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Week 11 Picks

8:20 PM Thursday, November 15, 2012

Buffalo (-2.0)
Schultz Picks: Buffalo

World Picks: 59.5% - Buffalo
MIA 14 BUF 19 Buffalo Wins
Your Pick:

Both teams are coming off very disappointing games. For the Bills, if not for a Ryan Fitzpatrick end zone interception the Bills would have beaten the Patriots for the first time in 10 years in New England. Also, 14 penalties contributed in the big picture as much as that specific play. For Miami, everyone will say they "didn't see that coming" as they lost 37-3 to Tennessee at home. Four key turnovers and an eight-minute drive by the Titans to open the third quarter were the two key reasons for the Dolphins' loss. The last two Thursday games have seen the visiting team win. But not this week, the Bills use the "Ralph" to win by three. Bills cover.

1:00 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

Atlanta (-9.5)
Schultz Picks: Atlanta

World Picks: 80.3% - Atlanta
ARI 19 ATL 23 Arizona Wins
Your Pick:

Well after eight straight wins, Atlanta lost one. With seven games left and coming off the bye week, this is it for Arizona. Atlanta should be able to take advantage of two rookie tackles on the Cardinals. Falcons cover 9.5.

1:00 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dallas (-9.5)
Schultz Picks: Cleveland

World Picks: 57.7% - Cleveland
CLE 20 DAL 23 Cleveland Wins
Your Pick:

This may be too many points. The Cowboys scored three touchdowns in the 4th quarter against Philadelphia last week; a punt return, interception return and a fumble recovery return for a touchdown. I doubt it will happen two weeks in a row. Cowboys win but Cleveland keeps it close.

1:00 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

Green Bay (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: Green Bay

World Picks: 88.7% - Green Bay
GB 24 DET 20 Green Bay Wins
Your Pick:

The Packers have won four in a row and in those four games; Aaron Rodgers has 15 touchdown passes and only one interception. For the Lions, it doesn't get any easier. Thursday, they play Houston. Coming off the bye week, the Packers should be sharp. Green Bay covers.

1:00 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cincinnati (-3.5)
Kansas City
Schultz Picks: Kansas City

World Picks: 80.9% - Cincinnati
CIN 28 KC 6 Cincinnati Wins
Your Pick:

The Bengals dominated the Giants last week, 31-13. It was their best win of the year and they needed it after losing four in a row. But the Chiefs played Pittsburgh tough, taking them to overtime. KC has given the ball away 29 times this year and something has to change. Bengals win, KC keeps it close.

1:00 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

NY Jets
St. Louis (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: St. Louis

World Picks: 80.4% - St. Louis
NYJ 27 STL 13 NY Jets Wins
Your Pick:

The 24-24 tie against San Francisco could be a turning point for the Rams. For the Jets, it's the opposite, 28-7 in Seattle. One team is progressing while one team is regressing. Rams cover.

1:00 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

Washington (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: Washington

World Picks: 82.6% - Washington
PHI 6 WSH 31 Washington Wins
Your Pick:

Welcome to the NFL, Nick Foles. The University of Arizona draft pick gets his first start in a tough environment. Both teams are 3-6 and basically have to win every game for the rest of the season to qualify for the playoffs. I'll take Washington to cover, with Robert Griffin playing a great game.

1:00 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tampa Bay (-1.0)
Schultz Picks: Tampa Bay

World Picks: 81.7% - Tampa Bay
TB 27 CAR 21 Tampa Bay Wins
Your Pick:

Tampa bay has won three in a row and it could have been five. In the last three wins, they have scored 34, 42 and 36 points. Greg Schiano could be NFL Coach of the Year and Doug Martin could be Rookie of the Year. Bucs cover the 1.

1:00 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

Houston (-15.0)
Schultz Picks: Houston

World Picks: 78.9% - Houston
JAC 37 HOU 43 Jacksonville Wins
Your Pick:

The two teams played each other in Week 2 and Houston easily won, 27-7. I can see the exact same thing happening this week.

4:05 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Orleans (-4.5)
Schultz Picks: New Orleans

World Picks: 90.1% - New Orleans
NO 38 OAK 17 New Orleans Wins
Your Pick:

This one is easy! The Saints are a team on the rise that could still be a playoff team. The Raiders, in the last two games, have allowed 55 and 42 points. In the 3rd quarter play, they have been outscored 109-31. Saints cover.

4:25 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

New England (-9.5)
Schultz Picks: Indianapolis

World Picks: 54.2% - Indianapolis
IND 24 NE 59 New England Wins
Your Pick:

Andrew Luck is not there yet but he is getting there. Tom Brady has 18 touchdowns with only three interceptions. Luck has a ratio of 10:9. He is not their yet but he is getting there. Colts keep it close. Colts.

4:25 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

San Diego
Denver (-8.5)
Schultz Picks: Denver

World Picks: 70.9% - Denver
SD 23 DEN 30 San Diego Wins
Your Pick:

Payton Manning is tied with Dan Marino for third all-time in quarterback wins with 147 and he is second all-time with 420 touchdowns passes. But what's really good is Denver's defense is also playing their best right now. Broncos cover.

8:20 PM Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baltimore (-3.5)
Schultz Picks: Baltimore

World Picks: 80.2% - Baltimore
BAL 13 PIT 10 Pittsburgh Wins
Your Pick:

Ben Roethlisberger has the best pocket movement of any QB in football. Without him, the game changes to an advantage for the Ravens. I know these games are usually a field goal win or lose, but that is when both teams are healthy and ready. Ravens cover.

8:30 PM Monday, November 19, 2012

San Francisco (-4.0)
Schultz Picks: San Francisco

World Picks: 70.5% - San Francisco
CHI 7 SF 32 San Francisco Wins
Your Pick:

Both teams are coming off tough games; the 49ers tying the Rams and the Bears losing to Houston. It is more likely that Alex Smith plays for the 49ers than Jay Cutler for the Bears. It may be close, as both teams are very similar in strengths and attitude, but QB on the road? 49ers cover 4.

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