Naylor: Plenty of concern about future of the Argonauts

The Toronto Argonauts are struggling on and off the field and it's affecting every part of their operations - from the players in the locker room to those in the front office. And as TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor writes, it's raising concerns around the CFL about the league's future in the country's biggest market. ...more

Naylor: New CBA from the view of the players and owners

Historically speaking, a payroll jump of nearly $1 million per team in one season is unheard of in the CFL. So why are so many players apparently unhappy with the deal? TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor looks at what both the players and the owners sought in their new CBA and how much they were - and were not - able to achieve. ...more

Naylor: Why pro football work stoppages almost never occur

With the Canadian Football League and the CFL Players' Association engaged in tough talks over a new collective bargaining agreement, TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor outlines the challenges of trying to keep a union full of pro football players - from all financial walks of life - on the same page during negotiations. ...more

Naylor: Remembering the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy

It was one year ago today that two pressure-cooker bombs went off in the crowd at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring over 260 others as runners streamed towards the finish line. TSN's Dave Naylor looks back at that tragic day and what has - and hasn't - changed since then. ...more

Naylor: Calvillo earned everything he got along the way

In Canadian football, the potential of the game's greatest players isn't always obvious during the early stages of their careers. And Anthony Calvillo is no exception. As Dave Naylor of TSN Radio 1050 writes, from the unlikeliest of beginnings to the highest of accolades, he earned everything he got. ...more

Naylor: Williams' future with Tiger-Cats uncertain

In terms of bang for the buck, no CFL player delivered more in 2012 than Hamilton's Chris Williams. With a base salary of less than $50,000, Williams established himself as one of the most explosive players in the league. But as TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor writes, he isn't choked up about playing for a similar amount this season. ...more

Naylor: The two very distinct images of Ray Lewis

As TSN's Dave Naylor writes, it's against the backdrop of Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and other recently fallen sports heroes that Super Bowl Week brings us Ray Lewis: football hero, role model and invited advisor to the NFL commissioner. And 13 years removed from a plea of guilty to obstruction of justice. ...more

Naylor: The Super Bowl's long journey back to New Orleans

No city says 'Super Bowl' as well as New Orleans. What would you expect from a place that never needs much of an excuse for a party? This will be the city's 11th Super Bowl - more than any other city - but as TSN's Dave Naylor writes, it's been a long journey back. ...more

Naylor: Leaps of faith are big part of Trestman story

Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery took a leap of faith last week and for that, he deserves some credit. Not just for hiring Marc Trestman as the Bears new head coach, but because, as TSN's Dave Naylor writes, he chose to ignore the inevitable skepticism about Trestman's CFL background. ...more

Naylor: History shows 30 years of stumbling for Leafs GM's

It is often said that it's not possible to convince hockey's biggest, richest market to be patient enough to allow a general manager the time he needs to build his team into a long term winner. The Leafs have not won a championship in four-and-a-half decades, and yet supposedly neither fans nor ownership have the stomach for a long, slow rebuild. Really? TSN Insider Dave Naylor has more. ...more

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