5thMatt Fraser Signed to a one-year, two-way contract
4thDavid Krejci Signed to a six-year contract extension


24thDavid Warsofsky Signed to a one-year, two-way contract
18thJustin Florek Agreed to terms
18thZach Trotman Signed to a two-year contract
17thCraig Cunningham Re-signed to a one-year contract
17thTommy Cross Re-signed to a one-year contract
16thTyler Randell Re-signed to a one-year contract
16thJordan Caron Signed to a one-year contract
15thDavid Pastrnak Signed to an entry-level contract
14thMatt Bartkowski Signed to a one-year contract
2ndJeremy Smith Signed to a one-year contract
1stChristopher Breen Signed to a one-year contract


11thShawn Thornton Fined $2,820.52 by (NHL) for unsportsmanlike conduct
8thMatt Fraser Recalled from Providence (AHL)
8thJustin Florek Assigned to Providence (AHL)


15thJustin Florek Recalled from Providence (AHL)
14thMatt Lindblad Assigned to Providence (AHL)
13thAlexander Khokhlachev Assigned to Providence (AHL)
13thJustin Florek Assigned to Providence (AHL)
13thCraig Cunningham Assigned to Providence (AHL)
11thBrian Ferlin Signed to an entry-level contract
9thRyan Spooner Recalled from Providence (AHL)
4thRyan Spooner Assigned to Providence (AHL)
1stRyan Spooner Recalled from Providence (AHL)


20thBen Sexton Signed to an entry-level contract and assigned to Providence (AHL)
17thMatt Lindblad Assigned to Providence (AHL)
14thMatt Lindblad Recalled from Providence (AHL)
5thAndrej Meszaros Acquired from Philadelphia
5thCorey Potter Claimed off waivers from Edmonton


27thNiklas Svedberg Assigned to Providence (AHL)
25thMatt Lindblad Assigned to Providence (AHL)
24thNiklas Svedberg Recalled from Providence (AHL)
24thMatt Lindblad Recalled from Providence (AHL)
21stAlexander Khokhlachev Assigned to Providence (AHL)
21stCraig Cunningham Assigned to Providence (AHL)
21stJustin Florek Recalled from Providence (AHL)
21stMatt Lindblad Recalled from Providence (AHL)
20thAlexander Khokhlachev Recalled from Providence (AHL)
20thCraig Cunningham Recalled from Providence (AHL)
9thDavid Warsofsky Assigned to Providence (AHL)
7thCarter Camper Traded to Columbus
7thBlake Parlett Acquired from Columbus
3rdDavid Warsofsky Recalled from Providence (AHL)


28thZach Trotman Assigned to Providence (AHL)
28thRyan Spooner Assigned to Providence (AHL)
28thChris Kelly Activated from injured reserve
23rdZach Trotman Recalled from Providence (AHL)
21stKevan Miller Signed to a two-year contract extension
21stZach Trotman Assigned to Providence (AHL)
20thZach Trotman Recalled from Providence (AHL)
11thLoui Eriksson Activated from injured reserve
9thWade Redden Retired
6thJustin Florek Recalled from Providence (AHL)
5thJustin Florek Assigned to Providence (AHL)
3rdNiklas Svedberg Assigned to Providence (AHL)
2ndNiklas Svedberg Recalled from Providence (AHL)
2ndDougie Hamilton Activated from injured reserve
1stNick Johnson Assigned to Providence (AHL)


31stNick Johnson Recalled from Providence (AHL)
28thDavid Warsofsky Recalled from Providence (AHL)
28thNick Johnson Recalled from Providence (AHL)
28thNiklas Svedberg Assigned to Providence (AHL)
28thZach Trotman Recalled from Providence (AHL) on an emergency basis
27thNiklas Svedberg Recalled from Providence (AHL)
24thDavid Warsofsky Assigned to Providence (AHL)
24thNick Johnson Assigned to Providence (AHL)
18thCraig Cunningham Assigned to Providence (AHL)
18thDavid Warsofsky Recalled from Providence (AHL)
18thKevan Miller Assigned to Providence (AHL)
16thDougie Hamilton Placed on injured reserve
16thCraig Cunningham Recalled from Providence (AHL)
10thLoui Eriksson Placed on injured reserve
10thNick Johnson Recalled from Providence (AHL)
8thShawn Thornton Suspended indefinitely by (NHL) pending hearing
8thRyan Spooner Recalled from Providence (AHL)
8thMatt Fraser Recalled from Providence (AHL)
8thChris Kelly Placed on injured reserve
8thAdam McQuaid Placed on injured reserve
2ndKevan Miller Recalled from Providence (AHL)


4thRyan Spooner Assigned to Providence (AHL)


31stRyan Spooner Recalled from Providence (AHL)
3rdDennis Seidenberg Signed to a four-year contract extension
2ndKevan Miller Assigned to Providence (AHL)


23rdMike Moore Waived
23rdDavid Warsofsky Assigned to Providence (AHL)
23rdCraig Cunningham Assigned to Providence (AHL)
22ndZach Trotman Assigned to Providence (AHL)
22ndJustin Florek Assigned to Providence (AHL)
22ndCarter Camper Assigned to Providence (AHL)
22ndMalcolm Subban Assigned to Providence (AHL)

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