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Large man physically moves a car out of a bike path, gets back on bike, rides across path casually

By BarDown Jul. 27, 2015 11:45 PM

When we go biking along a pathway with family members and a car happens to be parked on the path, we swerve around the car and think to ourselves, "the driver of that car has no concern for us bikers." We sometimes think of taking action against said driver who parked on a bike path, but the best we could do is leave an angry written letter on his or her windshield. It's not like one man could pick up a car and physically remove it from the path... right? Right?

This biker, who is apparently the Incredible Hulk, was taking his bicycle for a quick spin along the bike path when a car was in the pathway. The man got off his bike, picked up the car and physically moved it off the path. We didn't know it was possible... but here is video evidence proving us wrong.

The best part is how he gets back onto his bike and casually pedals along his way.

He's the hero the bike path deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Forget the newspaper, The Phil webcomic is our new favourite daily read

By BarDown Jul. 27, 2015 11:01 PM

This NHL offseason right winger Phil Kessel was traded by the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Pittsburgh Penguins in a blockbuster deal. The Kessel era didn't work out in Toronto, and the relationship between Kessel and the Maple Leafs was consistently a fascinating storyline around the NHL. Now we can live Kessel's journey through the NHL in comic book form with 'The Phil,' an unofficial webcomic for Kessel fans, Leafs fans and Penguins fans alike.

Some of the language in the webcomic is NSFW.

Just Leaf him alone

Time for a re-Phil

Crosby learning of the trade

Everybody Hates Phil

Phil Phil Phil Phil Phil

Thrilling everyone at camp

Snap, snap!

We can't get enough of these The Phil comic strips, both because we love Kessel and they're so incredibly well done. The drawings, the humour, the detail about ever NHL personality used in the comics were all perfect. Bravo, City Folk!

(H/T City Folk)

Nicklas Lidstrom says Mario Lemieux was the best player he faced

By BarDown Jul. 27, 2015 10:22 PM

Former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame this upcoming November, and if anyone's word should be respected in the National Hockey League, it's probably the four-time Stanley Cup champion.

According to a report in the Swedish newspaper 'Expressen,' Lidstrom spoke on players he's played against, and said Pittsburgh Penguins centre Mario Lemieux was the best player he ever faced. The exact quote was as follows:

"It was all about Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Steve Yzerman," said Lidstrom. "Lemieux had an incredible reach and some really good skills with his stick. Gretzky had that too, but he made all the players around him better. Individually, I would say Lemieux was the better player."

The debate rages on between who the greatest player of all time is. Is it Gretzky or Lemieux? Could it be a player who is currently in the middle of their NHL career? Or maybe the conversation is irrelevant because it will all change when a recent Edmonton Oilers first-round draft pick show is what he's got.

Weigh in on the topic and let us know -- who do you think the greatest player of all-time is?

(H/T nhl.com)

Are game used pucks not functional enough to justify buying? Check out these bottle opening pucks!

By BarDown Jul. 27, 2015 9:15 PM

What do hockey pucks do after they've been used in National Hockey League games and retire from competitive play? They probably sit in a bin somewhere and are never used again. A lonely life for a puck.

If you have ever wanted to collect game used NHL pucks, but couldn't justify having a bunch of pucks around the house, we've found a more functional form of game used hockey pucks just for you. These cleverly made game used puck bottle openers, featuring every scuff and scratch mark from the specific game it was used in, are perfect for the beer drinking hockey fan. With all the game used memorabilia out there these days, these pucks have to be the most practical.

We can picture it now, a world where beer is only ever opened by game used NHL pucks. What a beautiful world it would be.

We'll accept either hockey puck openers... or this...

You can find these awesome Game Used Hockey Pucks from various NHL games for purchase at www.uncommongoods.com.

(H/T Uncommon Goods)

Barkov is so anxious to get back on the ice he wears his hockey skates playing NHL 15

By BarDown Jul. 27, 2015 7:59 PM

The offseason is an enjoyable time for most National Hockey League players. After a long season of grueling work and non-stop hockey, a player is able to enjoy having a less demanding schedule, relax and heal up from a seasons worth of injuries. Aleksander "Sasha" Barkov, Jr. is not one of those players.

The Florida Panthers first round pick (second overall) in 2013 has had enough vacation time, and is ready to get back out onto the ice. How do we know this? This photo he posted to his Instagram account on Monday of him playing NHL 15 for the Playstation 4 counsel while wearing his hockey skates. His caption reads, "This is the closest I can get to the action at the moment."

This is the closest I can get to the action at the moment ?? #isitoctoberyet #nhl15

A photo posted by Aleksander Barkov (@barkovsasha) on

While other players spend summer vacation TEXT out in the sunshine, all Barkov wants is to be back on the ice. To be honest, we don't blame him at all. We're pretty desperate for the NHLers to get back on the ice ourselves!

Come back NHL! Come back as soon as you possibly can!

Best of Cabbie with Ronda Rousey

By BarDown Jul. 27, 2015 6:34 PM

There are three guarantees in life, death, taxes and Ronda Rousey dominating the UFC Women's Bantamweight division. 2015 has been a big year for Rousey, with the Riverside County, California native defending her UFC title for a fifth straight time, starring in the newest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, as well as taking home two ESPYs, one for 'Fighter of the Year.'

Monday, ahead of Rousey's August 1st title defense versus Bethe Correia, TSN (on TSN2) will air a special profile on the current UFC Women's Bantamweight champ hosted by Cabbie. The special will chronicle a number of Rousey's appearances at the network and will also feature one-on-one interviews as she discusses her upcoming fight. In the past year, Cabbie has a had a few memorable encounters with the dominate mixed-martial artist, a few of which we'd like to share with you in preparation for Monday evening's killer special.

Rousey's first appearance on Cabbie Presents

A hockey game, hot wings and ciders...that's one scenario that Rousey described as the recipe for an awesome night when she made her debut appearance on Cabbie Presents.

Ronda Rousey Can't Be Bought

In case you didn't know, Ronda kinda had a fairly memorable appearance at this year's ESPYS. But we're not talking about when she accepted her award for 'Fighter of the Year.' We're talking about when she completely shot down Cabbie's Canadian-themed proposition on the red carpet.

This Is What Happens When You Lose to Ronda Rousey in MK

Losing to a regular opponent in Mortal Kombat usually just means you pass the sticks on to another friend. But when you lose to Ronda Rousey, it means you get down and do push-ups while she makes sure your form is correct.

For even more on Ronda Rousey, don't forget to tune into her profile special on TSN2, on July 27th at 9:30pm (EST).

Gilbert Arenas got banned from the Orange County Fair for being too good and winning all the prizes

By BarDown (@BarDown) Jul. 27, 2015 5:10 PM

Basketball games always look the easiest at the carnival, but when you take that first shot and clank it off of the perceived 'double rim,' then every shot after that becomes a nightmare, unless your Agent Zero of course.
This past weekend, Gilbert Arenas brought his family to the Orange County Fair, and like any pro basketball player would do, Arenas gave the basketball hoops a try. The former All Star might not be playing in the NBA anymore, but turns out he's still got it, and now he's got all the prizes to go along with it.

We're sure that being banned from basketball hoops never felt so good, for Hibachi and his family. They got every stuffed animal imaginable including a minion larger than Agent Zero's son and Arenas got to show the world that he's still dominating blacktops, even if it's not an NBA one anymore.

(H/T: SB Nation)

A detailed remembrance of the Quebec Nordiques

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jul. 27, 2015 4:41 PM

With all the recent talk about the Quebec Nordiques possibly making a return to the NHL, we thought we’d take a look back at an old post we did on the team about a year ago. Quebec City was one of two cities, the other being Las Vegas, to submit an application for NHL expansion. In honour of that, here’s a detailed remembrance of the Quebec Nordiques and all that they were.

Where'd they play? Colisée de Québec
When they were active? 1979-95
Playoff appearances: 9
Stanley Cup Victories: 0
Team's overall record: 1256 GP - 497 W -599 L - 160 T (.459 winning percentage)
Most goals: Michel Goulet 456
Most assists: Peter Stastny 668
Most points: Peter Stastny 1048
Notable players: Peter Stastny (1980-90), Michel Goulet (1979-90), Anton Stastny (1980-89), Joe Sakic (1988-95), Mats Sundin (1990-94), Dale Hunter (1980-87), Owen Nolan (1990-95), Steven Finn (1985-95), Ron Tugnutt (87-92), Dan Bouchard (1980-85), Stephane Fiset (1989-95).
Best Jersey: The Nordiques starting wearing the red crest with white trimming during their second season in the NHL. The iconic jersey is one of the classics.

(Image via NHL Uniforms)

Worst Jersey: When the Nordiques joined the NHL from the WHA, their home jersey from 1979-80 was slightly different than the one that came after it. Their home jersey's featured a white crest with red trimming, which just looks weird.

(Image via NHL Uniforms)

Best goalie mask: There were some great masks from Nordiques goaltenders.

Ron Hextall

(Image via Pro Hockey FR)

The Greatest Hockey Stick Guitars of all time

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Jul. 27, 2015 3:45 PM

A hockey player’s greatest instrument in their arsenal on the ice is undoubtedly their stick. Without it, they're powerless, much like a rockstar would be without his or her guitar. Both instruments have significant places in history, whether it's the twig that Wayne Gretzky scored his last goal with or the guitar Paul McCartney still uses to entertain the masses. Both objects are amazing on their own, but what if they were combined?
On Monday we gave the world the best Rock 'n' Roll Hockey Card Mashups and now we have some suitable instruments for our Superstars which feature the best of both worlds. Here are some of the greatest hockey stick inspired guitars of all time.

(Courtesy of sevenstring.org forum)

(Courtesy of Mudd Guitars)