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Spirited goalie fight starts with fists, ends with hugs

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jan. 27, 2015 3:46 PM

We've got ourselves an old-fashioned goalie fight, people. During a CCHL match-up between the Pembroke Lumber Kings and the Carleton Place Canadians, the two teams locked horns for a line brawl in the third period when a shot was taken after the whistle had been blown for a penalty.

Not to be outdone by the players in front of them, both team's goalies met at centre-ice and decided to join in on the action. You know things are going to get pretty hairy when a player starts taking his pads and jersey off to increase his range of motion for the fight.

After the scrap up there were clearly no hard feelings between the two goalies, with both embracing for a quick bro-hug before heading off the ice. Last month was essentially "goalies gone wild month", with a number of netminder tillys going down. If you needed a little recap, here are a few of the most notable dust ups from December.

Goaltenders are most certainly a different breed of human being, but time and time again they've proved the fact that they're just as tough as any other player on the ice.

(H/T: Reddit)

JJ Watt plows through pedestrians to get Jimmy Kimmel a latte

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jan. 27, 2015 3:43 PM
Now that it’s officially the offseason for 30 teams in the NFL, you’ll begin seeing players making random appearances throughout the late night TV landscape. Last night, J.J. Watt showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live looking for more coffee because they ran out in the back. This led to Watt barreling through the streets of L.A. fetching a latte for the host, leaving Elmo and other pedestrians as collateral damage in his path of destruction.

Watt was also a guest on the show later in the night, in which he talked about the Pro Bowl and dealing with getting a massive NFL contract.

This rugby girl nicknamed 'KO' is a certified beast

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jan. 27, 2015 1:57 PM
Tianna Camous, also known by the nickname ‘KO’, plays rugby for Lindenwood University where she literally wrecks people with her devastating hits. According to The Folson Telegraph, Tianna played football against guys when she was 14-years old and earned a full scholarship to wrestle at Lindenwood. Those two facts should have been enough to convince you that she has all the makings of being a tackling machine, but if not, well take a look.

Wondering what her wrestling tape looks like? Just as dominant…

And in the spirit of rugby hits.

(H/T Bro Bible)

NHL player salaries higher than NFL on average, still lower than NBA & MLB

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jan. 27, 2015 1:41 PM
Quick! Which league out of the big four has the highest average salary? Do you have your answer? Good, now name the league with the lowest average salary? Before glancing at the title of this post and using your skills of deduction(crafty, aren't you), we're going to guess that most of you listed the MLB at the top of the payroll totem pole and the NHL at the bottom.

That would've been a safe guess, founded in logic, due to most sports fans understanding where each of the big four leagues rank respectively in North American television ratings, mixed with the knowledge that some baseball players pull in contracts valued in the range of Czar to Richard Branson. But a recent Forbes report has revealed that, on average, MLB players do not make the most and more surprisingly, NHL players do not make the least, the NFL does. Here are the salary figures from last season as reported by Forbes.


(Courtesy: Lakers Pulse)

Average Salary: $4.9 million

Highest Paid: $30.45 million - Kobe Bryant

Minimum Salary: $490, 180

NYU frat guys play beer pong in the blizzardy streets of New York

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jan. 27, 2015 1:02 PM
Around midnight last night, after the transportation ban in New York City caused by the blizzard storming through the east coast had struck, a group of NYU frat guys decided to go play beer pong on First Avenue. These heroes were having a nice gentlemanly game until one guy decided to “dunk” on the table. The table breaks, sirens hit the airwaves and chaos ensues.

(Warning: This video is NSFW)

In case you missed the dunk at around the 3:20 mark, here it is again.

This Seahawks fan's wife is gonna be so mad when she gets home

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jan. 27, 2015 12:02 PM
There are casual fans, there are real fans and then there are the diehards. And then there’s this guy. Yes, this man, named Ashtin who lives in Chandler, Arizona, decided to repaint his entire house (Including the lawn!) Seahawks themed. He’s got it all, from the flag to the player numbers on the garage, to the 12th man tribute on the roof. But since he lives nowhere near Seattle, we’re worried about the abuse he’ll take from the neighbours if the Seahawks don’t win on Sunday.

Good luck, buddy.

This guy isn’t the first fan to pull this off, as here are some other examples from over the years.


Barber's Cuts: Omark's signature dangle

By Pavel Barber (@HeyBarber) Jan. 27, 2015 11:25 AM
Welcome to "Barber's Cuts" where I feature the best amateur hockey clips in the world. I have always been very interested in seeing amazing hockey highlights from people who haven't made it to the show. There are a lot of unbelievable dangles, goals, hits, and saves out there, but there was really never a place you could go to watch them all. In this segment of TSN BarDown, we change that. It's time to put you guys in the spotlight!

Jay Finan pulls off a ridiculous variation of the Linus Omark dangle using a toe drag before flipping it over the goalie. Traditionally, this move was used to fool goalies by faking a shot and pulling it back with the backhand before flipping it over the tendy.

Louis CK describes exactly how #DeflateGate went down

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jan. 27, 2015 11:27 AM
Louis CK was a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman last night and was his usual hilarious self. Being from the Boston area and naturally a Patriots fan, the topic turned to this Sunday’s Super Bowl and everyone’s new favourite topic, #DeflateGate. Louis breaks it all down and describes exactly what happened with Belichick, Brady and the Pats and why the whole thing is hilarious.

And Conan also decided to tackle the subject, with a great recap of how the Patriots have cheated in the past.

And he even tries to explain what happened to the footballs.

(H/T Uproxx Sports)

Seattle NHL expansion team: Mammoth's redesign

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jan. 27, 2015 11:05 AM
Yesterday, we showed you a design by Xamboni, depicting what he believed would be a cool look for an NHL expansion team based in Seattle, if there ever is one. Xamboni called them the Seattle Mammoths, which featured a very brown and beige theme, but now he’s done a redesign of that concept with a theme that’s more “Seattle.”

So, in honour of Super Bowl week, here’s the concept for the “Seattle Seamammoths”.

And here’s the jersey concept we showed you yesterday.

And, for comparison, here’s the Seattle Kraken jersey concept we showed you last week, designed by Sparky Chewbarky.

(H/T /r/hockey)