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Watch a 16 year old Teemu Selanne absolutely blast a free kick

BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jan. 5, 2016 11:10 AM

Straight up, Teemu Selanne is a great man. So really, we should never be that surprised whenever something new and amazing surfaces on the internet about him.

Today’s edition of that features a young teenage Teemu, 16-years old to be precise, playing a sport other than hockey. And no, not golf, that’s the sport he picked up after his hockey days, not before. Without further ado though, here’s Teemu absolutely demolishing a free kick, but unfortunately not getting it under the bar.

Here are a couple pictures of Teemu when he was around the same age as that video, all posted on his Instagram.


A photo posted by Teemu Selanne (@sel8nneteemu) on


A photo posted by Teemu Selanne (@sel8nneteemu) on



A photo posted by Teemu Selanne (@sel8nneteemu) on

As good as that kick was, however, Teemu doesn't look better than when he's taking shots at a hockey net… even if that means at the expense of his old Ducks teammates.


Let's go DUCKS!!!! You can do it!!!????

A video posted by Teemu Selanne (@sel8nneteemu) on

(H/T /r/hockey)