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2012 IIHF World Hockey Championship

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Date ET Teams Broadcast/Result
Friday, May 4 5am USA vs. France TSN
  6:15am Germany vs. Italy  
  9am Canada vs. Slovakia TSN
  10:15am Czech Republic vs. Denmark  
  1:15pm Belarus vs. Finland  
  2:15pm Sweden vs. Norway  
Saturday, May 5 8am Switzerland vs. Kazakhstan  
  10:15am Latvia vs. Russia  
  11:45am Canada vs. USA TSN
  2:15pm Sweden vs. Czech Republic  
Sunday, May 6 5:15am France vs. Kazakhstan  
  6:15am Denmark vs. Italy  
  9:15am Finland vs. Slovakia  
  10:15am Russia vs. Norway  
  1:15pm Switzerland vs. Belarus  
  2:15pm Germany vs. Latvia  
Monday, May 7 9am France vs. Canada TSN
  10:15am Czech Republic vs. Norway  
  1pm USA vs. Slovakia TSN
  2:15pm Denmark vs. Sweden  
Tuesday, May 8 9:15am Belarus vs. Kazakhstan  
  10:15am Latvia vs. Italy  
  1:15pm Finland vs. Switzerland  
  2:15pm Russia vs. Germany  
Wednesday, May 9 9:15am Slovakia vs. Kazakhstan  
  10:15am Norway vs. Italy  
  1pm Canada vs. Switzerland TSN
  2:15pm Sweden vs. Germany  
Thursday, May 10 9am USA vs. Belarus TSN
  10:15am Denmark vs. Russia  
  1:15pm France vs. Finland  
  2:15pm Czech Republic vs. Latvia  
Friday, May 11 9am Kazakhstan vs. USA TSN
  9:15am Italy vs. Czech Republic  
  1pm Finland vs. Canada TSN
  2:15pm Russia vs. Sweden  
Saturday, May 12 5:15am Slovakia vs. Belarus  
  6:15am Norway vs. Latvia  
  9:15am Switzerland vs. France  
  9:15am Germany vs. Denmark  
  1pm Kazakhstan vs. Canada TSN
  2:15pm Italy vs. Sweden  
Sunday, May 13 9:15am Finland vs. USA TSN2
  10:15am Russia vs. Czech Republic  
  1:15pm Switzerland vs. Slovakia  
  2:15pm Germany vs. Norway  
Monday, May 14 9:15am Belarus vs. France  
  10:15am Latvia vs. Denmark  
  1:15pm Kazakhstan vs. Finland  
  2:15pm Italy vs. Russia  
Tuesday, May 15 5am Canada vs. Belarus TSN
  6:15am Norway vs. Denmark  
  9:15am Slovakia vs. France  
  10:15am Czech Republic vs. Germany  
  1pm USA vs. Switzerland TSN
  2:15pm Sweden vs. Latvia  
Thursday, May 17 5:45am Quarter-final  TSN
  8:30am Quarter-final  TSN
  11:15am Quarter-final  TSN
  2pm Quarter-final  TSN
Saturday, May 19 7:15am Semifinal  TSN
  11:15am Semifinal  TSN
Sunday, May 20 8:45am Bronze Medal  TSN
  1:15pm Gold Medal  TSN

Quarter-final games will be within pools (1A-4A, 2A-3A, 1B-4B, 2B-3B)
Semifinals will cross over: W(1A-4A) – W(2B-3B), W(1B-4B) – W(2A-3A)

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