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Week 6 Picks

8:20 PM Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pittsburgh (-5.0)
Schultz Picks: Pittsburgh

World Picks: 90.6% - Pittsburgh
PIT 23 TEN 26 Tennessee Wins
Your Pick:

I am starting to think the bye week is not as big of an advantage as many thought it was, myself included. Yes, players do have an opportunity to regain their health and a healthy player is a player with more energy. But watching the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia game last week, the Steelers looked rusty. There were too many dropped passes and moments of indecsion. Tennessee may have the worst defence in football. After five games, they have allowed 34, 38, 41, 38 and 30 points. The Steelers should be able to meet those standards with Tennessee unable to keep pace. Steelers cover

1:00 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

Atlanta (-8.5)
Schultz Picks: Atlanta

World Picks: 83.9% - Atlanta
OAK 20 ATL 23 Oakland Wins
Your Pick:

The advantage for Oakland heading into this game is that they are coming off the bye week. The advantage for Atlanta is they have won every way possible with excellent quarterback and receiver play. Darren McFadden is the entire offence for the Raiders, leading the team in both rushing and receiving. I think the Falcons will not only move to 6-0 after this game, but they'll also cover the 8.5 points.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cincinnati (-1.0)
Schultz Picks: Cincinnati

World Picks: 69.3% - Cincinnati
CIN 24 CLE 34 Cleveland Wins
Your Pick:

With their best defensive player, Joe Haden back at cornerback, I'm giving the Browns a good shot at beating the 2-3 Bengals. Their first meeting of the season was a relatively easy win for the Bengals, 34-27, but the Browns did keep the score close for the majority of the game. I want to take the Browns as their first win has to happen soon. But, I can't as Andy Dalton will be the difference. I'm going with the Bengals.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

St. Louis
Miami (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: Miami

World Picks: 56.1% - Miami
STL 14 MIA 17 St. Louis Wins
Your Pick:

Both teams are better than I thought they would be when the season started. The Rams have been competitive in every game this year except their 23-6 Week 3 loss in Chicago. The Dolphins are 2-3 and have lost in overtime twice this year. This could be the game that without wide receiver Danny Amendola that the Rams struggle to move the ball. I'll take the Dolphins to cover.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

NY Jets (-3.0)
Schultz Picks: Indianapolis

World Picks: 59.5% - Indianapolis
IND 9 NYJ 35 NY Jets Wins
Your Pick:

In what was a must-win for the jets, they did not get it done. The Jets have lost three of their last four and the only win was in overtime in Miami. The Colts in a game that most thought would not even be competitive did get it done. 27 second-half points. The Colts enter this game feeling good about the direction of the organization, Jets, no so much. Colts.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

Philadelphia (-4.5)
Schultz Picks: Detroit

World Picks: 59.0% - Philadelphia
DET 26 PHI 23 Detroit Wins
Your Pick:

It seems like the Lions' season is slipping away. After a three-point win over St. Louis, the Lions have lost three in a row and now face a must-win game coming off the bye week. For the Eagles, ball security is the primary issue. When they don't lose the ball, they're very good. When they cough it up, they don't look like a playoff team. All three of the Eagles' wins have been by two points or less. This one should be the same. I'm picking the Lions to keep it close. Take Detroit.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kansas City
Tampa Bay (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: Kansas City

World Picks: 72.9% - Tampa Bay
KC 10 TB 38 Tampa Bay Wins
Your Pick:

The Bucs have been competitive in every game they have played this year. This week, they face Brady Quinn, who has replaced Matt Cassel, who is out with a concussion. While the Chiefs are missing their starting quarterback, they do have the strong running game that Jamaal Charles provides. Charles is halfway to the 1,000 yard mark after only playing five games. If Kansas City can protect Quinn they could win the game outright. I think the Chiefs will keep it close and cover the spread.

1:00 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baltimore (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: Dallas

World Picks: 80.5% - Baltimore
DAL 29 BAL 31 Dallas Wins
Your Pick:

The Ravens have a 13-game winning streak at home, and for the Cowboys, it's now or never. I don't think either squad is as good as they were anticipated being at the beginning of the year. The most points Dallas has put up this season is 24, back in Week 1 against the Giants. Last week, the Ravens only managed nine points against the Chiefs. I think the Ravens will win, but not by much, so, I'm taking the Cowboys to cover the points.

4:05 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

New England (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: New England

World Picks: 74.6% - New England
NE 23 SEA 24 Seattle Wins
Your Pick:

This will be the best offence the Seahawks have played and this will be the best defence the Patriots have played. Tom Brady has six touchdowns, no interceptions and a passer rating of 112 in three road games this year. The Seahawks have allowed 12, 19, 12 and seven points this year in their last four games. And they have two games to study the Patriot fast paced no-huddle offence. Back at home after two on the road, I think Seattle can keep it close, but in the fourth Brady will figure it out to win by a touchdown. Patriots cover 3.5.

4:05 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arizona (-5.0)
Schultz Picks: Arizona

World Picks: 73.0% - Arizona
BUF 19 ARI 16 Buffalo Wins
Your Pick:

The Bills allowed 621 yards to San Francisco last week and 580 yards the previous week to New England. The team didn't fly back to Buffalo, instead opting to prepare this week in Phoenix. Sometimes a move like this makes a difference, sometimes it doesn't. The Cardinals are trying to develop two young offensive tackles and at the same time win games, which is always tough to do. Arizona defensively should control the game. I'll take the Cardinals to cover.

4:25 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

NY Giants
San Francisco (-5.0)
Schultz Picks: San Francisco

World Picks: 65.2% - San Francisco
NYG 26 SF 3 NY Giants Wins
Your Pick:

The 49ers have outscored their last two opponents 79-3. Yes, it was the Jets and Bills but still, it was 79 to 3. And Colin Kaepernick has become a change of pace alternative for the offence and most importantly, effective. Still, there is no QB better than Eli Manning in fourth quarter performance, and, October is his best month going 24-5 over his career. Still, payback from the NFC championship, 49ers cover.

4:25 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

Washington (-2.5)
Schultz Picks: Minnesota

World Picks: 71.3% - Minnesota
MIN 26 WSH 38 Washington Wins
Your Pick:

Redskins took a good Atlanta team into the fourth quarter and could have won. The Vikings are the surprise team of the NFL this year at 4-1. Six touchdowns and no interceptions for Christian Ponder here going into Week 6, four touchdowns, only one interception for Robert Griffin as well. The Vikings have a very underrated defence, Redskins are 4-14 at home. Vikings.

8:20 PM Sunday, October 14, 2012

Green Bay
Houston (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: Green Bay

World Picks: 63.5% - Houston
GB 42 HOU 24 Green Bay Wins
Your Pick:

Houston is a more balanced team and has a running back in Arian Foster that is halfway to 1,000 yards in only five games played. The Packers had a 21-3 halftime lead, then allowed the Colts to score 27 points in the second half. The most points allowed by Houston is 25 to Denver and Peyton Manning and they won that one by six. Two key injuries in this one, Cedric Benson is out for Green Bay, Brian Cushing is out for Houston. The season is on the line for the Packers, it's an early must-win in many ways. Packers.

8:30 PM Monday, October 15, 2012

San Diego (-1.0)
Schultz Picks: San Diego

World Picks: 61.9% - Denver
DEN 35 SD 24 Denver Wins
Your Pick:

I was really impressed with the Chargers last week. They moved the ball with ease, yes against a not-so-good Saints defence and had a chance to win. And in equal amount, I was impressed with Denver as a key dropped pass and fumble did not allow the Broncos a chance to win in New England. And here is the issue, Manning has over 1,000 passing yards, eight touchdowns and no interceptions. He is on top of his game. The three losses by Denver are also against teams that are collectively 12-2. But, Denver was ripped for 251 on the ground and were dominated in time of possesion by New England. Chargers win by 3. Chargers.

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