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Russian player whips his stick into the crowd after defeat to Canada in gold medal game

BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jan. 6, 2015 2:30 PM
Yes, Canada is indeed back on top of the hockey world, but lost in the celebration of Monday evening's gold medal victory was the less than sportsmanlike actions of Russian defenseman Paigin Ziyat after the final whistle was blown.

Ziyat, clearly upset with the game's final outcome, expressed his frustration by whipping his stick into the stands, hitting an unsuspecting fan in the process. The Russian defender can be spotted in the bottom left corner of the video.

Here's a few other angles of the incident that seemingly went unnoticed by everyone but the referee's and a few patrons on the left side of the rink at the Air Canada Centre.


A video posted by D.K. (@mymandk) on

Another fan captured an image of Ziyat's infraction, stating that the stick that flew into the stands missed them by just a few feet.

Reportedly, the fan who was struck by the stick was met by officers of the Toronto Police service after the incident, but no other details have emerged at this moment in time.

Looks like Ziyat will have to wait and see if he is to face any form of penalty from the IIHF.