally adds a Grey Cup to his long list of CFL accomplishments.

Tuesday, November 19 - 8pm et/5pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 2000 - B.C. vs. Montreal @ Calgary (Nov 26, 2000):
The Lions hoist the Grey Cup with Damon Allen at the helm.

Tuesday, November 19 - 10pm et/7pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 2001 - Calgary vs. Winnipeg @ Montreal (Nov 25, 2001):
Marcus Crandell's MVP performance paves the way to the Grey Cup for Calgary.

Wednesday, November 20 - 6pm et/3pm pt

Grey Cup Classics: 2002 - Montreal vs. Edmonton @ Edmonton (Nov 24, 2002):
The Alouettes and Eskimos meet in another classic showdown. Montreal would reach the Grey Cup game seven times in 10 years.

Wednesday, November 20 - 8pm et/5pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 2004 - Toronto vs. B.C @ Ottawa (Nov 21, 2004):
Under new ownership and management, the Argos make their way to the Grey Cup.

Wednesday, November 20 - 10pm et/7pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 2005 - Montreal vs. Edmonton @ Vancouver (Nov 27, 2005):
The Alouettes and Eskimos lock up in yet another classic between these two storied franchises. Overtime is needed to decide the winner.

Thursday, November 21 - 6pm et/3pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 2007 - Winnipeg vs. Saskatchewan @ Toronto (Nov 25, 2007):
The Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers do battle at Toronto's Rogers Centre for the Cup.

Thursday, November 21 - 8pm et/5pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 2008 - Calgary vs. Montreal @ Montreal (Nov 23, 2008):
History is made as TSN broadcasts the Grey Cup for the first time. The Alouettes are in the final and host from home.

Thursday, November 21 - 10pm et/7pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 2009 - Montreal vs. Saskatchewan @ Calgary (Nov 29, 2009):
Rider Nation was confident that the 13th man would be the difference in this game. They were 100 per cent correct.

Friday, November 22 - 6pm et/3pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 2010, Montreal vs. Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Nov 28, 2010):
Could Saskatchewan avenge the crushing loss of 2009 or would Montreal be victorious in the re-match.

Friday, November 22 - 8pm et/5pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 2011 - Winnipeg @ BC Lions @ Vancouver (Nov 27, 2011):
The Lions host and hoist.

Friday, November 22 - 10pm et/7pm pt

Grey Cup Revisited: 2012 - 100th Grey Cup - Calgary @ Toronto (Nov 25, 2012):
The Toronto Argos and Calgary Stampeders lock up for the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto.

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