The Reporters extend thumbs to the Jays, the lockout and more Staff
12/30/2012 10:52:24 AM
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Each week, The Reporters put their thumbs out to the good and the bad in the world of sports. This week, they discuss the Grey Cup in Toronto, the Canadian national women's soccer team, Alex Anthopoulos and the Toronto Blue Jays and the drama of the NHL lockout. 

Bruce Arthur, National Post: My thumb is up to the Grey Cup and not the game itself. The game itself was a bit of a turkey, but there was a real question as to whether Toronto could include Canada and have a Canadian Grey Cup in the biggest city. This has never been a CFL city. What happened this year was Toronto was a very worthy Grey Cup city and it brought the country together.

Cathal Kelly, Toronto Star: My thumb is up to the Canadian national women's soccer team. I think the truly remarkable thing about that team was the bronze medal was great, but what made that special was a loss. It was a loss to the United States, that was the where were you moment of Canadian sport this year and I think that says something nice about us.

Michael Farber, Sports Illustrated: My thumb is up to Alex Anthopoulos to remaking the Toronto Blue Jays. From the edge of irrelevance, they are now the favourite to win the World Series. The big deal with the Marlins for Reyes and Johnson and Buehrle and then getting R.A. Dickey – what a marvelous coup.

Dave Hodge, TSN: There's little doubt the dreaded NHL lockout has been Canada's no. 1 sports story, and I will happily say "thumbs up" to the latest developments if they represent the beginning of the end of said lockout. Otherwise, I can find only one other reason to say anything good about the lockout, and that was the Broadway-style entertainment it provided, in New York, on the Thursday night of Dec. 6th. That was the time the lockout was ending one minute until a voice-mail message that suggested the season might be ending the next minute.  During an intermission fit for the Gershwin theatre, the audience awaited Bill Daly's delivery of the classic line about the "hill that the league would die on." Earlier, Don Fehr had been calm and his part was brief -- Gary Bettman took to the stage and raged like Lewis Black. For a couple of hours, lockout coverage was riveting. But that was it, and hopefully, we'll never see it again. Let them revive something else on Broadway next time.

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