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Can #HowOldRobot guess NHLer's ages?

Hull player commits ridiculous dive against Arsenal

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) May. 4, 2015 10:59 PM

Hull City winger Ahmed Elmohamady committed one of the most ridiculous flops we've seen in any sports on Monday afternoon in their match against Arsenal. Elmohamady was in his own team's box when he decided to leap in pain well after there was even borderline contact with the Arsenal player, and pretty much just embarrassed himself.

Hull City ended up losing 3-1, but the real loser here was Elmohamady's dignity.

Just get up, man.

(H/T SB Nation)

Man plays Star Wars theme on flaming bagpipes while balancing on ball for Star Wars Day

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) May. 4, 2015 9:07 PM

Is this sports? We'd argue that yes this kind of is sports-ish, since this man does show some pretty great balance walking on this giant ball. He's also playing the bagpipes, and not just regular bagpipes, these are flaming bagpipes. And to top it all off he's playing the Star Wars theme, while wearing a Star Wars short on Star Wars day.

Happy May The Fourth everyone. (Obviously don't try this at home)

When this guy's mom told him not to play with fire while playing an instrument and balancing on a giant ball...

(H/T Barstool Sports)

Steph Curry gets choked up talking about what his father means to him during MVP speech

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) May. 4, 2015 8:12 PM

For the second year in the row, the NBA's MVP has gotten choked up discussing the importance of what their parents meant to them and their career. The unlikely MVP, Steph Curry, who went to a small school, was drafted seventh overall and wasn't supposed to be a top flight NBA player couldn't contain his emotions when talking about what his father, former Toronto Raptor Dell Curry, meant to him.

But perhaps our favourite moment from the afternoon was this moment right here, which gave us the GIF we will use every time Curry does something awesome for the rest of the playoffs.

And here's a bit more on Steph and Dell, including this awesome commercial.

(H/T For The Win)

This boxing round from 1985 is what viewers hoped Mayweather vs. Pacquiao would look like

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) May. 4, 2015 5:15 PM

It hasn't even been 48 hours since the proclaimed 'fight of the century' between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao concluded and yet we bet you've heard at least 376 people tell you how disappointed they were in how the bout went.

Mayweather's defensive, counter-punching style doesn't exactly make for the fireworks filled type of boxing that casual fans go gaga over, which lead to many viewers feeling let down, especially after the huge build up in hype. So why the wide spread criticism? Well, as FTW USA Today showed, when you've witnessed physically punishing rounds like this classic first round knock-around between Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns from 85', it's hard to get excited about calm and calculated boxing.

Now that's a round that leaves you breathless. It is understandable how some fight viewers could be turned off by Floyd's surgically precise defensive style, but that doens't mean that 'Money Mayweather' he didn't fight a good fight. It's just that it's never going to stack up against a highlight reel like Mike Tyson's knockout clips. Never.

As they say, different strokes for different folks. But the world made it pretty clear on Saturday -- they prefer to see boxers swing for the fences, not counter-punch from behind one.

(H/T: FTW USA Today)

Producer raising funds for awesome California Seals documentary

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) May. 4, 2015 5:03 PM

One of the flashier, but more forgotten teams in NHL history is the California Golden Seals. The team was brought into the league as an expansion team in 1966, and were the first to rock white skates. Marc Greczmiel, a Los Angeles-based producer and former die-hard Seals fan, is attempting to make a documentary about his old favorite squad. Check out the preview clip he made to help raise funds and awareness for the project.

Can you imagine what it would be like to skate with 50 coats of paint on your boots?

The team’s skates may have been a bit too flashy, but their jerseys were on point. A donation of $250 will get you one, so make sure to help Marc out and you’ll be able to look like a Cali hockey player from the 60’s.

(H/T: The Seals’ Documentary and Why You Should Be Part of the Crowdfunding Effort)

Man in camo hat chugs two beers while NASCAR racecars go speeding by

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) May. 4, 2015 4:34 PM
Ask any NASCAR fan why they love to attend the races in erson and you'll likely hear about how energetic the race day atmosphere can get. The barbecues are out, the fans are pumped and of course, the brews are cold.

What's it like to attend a race? We've never been to one, but this man with a handlebar mustache wearing a camo hat and downing two beers while the cars go flying by sure makes it seem like a pretty good time.

Bonus points for whatever that celebration dance was and waiting to make sure the cars were speeding by before downing the drinks. Patience pays off.

(H/T: Bro Bible)

Floyd Mayweather Sr. wiped out hard attempting to bust a move like James Brown

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) May. 4, 2015 3:33 PM

Before Floyd Mayweather Jr. spent all of Saturday night dancing in the ring, his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. saved his best moves for the pre-fight dance floor. Thursday, while attending an event at Fiesta Rancho Casino in Las Vegas, Floyd's father got on stage to take a shot at capturing a title of his own -- trying to emulate the slick dance moves of James Brown.

Unlike Floyd Jr's battle, this bout ended in a hard knockdown, or rather a fall down.

We'd likely to think we're pretty fair judges, so for our card we'll score it Brown 10 for being the hardest working man in show business and give Mayweather Sr. a 9 for his not so gracious but audacious effort.

Not every Mayweather can leave Vegas a winner.

(H/T: Barstool Sports)

The Manitoba Moose's return to Winnipeg now has a new style

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) May. 4, 2015 3:20 PM

Despite getting swept by the Anaheim Ducks in the first round of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Winnipeg Jets and their fans have plenty of reason to cheer. Today, Jets ownership announced that the team’s farm team has changed its name from the ‘Ice Caps’ back to the ‘Moose.’ It was determined in March that the team would return to Winnipeg for the 2015-2016 season after spending four years in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Prior to being rellocated and re-named, the Moose had one of the strongest fan bases in the AHL. Given what we’ve seen from Jets fans since their return, it’s safe to say they will have an even louder following.

We’re just hoping they can make the playoffs next year so the foam antlers can return to hockey.

(H/T True North brings Manitoba Moose back to Winnipeg)

These fans remade GTA 2 in real life using drone camera & it's outstandingly accurate

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) May. 4, 2015 2:40 PM
Alright, so it's a little early in the day to be claiming this (depending on what time zone you live in), but here it is...this video you're about to watch is the clip of the day. Before DMA Designs brought the world of Grand Theft Auto into the 3D realm with GTA 3, fans of the open-sandbox game played the series from a birds eye perspective.

Now, thanks to consumer drone camera technology, we get to relive the action of GTA 2 in this amazingly produced fan video that features everything from the exact camera angles, full heads up display, and perfectly mimicked player animations.

If we could choose to have anything from the current series recreated, it would most likely be this...