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If Hockey Players Went Home: American Teams

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The best young athlete you probably haven't heard of

By Colin Peterson (@ColinPeterson11) Jul. 22, 2014 5:38 PM
If you look back at the history of the ESPY's Best Male College Athlete award you'll see a trend; basketball and football. Not that it's surprising, but other sports don't get a lot of love. This year, however, a stranger appeared on the ballot next to Florida State's QB Jameis Winston, Creighton Basketball star Doug Mc Dermott (the eventual winner), Penn State Wrestler David Taylor, and Calgary Flames prospect Johnny Gaudreau of Boston College. That stranger was Lyle Thompson, a lacrosse player from the University of Albany.

This past weekend, you may have seen him competing at the World Lacrosse Championships where he led the Iroquois National Team to a third place finish, their first ever medal in the event. To get you started here's an amazing highlight from their surprisingly tight 8-9 loss to Canada, who later won gold:

Lyle Thompson, his brother Miles, as well as their cousin Ty, all played together at Albany. This year, Lyle and Miles shared the Tewaaraton Award, the top honour in Lacrosse, having both beat the previous season scoring record of 114. Miles, in his senior year, finished with 119 (82 g, 37 a) meanwhile, sophomore Lyle notched an amazing 128 (51 g, 77 a). Here's some amazing stuff from all three Thompsons this season: (Lyle is #4, Miles #2, Ty #91)

If you want to read more about the family who went from living on the Onondaga Nation (just outside Syracuse, NY) to Lacrosse stardom; check out this Inside Lacrosse article from 2010.

(Ty, Miles, and Lyle Thompson)

Wanna see him destroy a Watermelon? Of course you do.

It's still early, but the type of impact Lyle is making on his sport is comparable to someone like Sydney Crosby in hockey. Keep your eyes peeled, you're going to be seeing a lot of this guy.

(h/t indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com)

What happens when Patrick Kane shows up for your men's team?

By Colin Peterson (@ColinPeterson11) Jul. 22, 2014 4:04 PM
We put up a post this afternoon about NHL players going home (like LeBron) to the team closest to their home town. Well Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks kinda did that. On Monday night he joined the Piranhas at a local rink in Buffalo where they proceeded to beat down the Essex St. Pub team 13-5.

Here's the box score from the game:

And here's the scoring summary:

Here's a few more pictures of Kane with the boys:

And don't worry Essex St. Pub, he routinely makes NHL goalies look silly too.

If you're wondering, "Who's the guy is that scored seven goals?" That's 24-year-old Vinny Scarsella, who played this past season for the Utah Grizzlies of the ECHL.

Scarsella's also a former linemate of the Buffalo Sabres' Cory Conacher as they both attended Canisius College, which is in Buffalo. This is actually the second game Kane has played with them (one goal, two assists in the other appearance) which has one more NHL link; Boston defenceman Torey Krug's brother Matt is a member. This is all bad news for the Piranhas' next opponent, the Peace Frogs, something tells me there won't be anything peaceful about it.

Pretty much the coolest thing you can do with a baseball bat

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jul. 22, 2014 2:28 PM
Let me introduce you to Bercules. Actually, this is Johnny Burke, an athletic trainer who has mastered bat tricks -- or what he refers to as #BaseballSwag. Check him out:

He's good, but SportsNation's Michelle Beadle is pretty good too:

(h/t ftw.usatoday.com)

Whitlock: "Canadian basketball players don't want it as much"

By Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Jul. 22, 2014 12:32 PM
Jason Whitlock has been known to be quite frank when it comes to sensitive issues in sports. Well this time, he has turned his attention to Canadians in the NBA.

"Andrew Wiggins is from Canada, and Canadian athletes (I think, among NBA players and NBA people) perhaps don't want it as much as even some of the Europeans and certainly the American players."

As brought to our attention by The Big Lead, watch it for yourself as Whitlock makes these comments on Keith Olbermann's talk show last night (begins at 3:20 in the video).

Later on in the interview, Olbermann, being the veteran that he is, tried to give Whitlock an opportunity to retract his statements about Canadian players, but Whitlock keeps pushing it further (begins at 1:30 in the video).

Fan grows beard in shape of Nationals logo

By Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Jul. 22, 2014 11:14 AM
Instagram user and who we can only assume is a Nationals diehard, @brooks221 (http://instagram.com/brooks221), has decided to shape his immaculate beard into the form of the Washington Nationals logo.

This wasn't the first time he has crafted his beard into memorable shapes and sizes though, as he is a self-proclaimed "avid beardsman."

20 questions with Dave Hodge

By Dave Hodge (@TSNDaveHodge) Jul. 22, 2014 12:29 PM
1) Was there any good news for fans of Tiger Woods at the British Open? Tiger finished ahead of US Open champion Martin Kaymer. So, the answer is "no".

2) The worst news wasn't Tiger's performance, because if he stays healthy, he's bound to play better. The worst news was written in the names of the golfers younger than Tiger (Rory McIlroy etc.) who finished ahead of him. On the four days of a major tournament, Tiger could beat any of them, but what are the odds he could beat all of them?

3) Jose Bautista is considered the Blue Jays' best player, their best hitter, their "leader", if you will. Edwin Encarnacion hits more homers and drives in more runs than Bautista. When both are in the lineup, who is the Blue Jays' MVP? Hands up if your answer is "Melky Cabrera".

4) What's the biggest headache for the Canadian Football League? a) Attendance in Toronto b) East-West disparity (Eastern teams are 2-10 vs. Western teams) c) Lack of touchdowns (BC's Emmanuel Arceneaux scored three majors last Saturday, and that matched the total recorded by the seven other teams who played in week four).

5) Which NHL team interests you most in the coming season for its "new look"? Among several possible answers, I'm guessing "Vancouver Canucks" will be the most frequent. From management (Trevor Linden/Jim Benning) to coaching (Willie Desjardins) to goaltending (Ryan Miller) to the power play (Nick Bonino) to the absence of Ryan Kesler, the Canucks will look very different. So the key to Vancouver's 2014-2015 season? Hands up if your answer is "the Sedins"?

NHL Players During The Offseason: Part 2

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jul. 21, 2014 12:29 PM
Tyler Seguin Bardown Bardown
A few weeks ago, we jumped into the lives of NHL players in the offseason and showed you how they enjoyed spending their time away from the rink. In part 2 of NHLers in the offseason, we have special appearances by Johnny Football, David Guetta, and even Larry King; ya that Larry King. Enjoy!

This is Henrik Lundqvist winning L.A.

And this is Henrik Lundqvist winning life.

P.K. continues his summer of meeting as many famous people as he possibly can with this pic.

Alex Ovechkin at a party with Andrei Kirilenko.

And fellow Russian, Evgeni Malkin, doing this.

So this is what getting schooled by Kobe looks like...

By Colin Peterson, (@ColinPeterson11), BarDown Jul. 22, 2014 12:39 AM
Kobe Bryant DOES NOT take it easy on anyone. A fan challenged Kobe to a game of H-O-R-S-E and, although he took an early lead, it quickly became clear that Mr. Bryant was simply toying with him:

(Warning: Language NSFW)

Kobe's next opponent is Sandy Lyle. You know, this guy:

Wait, apparently, Sandy is calling a time-out?!?!

Oh, I totally get it. I'd have done the same thing after seeing what Kobe did to the last guy.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

By Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Jul. 21, 2014 4:40 PM
When is it too early to start getting pumped for the NFL season? The answer is never. And with training camps and preseason getting under way within the next few weeks, The Four Monkeys have decided to make this awesome NFL season pump up video in stopmotion lego form.

If you enjoy these videos, here are some other memorable sports moments all in lego stopmotion form.