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Wisniewski piano master

By Danny Wright (@dannnywright) Nov. 27, 2014 10:23 PM
Columbus Blue Jackets James Wisniewski didn't have a hockey game to play Thursday night, so he took the opportunity to celebrate American Thanksgiving by playing the piano for what we can assume are his family and friends. Wisniewski is actually pretty good, and seems very proud of his skills at the end of the video.

It's nice of the American defenceman to help entertain his family during the holiday season... he's busy entertaining the city of Columbus the rest of the year. A man of many talents, Wisniewski is.

(H/T James Wisniewski's YouTube)

Lupul gives amazing response to girlfriend questions

By Danny Wright (@dannnywright) Nov. 27, 2014 5:51 PM
The Toronto Maple Leafs made their annual holiday visit to The Hospital for Sick Children on Thursday afternoon, and the floor was open for the kids to play the role of the media and ask their favourite Leafs' players questions. Left wing Joffrey Lupul was put on the hot seat when asked whether or not he has a girlfriend. Lupul's response is fantastic and we're convinced this kid has a future in the media.

Lupul says "this is going to make for some good TV," and boy is he ever right! We wonder what his girlfriend, or... not girlfriend, will have to say about this.

(H/T Leafs TV)

Ray Thompson short-handed top-shelf goal

By Danny Wright (@dannnywright) Nov. 27, 2014 5:27 PM
In Junior C hockey last week Ray Thompson of the Dundas Blues netted a fantastic short-handed goal into the top corner of the net against the Niagara Riverman. A week later the goal has garnered interest from the likes of ESPN SportsCenter's Top 10 Neighborhood (American spelling) plays of the month. Thompson steals the puck on the power play kill, comes flying down the wing, goes forehand, backhand and nets the puck top-shelf for the beautiful goal.

It was the only hockey highlight that made their top fan-generated plays, as ESPN commonly sticks to football and basketball. It has to be a good Junior C hockey highlight if it's aired in the United States!

(H/T SportsCenter Twitter)

12 year old boy nails the Star Spangled Banner

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Nov. 27, 2014 3:58 PM
For those of you who couldn't sneak away from work or school earlier today to catch the beginning of the football game, you missed this 12 year old boy absolutely kill it with his singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Some of you may know Quintavious Johnson as the season 9 finalist on America's Got Talent, but for the rest of us, we were introduced to this magnificent young boy prior to the Bears/Lions kickoff.

Here is the climax of his performance.

And here is the full rendition if you'd like to watch and listen to that.

But what this really does, is give us an opportunity to give a shout out to our favourite anthem singer, Briannah Donolo.

(H/T Uproxx)

One-on-one with Mark Cohon

By Danny Wright (@dannnywright) Nov. 27, 2014 10:05 AM
Mark Cohon is the 12th and current commissioner of the Canadian Football League. He’s been able to tick many boxes off during his time as CFL commissioner, including a ninth team, a few new stadiums, a new TV deal with TSN, a salary cap, labour peace with the players for the next four years, and the league’s first drug-testing policy. Cohon, who was appointed commissioner in 2007, has announced he will be stepping down when his current term ends in April 2015. We caught up with the commissioner while he was making the rounds to chat about his tenure as chief, what he still wants to accomplish with the Argonauts, and even a little hockey.

Danny Wright: What is your most proud accomplishment from your time as CFL Commissioner?

Mark Cohon: It’s hard to say one thing, I mean; I think there are many things. But if I reflect back, obviously the big TV deal, you know, the stadiums being built, but probably the moment in terms of pride, and pride as a Canadian, was the celebration of the 100th Grey Cup across this country. It really was in many ways our Olympic moment for the CFL. So from the Grey Cup traveling eight thousand kilometers across this country, to the stamps, the coins, the documentaries we did with Bell Media, to the amazing celebration we did here in Toronto. It was something that galvanized our country, and if I look as a proud Canadian, that’s probably one of my highlights from my time here with the CFL.

Tonight Show NFL Thanksgiving superlatives

By Danny Wright (@dannnywright) Nov. 27, 2014 3:01 PM
Jimmy Fallon kept up with his weekly NFL custom by handing out superlatives to the San Fransisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks in anticipation of the Thanksgiving evening game on last night's Tonight Show. This weeks superlatives are particularly awesome!

49ers' defensive end Justin Smith's official team profile really does look a lot like he's waiting for you to be done with his computer hoping you don't see his search history. Let's look at it again...

(Image courtesy of ESPN)

"Are you done... are you done, bro?"

(H/T The Tonight Show YouTube)

We really know nothing about Jack Eichel

By Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Nov. 27, 2014 2:12 PM

(Richard T. Gagnon/Getty Images)

What do we really know about the other young hockey phenom, American Jack Eichel. We hear all the time about Connor McDavid and how great he could be. We've all seen countless interviews with him, whether it be with Bob McKenzie or whoever. But what about the other guy, what about Jack?

Well, Jack was born in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts and now plays with Boston University in NCAA D1 hockey. He's rated as the top U.S. prospect and 2nd behind Connor McDavid in the world, according to Bob McKenzie's rankings, but is considered the number 1 by some others.

(Getty Images)

And since there's not much online about his personality, what better way to learn than through a thorough social media creep. So, here's what we learned about the young American.

First of all, like any upstanding young gentleman, he loves his parents.

The NHL's Thanksgiving Day float

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Nov. 27, 2014 2:04 PM
The National Hockey League featured a float during Thursday's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, with former NHL stars John LeClair and Pat LeFontaine riding shotgun. The NHL legends were joined by Joel and Benji Madden of the popular band Good Charlotte, preforming their hit song "Dear Jane."

Ready for some 'old time hockey' with these guys? #ThanksgivingShowdown #MacysParade

Ett foto publicerat av NHL (@nhl)

Grey Cup Mascot Cartoons

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Nov. 27, 2014 12:12 PM
With the 102nd Grey Cup officially set and a few days away. It's time to release the Grey Cup mascot cartoon that you've all been dying to see. Special thanks to our artist EPoole88 for making all of these awesome designs.

To see the Division Semis and the other team's individual mascots that round, you can check those out HERE.

To see the Division Finals and those team's individual mascots, you can check them out HERE.

102nd Grey Cup matchup...

And here's how we got to the Grey Cup.