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Michael Jordan playfully claims in his prime superiority over LeBron, Shaq, Curry and Kobe

BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Aug. 9, 2015 9:13 PM

When NBA legend Michael Jordan speaks, the sports world listens. That was again the case this Saturday when Jordan spoke at his Flight School camp in California. The former Chicago Bull great took part in a question and answer session and had some interesting things to say about Phil Jackson and Dean Smith, the all-time Bulls versus all-time Lakers, and going one-on-one with LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

Of course, MJ being the competitive being he is, had some interesting things to say when talking about his fellow athletes.

Some highlights from the transcription below are questions as said by Jordan himself:

If I played one game, who would I want to coach: Phil Jackson or Dean Smith?

Dean Smith. Dean Smith helped me become the basketball player I am today. Phil was lucky because I was taught the game by Dean Smith.

Who is the biggest trash talker I ever played against?

Probably Larry Bird. He talks a lot of trash. Good trash, not dirty trash.

What did I think when Shaq said the five all-time greatest Lakers players could beat the Bulls’ five greatest?

I felt like he was just talking. It’s a debate, the thing is that we would never know. I think we would have killed them.

If I could go one-on-one with Stephen Curry or LeBron, which one would I choose?

I would go against Stephen Curry because I’m a little bit bigger than him, I could kind of back him in. But LeBron is too big.

What did I see in Kwame Brown when I drafted him?

I, along with everybody that was in that draft, wanted Kwame Brown because of his athleticism, his size, his speed. He was still a young talent, 18-year-old, 19-year-old kid.

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