Chisholm: Answering your Twitter questions: Version 6.0

Tim Chisholm
12/16/2012 11:37:01 AM
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In this week's Tweet Bag, we look at the fit between Terrence Ross and DeMar DeRozan, we touch on Bryan Colangelo's relationship with MLSE and we take a look back at the 2006 draft that netted the Raptors Andrea Bargnani.

As Ross is developing, How likely is a Ross/DeRozan 2-3 combo long term?

Ross is coming along. He's developed some kinks in his shooting form, which has led to a .383 shooting percentage, and he has undeniable tunnel vision once the ball is in his hands, which has ranked 57th out of 61 NBA shooting guards in assist ratio. That said, games like his 18-point effort against Dallas give a glimpse of the kind of player he could be, and he's had some very impressive defensive showings that he needs to make a point of focus whenever he hits the court.

As for a pairing with DeMar; it's tough. If he can become a lock-down defender and start consistently hitting his three-point shot then they would complement each other a little better, but it's the ball-stopping that really kills them. DeRozan is ranked only three spots above Ross in shooting guard assist ratio, and in halfcourt sets if the ball doesn't move well it puts an untenable strain on individual shooting percentages to make up for the stagnant offence. Until one of them learns to keep the ball moving they'll see only spot minutes together in Toronto's rotations.

tell me its true Colangelo is summoned by mlse ? possible firing? please be fired

Obviously he wasn't fired and the meeting was reportedly scheduled some time ago, but there is no doubt that Colangelo had his back pressed against the wall when he was tasked with explaining what on earth is going on with his team.

His relationship with his bosses is relevant beyond any possible firing, too, because they ultimately have to sign-off on any substantial trades that he might hope to push through. If he is looking to move Jose Calderon or Andrea Bargnani then he'll be bringing back tens of millions of dollars in salary and he's going to have to be able to persuade a potentially wary ownership group that such a move is in the best interest of the franchise.

Aldridge over Bargnani if the Raptors had a 2006 do-over?

In a vacuum? Sure. If you want to ignore the fact that the Raptors had an Aldridge-clone in Chris Bosh at the time and that he'd mesh even worse with Aldridge than he did with Jermaine O'Neal then Aldridge was absolutely the way to go.

The problem with looking back at the 2006 draft is that no one at the time looked like a sure-thing. The best player from that entire draft class turned out to be Rajon Rondo and he went 21st. Fans in Portland are currently going through the same struggles seeing Aldridge as a franchise cornerstone as the Raptors' fans had with Bosh. Rudy Gay has been a near-constant source of trade speculation. Tyrus Thomas, Adam Morrisom and Shelden Williams completely flamed out despite being top-five picks. It's not very popular to say this these days, but all things considered the Raptors did alright coming out of that draft with what they got. 

Will Jose really net the Raptors something better than what he already provides? He's extremely valuable

The problem with Calderon this year is that he has only given the team the goods when he's been in the starting lineup. Yes, due to Lowry's injuries that has been a blessing, but he's simply too valuable a trade chip for a team this bad to hang on to. $10-million in salary is a large figure to swallow when you're talking about a reserve, especially when the money could be used as a part of a trade to bring a more valuable piece in at another position. The Raptors may have six wings right now, but only one (DeMar DeRozan) is performing at an NBA average PER. If the Raptors can turn Calderon's deal into meaningful help at that position then they have to do it, even if it means losing the things that Calderon brings to the table.

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