Onrait: The Top 10 slogans for my '13 TradeCentre blog

From the home office in Athabasca, are The Top 10 suggested slogans for the 2013 edition of Jay Onrait's TradeCentre Blog. ...more

Onrait and Hodge's Top 25 Albums of 2012

Between SportsCentre and the Jay and Dan podcast, Jay Onrait was still able to get acquainted with my other passion - music! So that said, here's his second annual Top 25, along with the Top 25 of TSN's other avid music lover - Dave Hodge. ...more

Onrait: Blue Jays fans will talk themselves into anything

Toronto Blue Jays fans just want everything to work out for once in a long time because cheering for a team that never has a chance to win is exhausting, and with the moves Alex Anthopoulous made last week, it appears their team finally has a chance to win. TSN's Jay Onrait has more. ...more

Onrait: Jay and Dave Hodge's Top 25 albums of 2011

I know what you're thinking, if I spent as much time thinking about just sports and not sports and music I would be a lot better at my job. I can't disagree. Still, I ended up listening to a lot of music again this year. This is largely because I spend the first five hours of my day doing nothing. I realize in saying that I've already lost those of you with children... ...more

Jay Onrait's 2011 TradeCentre Blog

Jay monitored all the wheeling and dealing from the comfort of his couch, and he invited you to follow along. Almost 80,000 took him up on the offer - now that's a house party! ...more

Onrait: New Westminster rocks at the final Kraft Tour stop

What a trip! Dan "Slippery" O'Toole and I finished the last show on the Kraft Celebration Tour in the biggest town we've been at yet: New Westminster, B.C. Special thanks to the entire "West Crew" for putting on an amazing show this year. ...more

Onrait: Home on the Road in Outlook and Fort Macleod

First off I owe the good people of Outlook an apology. I wasn't able to punch out a blog after our third stop on the Kraft Celebration Tour so I will combine Outlook and Fort Macleod into one massive Super Blog! Twice the fun! That's a good thing, right? ...more

Onrait: A special thanks to the people of Pinawa, Manitoba

Just wanted to say a special thanks to all the people of Pinawa, Manitoba. For a little while yesterday afternoon, the weather was looking so ominous that we thought we might have to cancel the live show. If that had happened I would have been crushed. The people of Pinawa were so excited about hosting us. ...more

Onrait: Port Dover pours it on for stop number 2

The rain could not dampen the spirits of the incredible people who showed up to watch Sportscentre Live in Port Dover, Ontario, on Saturday. And the signs! So many great signs were brought to the event including such favourites as: ''WHERE IS PRODUCER TIM?'' and ''KATE BEIRNESS, WILL YOU MARRY ME?'' (She won't). ...more

Onrait: Riding through the streets of Port Dover

We've arrived in Port Dover, Ontario for the 2nd Annual Kraft Celebration Tour. Port Dover is a summertime town that is still buzzing from the Bike Rally that took place last Friday the 13th when 175,000 people jammed the streets. ...more

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