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Cabbie McDavid

BarDown's Raptors cartoon mascot

By Bardown Staff (@Bardown) Dec. 21, 2014 6:23 PM
With the Toronto Raptors maybe or maybe not unveiling their new logo this past Friday, BarDown thought we'd get our artist EPoole88 to make one of his legendary cartoon mascots for the team. And with the Raptors taking care of the Knicks earlier this evening, which even featured the human victory cigars Bruno and Bebe, we thought this would be the perfect time to show our Raptor pride with our official mascot cartoon.


Dikembe Mutombo vs. J.J. Watt finger-wag battle

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Dec. 21, 2014 2:59 PM
Former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo and defensive end J.J. Watt met up before the Houston Texans took on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, and there seemed to be a finger-wag showdown taking place. As if the Ravens offense wasn't enough competition for Watt, Mutombo showed up to call the defensive beast out on being a finger-wag copycat.

Watt has been using Mutombo's signature "swat" celebration this season, so perhaps the NBA legend came to talk about a reasonable selling price for the move.

We're willing to bet a negotiation between Watt and Mutombo would grow increasingly frustrating, as the stubborn defenders "finger-wag" back and forth at each others asking prices and offers.

"Hey J.J., how about you pay me $500 to use the finger-wag?" - Mutombo

"I'll pay you $450..." - Watt

(H/T SB Nation)

The top 10 bobbleheads from this past MLB season

By Daniel Zakrzewski (@Art_A_Zak) Dec. 21, 2014 2:58 PM
One of the biggest knocks against baseball is it's grueling 162 game schedule. It's hard enough for some fans to find the time to watch a couple of games a week, let alone attempting to commit to watching a game every night of the week. But that's looking at the glass half-empty.

Here's the optimist's view of the length MLB schedule. A potential 81 home games to attend during the year, a third of which are packed with promotional freebies to attract fans during the dog days of summer. Without a doubt bobbleheads are the most sacred of promotional giveaways, and are by far the coolest to go home with. Here's our list of the top 10 bobbleheads from the 2014 MLB season.

10. Macklemore Mariners

(Courtesy: eBay)

If you haven't heard Macklemore's wonderful tribute to former Seattle Mariners play-by-play announcer Dave Niehaus, My Oh My, then the decision to give the Grammy award winning rapper a bobblehead may have you scratching your head. But Macklemore's proved that he not only has love for his north-western city, but also for his baseball team as well. Gotta love the chains on this bobblehead.

9. Hunter Pence Scooter

(Courtesy: MLB Giants)

As soon as Derek Jeter announced his retirement at the beginning of last season, one of the most asked question was "who is going to be the new face of baseball." Trout and Harper are the obvious answers, but the enigmatic outfielder Hunter Pence and his antics may also be in the running. When he's not creating new team slogans, Pence can be spotted riding his scooter to AT&T Ballpark, and this season you could've been sighted leaving the park with a bobblehead to commemorate his odd choice of gameday transportation.

8. Pudge Rodriguez

(Courtesy: Stadium Giveaway Exchange)

When we first saw this, we were obviously impressed with just how many Gold Gloves Pudge Rodriguez had won for his stellar defense behind the plate. But another thought emerged. Not to steal Rodriguez's thunder, but how amazing would 16-time Gold Glover Brooks Robinson's bobblehead be if they had him build a fort out of them.

7. Bill Taft Nationals

(Courtesy: Bobbles Galore)

The Nationals Presidents race has become one of the greatest spectacles in all of the majors. Even though you know Teddy Roosevelt is most likely to come in last, and that Abraham Lincoln is most likely to win, there's still just something so hilarious about watching the mascots sprint around Nationals Park. William Taft has won the least out of the five former presidents, so Nationals fans may have developed a soft spot for him in their hearts. Now fans can show their support with a consolation bobblehead.

Coach gets kicked in the face... keeps coaching

By Danny Wright (@dannnywright) Dec. 21, 2014 1:24 PM
Coach gets kicked in the face... keeps coaching If South Alabama football coach Joey Jones wanted to teach his players how to play tough, he must have known they were visual learners. The coach was accidentally kicked in the face in the fourth quarter of Saturday's Raycom Media Camellia Bowl by one of his own players as they attempted a comeback trailing 27-21.

Jones took the cleat to the face in stride, and continued coaching as blood ran down his face.

The act of courage to motivate his team (or unfortunate accident), inspired them to score a go-ahead touchdown with just 1:20 remaining in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, Bowling Green connected on a 78-yard touchdown to secure a 33-28 win.

You got all bloodied for nothing, coach. We at BarDown hope you heal both physically and mentally from this bowl game we're sure you'll never forget.

(H/T For The Win)

Power boat does full back flip captured on GoPro

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Dec. 21, 2014 12:06 AM
Real question: Have you ever watched a video involving a high speed boat that didn't flip in the end? No? Us either. But, something we haven't seen is the whole event through the lens of a GoPro cam. It's pretty much as eery as you would imagine.

Now, why would anyone agree to take a power boat like this out for a ride on the water knowing full well it would turn into a glide through the sky? We have no clue...could you help us out with this one, Captain Steve?

Russell Westbrook lets kids know just how hard training is in funny Foot Locker spot

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Dec. 20, 2014 9:02 PM
At this point you're all probably well familiar with the brand of humor associated with the ads released by sports retailer Foot Locker, but they may have just topped themselves with this one.

In this commercial spot starring OKC point guard Russell Westbrook, the NBA All-Star takes a young aspiring basketball player through his intense training sessions in an attempt to show that that it's not all glitz and glamour -- well, sort of.

This spot already had us chuckling with the shots in the "dramatically lit gym", but the surprise Spike Lee cameo with the director reprising his role as Mars? Perfection.

Unfortunately, not all holiday commercials are created equal. Let this particular commercial below serve as a reminder that some script ideas are better left on the cutting room floor.

(H/T: FTW USA Today)

High Schooler makes amazing one-handed grab

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Dec. 20, 2014 7:39 PM
It's been a few weeks since Odell Beckham Jr's unforgettable one-handed grab and the dust around it has finally settled. There's no denying the fact that Beckham's catch will be crowned catch of the year, if not play of the year, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy other wickedly awesome one handed grabs.

Enter Tren’Davian Dickson, a high school football player from Texas who just pulled off a catch worth mentioning in the same breath as Beckham's (that's the new benchmark and you know it).

Well Mr. Dickinson, truthfully we can't give you a 'catch of the year' nod, as the poles have clearly closed on that vote. But the award we can give you is a close second -- our seal of approval.

**walks off stage**

(H/T: FTW USA Today)

Player in Argentinian basketball league sucker punches opponent in the face

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Dec. 20, 2014 4:41 PM
The play on a basketball court is usually already physical enough that it doesn't need the addition of turn around sucker punches it's a contact sport. Apparently one player in the Liga Nacional de Básquet (Argentina) didn't get that memo.

During a game between Regatas and San Martin, two players jockeyed for position under the rim until one of them took exception to the contact he was receiving, retaliating with a surprise right hook.

This particular incident reminded us of another unsportsmanlike play that took place a number of years ago during a basketball game involving another Argentinian team.

Scary stuff and certainly something you never wish to see on a basketball court.

(H/T: Live Leak)

Masai Ujiri sings with bus full of Raptors fans headed to Detroit

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Dec. 20, 2014 4:35 PM
Seemingly overnight the Toronto Raptors have become one of the most talked about and beloved professional sports franchises in the country.

Apart from playing some attractive basket ball that has them sitting atop the Eastern Conference, the Raptors have earned the respect of fans nationwide through their off-court charisma and genuinely warm interactions with fans. Consider this video taken aboard a tour bus full of Raptors fans headed to Detroit reason #286 to love this team.

Is there currently a general manager more loved than Masai Ujiri in any of the big four sports? If so, we can't think of them. In case you're still looking for another reason to join the Raptors movement, check out James Johnson's insane dunk from Friday night that could only be topped by his post-game comments on said dunk.

The Raptors went on to win 110-100 versus the Pistons, meaning the strut continues...