Suitor: A closer look at the injuries to CFL quarterbacks

What is going on with our starting quarterbacks? Over the last two weeks, four starters have gone down, and two are probably lost for the season. As TSN's Glen Suitor writes, maybe it's time that head coaches start instructing their franchise players to avoid taking unnecessary hits. ...more

Suitor: Ray set to make history in the 50K Yard Club

This November two teams will compete for the 102nd Grey Cup. One hundred and two years of professional football in our country, and during that time only five quarterbacks have thrown for 50,000 yards or more. As TSN football analyst Glen Suitor explains, Ricky Ray's coming entrance to the club is truly something special. ...more

Suitor: Alouettes' issues two years in the making

Marc Trestman is a great coach; a quarterback expert that was an excellent communicator. However, as TSN's Glen Suitor writes, there is only one Marc Trestman and trying to find the next one has put the Montreal Alouettes in catch-up mode for going on two years now. ...more

Suitor: Tiger-Cats making best of a tough situation

Everyone is looking forward to the opening night of the new Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton. But until then, Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster University is not going to be the end of the world. And as CFL Analyst Glen Suitor explains, Ron Joyce provides the fans an up close and personal look at the physicality in football. ...more

Suitor: Football returns to Ottawa in a meaningful way

With the return to CFL football to Ottawa, TSN's Glen Suitor explains why, this time around, it's built to last and why it provides a proper model for the game in the rest of the province. ...more

Suitor: Digging deeper into last week's CFL penalties

Last week in the CFL the penalty flags were flying. In total between the four games played there were 110 penalties for 958 yards, which is the third-highest total in the last 20 years. As CFL analyst Glen Suitor explains, the teams and officials are learning a new culture in football where player safety is the focus. ...more

Suitor: On the Redblacks, Bombers, and the Willis hit

From the debut of the Ottawa Redblacks to the 2-0 start of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to the Odell Willis hit on Zach Collaros, there's plenty of CFL business to discuss. CFL on TSN analyst Glen Suitor has the latest on all the trending issues after two weeks of the season. ...more

Suitor: A video review of Week 1 around the CFL

After every game the players and coaches sit down and take a look at the video and evaluate the players, game plan, and execution. As analysts we do the same thing, so here are some observations from week one. First there were two major upsets. I should say, major upsets in the eyes of the fans and prognosticators. ...more

Suitor: Simon transitioning from player; could stay in football

Geroy Simon still has gas in the tank, however it sounds like he's decided it's time to make the transition into the next phase of his life, and once you have retired in your mind you are not going back, so it will be interesting to see what his new role in the game will be. ...more

Suitor: A letter to the CFL and CFL Players' Association

Former CFL player and current TSN football analyst Glen Suitor offers a letter to both the CFL and CFL Players' Association ahead of the expiration of the league's collective bargaining agreement. ...more

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