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Week 4 Picks

8:20 PM Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baltimore (-13.5)
Schultz Picks: Cleveland

World Picks: 55.3% - Baltimore
CLE 16 BAL 23 Cleveland Wins
Your Pick:

Yes, this is a trap game for the Ravens. Coming of an intense 31-30 win over the Patriots on Sunday night, they now have to turn it around on three days rest and play a Cleveland team that has nothing to lose. The Browns are not a playoff team and, in all likelihood, will not be for an extended time. The Ravens' defence is not the Ravens defence of 2011. The pass rush is not present and last week the Patriots accumulated 33 first downs. Now in no way is the Cleveland offence similar to New England but they are not playing a Raven defence that is the same either. Also, as a division game, the two teams know each other very well. John Harbaugh just wants to play the game, win the game and get out healthy. He doesn't care about the points . But I do... Take the Browns

1:00 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

Atlanta (-7.0)
Schultz Picks: Atlanta

World Picks: 86.5% - Atlanta
CAR 28 ATL 30 Carolina Wins
Your Pick:

I could make and argument that with 10 days between games, responding to a 36-7 loss to the Giants and an ever-maturing Cam Newton that Carolina could keep it close. Heck , divisional games are always closer. But I can't see Carolina stopping the trio of Gonzalez, White and Jones. Also, the Falcons always play exceptionally well in the Georgia Dome. With Green Bay now 1-2 and San Francisco at 2-1, it is Atlanta that controls their destiny for home field through out the NFC playoffs. Atlanta covers.

1:00 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

New England (-4.0)
Schultz Picks: New England

World Picks: 76.8% - New England
NE 52 BUF 28 New England Wins
Your Pick:

It is difficult to believe the Patriots could lose three games in a row. Their priority now is run defence. After holding Chris Johnson to 20 yards, both Arizona and Baltimore accumulated over 100 yards. For the Bills, the running game is also critical, not so much in production but health. Both C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson are not 100 per cent, although Jackson returned to practice on Wednesday and is expected to play this week. It's a position where you can't hide a physical limitation so this is a critical issue. All of a sudden, this is a very important game for New England. Patriots cover.

1:00 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

San Diego
Kansas City (-1.0)
Schultz Picks: San Diego

World Picks: 60.6% - San Diego
SD 37 KC 20 San Diego Wins
Your Pick:

The Chiefs were down by 18 at one point against the Saints last week. Now theres' two ways to look at that: the positive is that the Chiefs came back to win showing great heart and ability but why were they down by 18 in the first place? I think the Chargers will learn from but dismiss the ineffective performance against a solid Atlanta team and move on. The top priority will be to stop Jamaal Charles and make sure that K.C. does not run for 233 yards as they did against New Orleans. San Diego has lost their last two at Arrowhead, but not this time. Chargers by 3.

1:00 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seattle (-2.5)
St. Louis
Schultz Picks: Seattle

World Picks: 67.5% - Seattle
SEA 13 STL 19 St. Louis Wins
Your Pick:

SEA at STL - SEA by 2.5

For Seattle, they have to avoid an emotional letdown . The 27- 7 win over Dallas followed by the 14-12 victory over Green Bay and everything that went with it, makes this a big trap game for the Seahawks. If it was more than three points, I would take the Rams but I like Seattle. The combination of Ken Irvin and Chris Clemons are very good 3rd-down pass rushers and the Rams do have injuries on the offensive line. Add the mobility of Russell Wilson and power of Marshawn Lynch and I think the Seahawks can steal one by 3. Take the Seahawks.

1:00 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

San Francisco (-4.5)
NY Jets
Schultz Picks: San Francisco

World Picks: 80.4% - San Francisco
SF 34 NYJ 0 San Francisco Wins
Your Pick:

Teams that go West to East don't always play their collective best, which is why the 49ers are staying in Youngstown, 0hio to get ready for the Jets. The NFC West has improved so far this season. The Cardinals and Seahawks are improved and the Rams will improve under Jeff Fisher. This Jets games is a bit of a "must win" for the 49ers and they know it. Can Mark Sanchez play like Christian Ponder did last week? It is possible, but... 49ers cover.

1:00 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

Detroit (-4.5)
Schultz Picks: Minnesota

World Picks: 56.4% - Detroit
MIN 20 DET 13 Minnesota Wins
Your Pick:

One of the quiet but positive stories after three weeks of NFL football is Vikings QB Christian Ponder. I try not to put too much reality in success or failure by numbers but this is tough to ignore. So far, he has 68 completions in 98 attempts for a 70.1 completion percent, four touchdowns and no interceptions. Ponder has not thrown an interception in 97 passes, which is very good. Detroit played one of the most bizarre games of the year last week. The big positive is Mikel Leshoure, who rushed for over 100 yards in his first game as a starter. But on defence, Detroit has allowed 44, 27 and 23 points. Something's not right with those types of numbers. Vikings keep it close.

1:00 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

Houston (-12.0)
Schultz Picks: Houston

World Picks: 78.3% - Houston
TEN 14 HOU 38 Houston Wins
Your Pick:

Best defence in football? It was between the Texans and the 49ers but I think that title goes to Houston now. In the first half of games this year, Houston has scored 62 points and allowed just 14. Tennessee running back Chris Johnson has only 45 yards rushing this year, 22 yards less than QB Jake Locker. Finally, the Titans have allowed 34, 38 and 41 points this season so Houston should get an early lead and be able to maintain it. Texans cover.

4:05 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cincinnati (-1.0)
Schultz Picks: Cincinnati

World Picks: 84.5% - Cincinnati
CIN 27 JAC 10 Cincinnati Wins
Your Pick:

After only 14 points in Baltimore, the Bengals have scored 34 and 38 points the last two weeks and six of nine touchdowns have been of 40 yards or more. The Bengals are now becoming the explosive team we anticipated they would be. Jacksonville still is dependent on Maurice Jones-Drew while wide receiver Justin Blackmon has only four receptions in three games. The Bengals do have to improve defensively and going against QB Blaine Gabbert and his 50 per cent completion mark, this is the game to do it. Take the Bengals.

4:05 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

Arizona (-6.5)
Schultz Picks: Arizona

World Picks: 82.1% - Arizona
MIA 21 ARI 24 Miami Wins
Your Pick:

Tough one to pick as Miami is a bit better than initially thought and Arizona is definitely better than initially thought. When you include the end of last season, Arizona is 10-2 over the last 12 games. That is as good as any team over that timeframe. I do give the Dolphins a chance as they excel in run defence but a rookie QB on the road will make mistakes. Ryan Tannehill's best days are ahead of him but right now, he has one touchdown and four interceptions. Last week, Arizona held all the Eagles talent on offence to just six points. Logic says a similar result against Miami's talent missing Reggie Bush. Cardinals cover.

4:05 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

Denver (-6.5)
Schultz Picks: Denver

World Picks: 77.1% - Denver
OAK 6 DEN 37 Denver Wins
Your Pick:

The Broncos have been outscored 71-32 in the first three quarters of games. Then Peyton Manning goes no huddle and the Broncos have kept the last two games close. Getting the first win for 0akland takes the pressure off for head coach Dennis Allan. This week, his goal will be to re-aquire that pressure to keep Manning's numbers down. The Raiders do have a four-game winning streak at Denver, but this is a completely differant team. If Pittsburgh can score 31, so can Denver at home. Denver covers.

4:25 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tampa Bay (-3.0)
Schultz Picks: Tampa Bay

World Picks: 51.9% - Washington
WSH 24 TB 22 Washington Wins
Your Pick:

The Bucs are a tough team. Whenever you get a new coach, he wants to put his stamp on the team and Greg Schiano is doing just that. Coming home after two road games, I expect to see the Bucs team that beat Carolina 16-10, not the one that lost to Dallas 16-10. Josh Freeman did not play well and was not dominant against Dallas. Robert Griffin III has played well and looked good in differant ways in every game. But after two losses, I expect the Bucs to respond. Bucs cover.

4:25 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Orleans
Green Bay (-9.0)
Schultz Picks: Green Bay

World Picks: 59.1% - Green Bay
NO 27 GB 28 New Orleans Wins
Your Pick:

The Saints have lost three games by 8, 8 and 3 points and, in the last one against Kansas City, they had a 24-6 lead with less than six minutes to go. This is not your same Saints team on defence. They have allowed 1, 432 yards over the last three games and have not held a team to under 450 yards. All of a sudden, this is a big game for Green Bay. At 1-2, they can't lose many more games or homefield advantage in the playoffs will not be a possibility. The offences are similar, the special teams are even with Randall Cobb vs Darren Sproles, but on defence, Green Bay is not in the same situation as the Saints. Green Bay responds from Monday's loss to the Seahawks. Packers cover.

8:20 PM Sunday, September 30, 2012

NY Giants
Philadelphia (-1.0)
Schultz Picks: NY Giants

World Picks: 74.4% - NY Giants
NYG 17 PHI 19 Philadelphia Wins
Your Pick:

Both teams are 2-1, but the Giants are a more impressive 2-1. Last Thursday, it was more of a scrimmage than a game as New York handled Carolina 36-7. For Philadelphia, it's completely opposite with a 27-6 loss in Arizona as Larry Fitzgerald had 7 catches for 105 and a tochdown in the first half. Victor Cruz could have a big day. The leading rusher for the Giants is Andre Brown and he's probably the Giants third best running back. And that is where I think the Giants can win the game, controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Yes, the Eagles have won seven of the last eight games but, given Eli manning's skills at winning in the fourth quarter, I like the Giants to win this one in 2012. Take the Giants.

8:30 PM Monday, October 01, 2012

Dallas (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: Dallas

World Picks: 57.3% - Dallas
CHI 34 DAL 18 Chicago Wins
Your Pick:

At the present time, these two teams are very similar. Both are 2-1 and both defences are coming off their best games of the year. For Chicago, they held the Rams to six points and 160 yards. They sacked Sam Bradford six times and scored on defence. For Dallas, Tampa Bay QB Josh Freeman was 6 of 20 for 39 yards and Vincent Jackson was held without a catch with less than two minutes remaining last week. On offence, both teams are not playing up to expectations and must improve pass protection so each QB can both stay efficient and stay healthy. Dallas also has problems due to a season-ending injury to safety Barry Church, but have two good cornerbacks in Claiborne and Carr. That edge can make the difference in the game. Cowboys cover.

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