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Cabbie Presents: Kyle Lowry

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There's only two ways this backflip can end

By Danny Wright (@dannnywright) Nov. 24, 2014 1:34 AM
When we first came across this gif, strictly from the young mans physical appearance, we assumed it would end in an "America's Funniest Home Videos" type disaster. The lesson here is to never judge a book by its cover, because this guy gracefully lands a round-off backflip in style!

We know some professional athletes who would have fallen flat on their face if they attempted a flip like this!

All we can do is Michael Jordan "shrug" at this one...

(Courtesy of Total Pro Sports)

How did he do it?

(H/T For The Win)

Reactions to Odell Beckham Jr's monstrous catch

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Nov. 23, 2014 10:34 PM
Sunday night NFL fans were treated to what will go down as one of the greatest catches in league history. Yes, no hyperbole involved here -- the catch was that good.

In the second quarter of the Sunday nighter between the Cowboys and the Giants, New York receiver Odell Beckham Jr. launched himself backwards in an attempt to catch an overthrown pass from Eli Manning. He came, he saw, he made one of the most difficult catches of all time.

Many football fans online were quick to point out the fact that Beckham has been pulling off this sort of one-handed wizardry for quite some time now. Here a few more to further cement the Giants receiver's hand of gold.

It wasn't just fans who were lauding over the catch, athletes and media personalities alike took to twitter to share their reactions to the bonkers catch.

Oilers get booed by fans outside their locker room

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Nov. 23, 2014 8:31 PM
It’s one thing to have your own fans boo you on your home ice. It’s one thing if the fans are so disgusted with the on-ice product that they start throwing their jerseys onto the ice. But it’s a whole other thing when the fans are waiting outside the locker room (an area usually filled with kids waiting to see their favourite players walk by) boo and heckle the hell out of the players as they walk by. Good on the Oilers players for not doing or saying anything foolish, as it was probably a pretty tough walk.


In case you’re unaware as to why the Oilers fans are so fed up with the team, this Oilers “puck watching in pictures” will pretty much explain why.

Ex-Oiler Ryan Whitney knows what’s up.

(H/T For The Win)

Sports Vines of the Week

By Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Nov. 23, 2014 7:00 PM
This week on BarDown’s Sports Vines of the Week, we’re featuring some good and bad dunks, the perfect song for the Gronk dance and a young Leafs fan who left his girlfriend at home. Enjoy!

Not sure if we’ve ever featured a sun roof trick shot, but regardless here’s one.

This is confidence in your friends.

Turn up the volume for this next one, you won’t regret it.

He’s a little better at soccer than I am.

If you think this dunk is crazy…

Then you’ll love this one…

And probably laugh at this one…

This kid is a legend.

Everyone knows a guy like this. And if you don’t, that means you’re this guy.

And this is a bonus one to make you happy.

Mark's Celebrates CFL Football Fans

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Nov. 23, 2014 5:02 PM
Mother nature won't stop CFL fans from their game-day rituals. Rain or shine, the fans are always #ReadyForThis

College kid sings Journey with fake goose; Broadcasters can't stop laughing

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Nov. 23, 2014 2:26 PM
Joe Tessitore was one of the broadcasters in this video and before falling over in hysterics, he professionally sums up the action perfectly, "Nothing says college like singing Journey, while holding on to a goose." Yup! That's pretty much exactly what's going on here. Enjoy and be sure to stick to the end for the shot of the broadcast booth.

There's nothing like people laughing while trying to continue with their jobs.

(H/T The Big Lead)

One-on-One with Mike Bradwell

By Daniel Bruno (@_brewknow) Nov. 23, 2014 2:07 PM

Mike Bradwell is a CFL receiver for the Toronto Argonauts, who drafted him in the 2nd round out of McMaster University in 2008. Bradwell has played 6 seasons with the Argos and was looking for a new way of challenging himself. So, in support of the Canadian Cancer Society's signature fundraiser, the Fearless Challenge, Bradwell decided to pledge $2,500 to face his fear of heights by doing the CN Tower EdgeWalk.

Below, you can watch Bradwell take the walk outside the CN Tower 116 stories above the ground. You can also still donate to Bradwell's pledge HERE.

ECHL team suits up as Batman & the Riddler on superhero night

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Nov. 23, 2014 1:43 PM
What wears two blades, a screen printed tie and strongly dislikes people who dress up as cave creatures? A player from the Evansville Icemen. Okay, so admittedly that wasn't really a riddle that's up to the standards of the super villain Edward Nigma, but the quality of these Batman themed jerseys worn in an ECHL game last night was certainly top notch.

Saturday night the Toledo Walleyes and the Evansville Icemen battled against one another on superhero night, with both teams donning jerseys from the Batman universe. With Toledo being the home side, they played the role of Batman, while Evansville players suited up as the Riddler for the evening. Here a few shots of the customized jerseys from the super hero festivities.

Best of Rec League hockey fights and brawls

By BarDown Staff (@BarDown) Nov. 23, 2014 12:41 PM

(Image courtesy of Roster Bot)

A couple of days ago, we showed you some of the typical types of players you'd run into while playing beer league hockey. As inspired by the piece from Quest Hockey, we thought we'd look around the internet and find some of the best fights and brawls from the rec. leagues. We could've shown you the best goals, but nobody wants to see a bunch of guys who never made it score nice goals and get way too pumped. Fights and brawls are much more entertaining.

(Some of these videos are NSFW)

We'll start off with an amazing one, which features the classic NYPD vs. FDNY hockey game resulting in a crazy bench clearing brawl. Safe to say, this one got real personal.

Next up, we have this insane moment where a small altercation results in one guy cracking his stick over a bigger guy's head. Bigger guy falls down, gets up angrier than ever, uh-oh!

Here's a guy getting absolutely dummied after taking a cheap shot. Personal opinion, he picked the wrong guy to mess with.