Anber: Aftermath of Hopkins-Dawson completely illogical

Russ Anber
10/25/2011 11:44:27 PM
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Okay, here we go.

As EXPECTED, although I don't have to agree with it, the WBC last week, without waiting for a ruling by the California State Athletic Commission, have decided to reinstate Bernard Hopkins as the World Champion, WOW! Isn't that a big surprise?

Isn't this the same governing body who, after listening to the whining and moaning of Hopkins and Golden Boy ordered an immediate rematch for Hopkins "after" he got a draw with Jean Pascal in their first meeting despite being on the floor twice?

Did Glen Johnson get an immediate rematch with Chad Dawson after their first meeting? No!

Did Andrei Kotelnik get an immediate rematch after schooling Devon Alexander? Umm, No!

Did Lucas Mathysse get an immediate rematch after clearly outworking Devon Alexander? Umm, No again!

Shall I go on and list the number of outright robberies that have occurred in boxing in which the victims were not afforded the luxury of a rematch?

Yet now, after more incessant complaining from Hopkins and GBP, the WBC not only returns the title to Hopkins, they in turn, refuse to order a rematch! A rematch which they granted to Hopkins after he fought a draw! At what point do you start to realize how ridiculous this all is?

There is no doubt whatsoever that a legitimate argument can be made as to a "No-Decision" or "Technical Draw" result. Despite the fact that I am so far from convinced that Dawson's act could in essence have him disqualified him, it is completely inconceivable that the WBC can declare the fight a Technical Draw and NOT order an immediate rematch. Failure to do so, theoretically, does disqualify Dawson. That in itself is asinine!

On a side note, and to completely refute the misinformation that has been circulating since the fight, I urge you all to have a listen to the enhanced audio from the fight. HBO ran it this past weekend, and NEVER does Hopkins tell the referee he wants to fight. In fact, his answer leaves no other avenue open to referee Pat Russell. The myth perpetuated by HBO and Bernard is nothing more than that, a myth!

Another interesting fact, now that the WBC has reinstated Hopkins as champion, suddenly reports of his separated shoulder, his MRI and the rest of his complaining has suddenly disappeared. How's that for a magical cure!?

OK enough about Hopkins, the WBC, and the illogic of the entire incident. I was planning on writing more, but Hopkins and Co. have now lost their space to four warriors who put on such courageous performances this past Saturday at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Hopkins and Co. should be ashamed.

In front of over 5,000 fans, promoter Adam Harris packed in one of the most exciting fight cards seen in Ontario in recent memory.

In the semi main event of the evening, Montreal's power punching Ahmed Cheiko took on the unbeaten, ultra-resistant buzz saw named Samuel Vargas.

In what could easily be Canada's Fight of the Year, Vargas and Cheiko thrilled the sellout crowd with a fight reminiscent of the Arturo Gatti-Micky Ward blood and guts battles.

From the sound of the opening bell, both men attempted to end the fight early, and convincingly. After a strong opening in Round 1, Cheiko was dropped by a beautiful left hook to the liver, he would rise and the war was just beginning. The viciousness of the assaults by both fighters would continue until a left hook from Ahmed Cheiko in the second round, dropped Vargas hard, and for all intent and purposes, OUT! Incredibly, and inexplicably, Vargas would rise. Not only did he rise, he would fight back even stronger.

Proving he has one of the best chins in the game, Vargas would absorb thudding shots from the power punching Cheiko and come back with his own flurries. Cheiko tried all he could do end the fight with a knockout, but was unable to do so.

Suffering a broken hand, due to the Ontario Athletic Commissions insane bandaging regulations, and exhausted from trying to knockout the steel-chinned Vargas, Cheiko did not come out for Round 6.

Two warriors who put it all on the line and fought what easily could have been the main event of the evening and more than worth the price of admission!

In the main event of the evening, Logan McGuiness captured the North American Super-Featherweight Championship with a stunning, come from behind, two punch knockout of former Olympian and World title challenger Benoit Gaudet.

In a match-up of contradicting styles, and in a contest of Will vs. Skill, McGuiness and Gaudet thrilled the crowd with not only displays of speed and combination punching, but in displays of determination and perseverance.

Guadet's skill and brilliant footwork allowed him to move freely around the ring, avoiding the charges of the aggressive McGuiness. Using his quick fists to counter, Gaudet began piling up the points as McGuiness continued to press the action, yet finding Gaudet a difficult target to hit.

After ten rounds, Gaudet had built himself a lead, but the fight was anything but comfortable. McGuiness continued to press as he had done throughout the first ten rounds, this time the combination he was looking for found the mark.

A perfectly timed right hand-left hook suddenly dropped Gaudet hard in Round 11. Like Vargas, Gaudet incredibly made it to his feet, however the legs were unsteady and referee Dave Dunbar put a halt to the contest, and McGuiness was the new NABA Champion.

In front of a raucous crowd, and with the courage and determination usually reserved for much higher stakes, Samuel Vargas, Ahmed Cheiko, Logan McGuiness and Benoit Gaudet showed what true fighting heart is all about.

Bernard who?

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