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P.K. Subban & HBO Canada go behind-the-scenes of 2016’s biggest trade in new documentary

BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Nov. 17, 2016 7:58 PM

P.K. Subban is one of the biggest personalities in all of sports and he was half of one of the biggest trades in NHL post-lockout history.

Subban left a city that he had committed himself to, on and off the ice, which was a major turning point for him as a player and person. The trade shocked the hockey world and shocked Subban as well. It's tough to know what a player goes through when something as life changing as this happens, but with release of Subban's new documentary, we'll have a better idea.

From seeing that trailer and how Subban describes the film, it seems like it will be must-see TV for hockey fans:

“My number one goal is to win a Stanley Cup and it all starts with how you prepare yourself during the off-season,” said P.K. Subban. “It was the longest of my career so far, but I looked at it as an opportunity to become the best teammate and player I could be. It was definitely an eventful few months, but I'm excited to give people inside access like never before.”

Of course, it was a difficult time for P.K., but as you can see in that trailer, it only seems to have driven him more and he's in a much better mood now than he probably was at the time of the trade. Or maybe he was just happy to see Cabbie, who sat down with Subban to talk about the film, what “The Noise” is and some of the home videos in the documentary.

We're sure he's not referring to himself with the title of the film, but we will definitely be tuning in to find out exactly what “The Noise” is. The documentary premieres tomorrow at 10pm ET on HBO Canada.

If his Just for Laughs routine in Montreal was any indication, he won't shy away from sharing his feelings about the trade.